A pate-like spread of fried chicken liver, caramelized onions, hard boiled eggs and chicken fat.

Where to get Chopped Liver

2016 Apr 11
You ARE chopped liver.

2016 Apr 10
What am I?

2016 Apr 8
Thanks, OSoloMeal. I'll head up to Ottawa Bagelshop today at lunch and get a small tub to try. Yeah, maybe a bagel or two as well. Just two.

2016 Apr 7
Ottawa bagel shop, Nepean Loblaws kosher section, and Kettlemans.

Ranked more or less in order of preference there.

2016 Apr 7
I've had some good ones from Kettleman's in the glebe FWIW

2016 Apr 7
Now that Nate's on Merivale has closed, where can I get a decent container of chopped liver that isn't sweet? Dunn's and most of the other places I've tried add sherry or port or something to theirs that we don't particularly care for.


2011 Aug 23
The chopped chicken liver at Ottawa Bagelshop is one of my favourite things to eat in the city. Can't say enough positive about it. A real treat with fresh bagels...