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2015 Jan 7
Another nice article on Quitters:

2014 Nov 5
I'll agree with warby on the quality of the coffee and treats at this place. I've been there twice and had a great latte both times. Also enjoyed their coffee cake the one time I had it. My son had a soy-milk hot chocolate and a scone, and was happy with both as well.

They use Pilot Coffee from Toronto which I found interesting as I haven't seen it here in Ottawa before. They sell beans as well.

I wish this place was more convenient to me as I would be happy to be a regular.

They only take cash (at least as of the time I last was there) so be warned.

2014 Nov 4
This newly opened project of Canadian music icon Kathleen Edwards sits snug against the eastern sidewalk of Stittsville Main Street just south of Abbott Road. It is bright and clean inside, with a ceiling of what appear to be bare pine planks and a giant window looking out on the street.

The walls are white, with the only adornment being fascinating used drum skins, flattened against the corner wall as though cowering from a lifetime of percussive pummeling. Tables are communal and generously proportioned. This is a lively place in an unlikely location and the coffee is excellent.

Latte 3


2014 Nov 4
The latte here goes for $3.75 and is as well made and tasty as any I've ever had. No sugar necessary!

2015 Jan 7
Quitters is one of the few places around to offer a Cortado. Theirs is on the dilute side, leaning more towards a strong wet foam cappuccino. (The ratio of coffee to milk in mine was around 1:2.) As it turns out, this is exactly how I like it. Nice one!

2015 Jan 7
Quitters is currently using Pilot "Big Bro" coffee beans ( for their espresso. I purchased a bag to take home and compare to my home roasted Bolivian beans. I was able to make a latte at home that was similar to what I've had at Quitters. These are high quality beans, with that mellowness that North American hipsters love.

I roast my home beans a little darker, giving my coffee more of a European treatment. As a result, my own lattes taste "more like coffee" -- whatever that really means. In any case, I like a variety of beverages and Quitters' product is totally in line with the best in Ottawa. :-)

If you do buy a bag of beans there ($18 for 375g), be warned that it comes with a complimentary beverage. Don't buy it on the way out like I did and have to pass up the freebie!

2015 Sep 16
The lunchtime Cubano sandwich (about $9 I think) was exceptional. Loaded with a thick slab of roast pork, deli ham, cheese, excellent pickle slices, mustard, and dressing. The bun appeared to be the standard Costco multigrain "ciabatta", kicked up a notch through toasting in a panini press.

Served with addictive potato chips, this is a delicious and high quality sandwich!