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2015 Jul 19
That we can have such a perfect coffee-and-pastry breakfast here in Ottawa is a true privilege. Even if you flew to Europe, you'd be hard pressed to get such a delicious cortado and almond croissant at the same place. Absolutely top notch!

At $2.65 (Happy Goat cortado) + $3 (almond maple croissant), this is about the same price as Starbucks and only a little more than a McDonald's breakfast combo. And the quality is worlds apart. I was the only one there at 9:30am on a Sunday. Must get the word out!

2015 Jan 7
Quitters is one of the few places around to offer a Cortado. Theirs is on the dilute side, leaning more towards a strong wet foam cappuccino. (The ratio of coffee to milk in mine was around 1:2.) As it turns out, this is exactly how I like it. Nice one!