Cappuccino at The Ministry of Coffee
Cappuccino at Alice's Village Cafe
Cappuccino at 442 Coffee Bar
Where to get Cappuccino


2014 Feb 7
This place does coffee right! They list the sizes of each of their espresso-based beverages and all the numbers make sense in my world. Their cappuccino is by default the microfoamed kind (wet foam) pictured in the foreground of my photo here. You can specify "dry foam" if you prefer the fluffier Smurf-hat capp.

My wife's latte (yes it's bigger, just farther away in the pic) was well executed too.

In my books, this is Ottawa's best place for espresso beverages. Other shops could learn a thing or two from these guys.



2009 Nov 1
"he [jordan] MUST be crazy... he's so nice!"
myself + 1 popped over and realised the shop was closed on weekends... today (sunday) we were just hoping for the best.
lucky for us, jordan was there and let us in to grab some coffee, then sent us away with it on the house!

they are beyond expectations, service is so very personable and sincere; plus great sandwiches!

oh, and the cappuccino was solid.

they're very good at getting customer loyalty ^^

2012 Sep 1
My wife had the "Fluffy White" as it is called here. The coffee was just too bitter for her and I had to finish it. Nicely done foam cap, though!


2012 Sep 5
I thought this was a pretty decent cappuccino. My wife found it too bitter for her taste, but she's used to my home-roasted espresso drinks. :-)