Sandwiches at La Bottega Nicastro
La Bottega Nicastro
Sandwiches at La Bottega Nicastro
Sandwiches at La Bottega Nicastro
Salad at La Bottega Nicastro
Pizza at La Bottega Nicastro
Pizza at La Bottega Nicastro
La Bottega Nicastro
Sandwiches at La Bottega Nicastro
La Bottega Nicastro
Pastries at La Bottega Nicastro
Coffee at La Bottega Nicastro
Sandwiches at La Bottega Nicastro
Sandwiches at La Bottega Nicastro
Sandwiches at La Bottega Nicastro
La Bottega Nicastro
La Bottega Nicastro
Foods from La Bottega Nicastro

Jan 23

Love their sandwiches.
...tho i concur on the meat shift.

Jan 23
Prosciutto, spicy capicollo, spicy pickled eggplant, tomato, lettuce, mustard, mayo and mozzarella on Focaccia bread. Would maybe go with a leaner meat to go with the prosciutto next time.

Jan 22
Provolone, pastrami, pickled eggplant, tomato, lettuce, mustard, mayo?

Jan 21
Another amazing sandwich. It always makes going to the ByWard Market enjoyable.

2017 Jul 10
Not a great photo but was a great sandwich. Proscuitto and hot capicollo on Focaccia. $7 total and considering how expensive proscuitto and capicollo are as coldcuts and how much meat was on the sandwich it was a bargain. There was also 3 slices of mozzerella cheese which was generous. With great delis like this around it really puzzles me why anyone goes to places like subway.

2017 Mar 18
I dropped in for a solo lunch last Tuesday and had a wonderful time sitting at the bar watching all the cooking bustle in the tiny kitchen! I loved that they took a little time to interact with the customers between flurries of activity.

The lunch menu features a handful of main dishes, pastas, and pizzas plus soup and salad. In addition, there are a couple of daily specials. In honour of it being Pi Day (3/14), I went for the daily special pizza ($13): pesto sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, prosciutto, and arugula. At wood-fired crust-centric pizza restaurants (Tennessy Willems, Roberto, Anthony's, etc) I usually choose the Margherita for maximal enjoyment of the crust, but I knew La Bottega was not that kind of place so I decided to focus on interesting toppings.

What a delight! The crust is good enough, but what really shines are the excellent toppings. Perfect pesto, tasty mushrooms, and the best prosciutto I've ever enjoyed on a pizza. They drizzled truffle oil over the arugula and then offered me a bottle of chili oil and some ghost pepper powder to sprinkle on top. (The ghost pepper powder was really flavourful and I'm assuming they sell it there. Must pick some up!) I savoured every bite and finished with a fully belly.

It was clear that many customers were regulars and I totally understand why. The food here is like the best kind of home cooking, served with kindness and no pretense. I can't wait to go back and try other things!

2011 Sep 5
Maybe I went on a bad day... My salad had no flavor, my sandwich flavors were mismatched... I think the only person who enjoyed his food at the table was our 19 month old. He had goat cheese pizza.

2011 Jul 12
Simply put; I want a cot in the back.

My go to spot for all things Italian. The selection of prosciutto is positively dizzying. Love the narrow aisles and shelves upon shelves of things that make me dream of Rome, Milan and Tuscany.

I have been known to be so stupefied by selection at La Bottega that I cannot make a decision and leave with nothing. (I know!)

Maybe it's the smell of food that does it.

Yet to try the cafe, mostly because it's always packed. These are a few of my favourite things...

More photos and info on my blog:

2011 Apr 30
This is one of my favourite shops in the Market. They have a great selection of cheeses, pasta, olives, coffee, deli meat and European treats, and those sandwiches! Mmmm... I'm getting hungry just thinking about them.

The only thing I'm not fond of is the homemade pasta sauce. I've tried several varieties, but they were all too salty and oily for my taste.

2011 Mar 1
The perfect spot if you're looking for low prices and delicious food in the downtown area. When my brother moved to Ottawa, this is the first place I took him. We loved it :)

Salad 12


2017 Dec 5
First time trying one of the salads here and I was really impressed! The Francesca ($12) involved a massive pile of arugula, tuna, white beans, and grape tomatoes, all tossed with a nice olive oil and some lemon.

It tasted great and made for a super healthy light lunch. 😍


2011 Apr 30
I love these sandwiches SO MUCH, especially the turkey. I've introduced several friends and relatives to La Bottega and they all rave about the quality. The bread and toppings are always fresh, and you get so much meat; it's an amazing deal. I usually end up sharing a sandwich or taking half home for later since I can rarely finish one by myself!

It's too bad there isn't more room to sit outside the shop and enjoy a sandwich in the summer.

2011 Jan 21
LadyWB: I was there about 5:30pm, I have to visit it after work. I'm sure it's excellent at midday, but I'm never there at midday.

I asked for Mortadella and Cappo and they were nice enough to slice it up and not tab me more for it.

2010 Aug 2
Assuming you went for lunch and not at 6, just as they were closing, then the bread hadn't been sitting out for more than four hours, tops.

The rosetta buns and paninis are delivered fresh, first thing in the morning and the foccacia and baguette is baked in house.

One of my favourite things about Bottega sandwiches is the freshness; don't get too crazy in asking for extra meat, otherwise they will charge you, but only about a $1, for an extra 50-75 grams, which is well worth it.

2010 Jul 23
One of the things I was flipping out once I moved here was not having access to a good Italian bakery and deli ever mile or so in any direction. I was not pleased with the idea that the best Italian sub I might be able to get is from Quiznos or Subway, as one can imagine.

Then I saw everyone chowing on sammiches out in front of La Botega when I was down in the market.

I asked for extra meat and they didn't charge me extra. The pile of Cappocola and Mortadella was gigantic on my sandwich and while the bread was a bit stale, the sub was exactly what I was looking for in Ottawa.

Even at five dollars, it was worth -every nickle-. Next time I'll go get a 'Galley' special of Mortadlla, Cappocola and Genoa sammich and try not to die from a bliss attack.

2009 Dec 15
smartcookie I'm there almost every Tuesday after work and the service has its ups and downs; there's one really friendly guy, but the other times, they range from amicable to drone-y to curt. But I'm sure you agree with me in the fact that the sandwiches are a steal at $5+change and they're delicious to boot! :)

2009 Dec 15
Now I know what all the hype is all about. Tried the turkey on foccia bread, with mayo, lettuce and black olives. Service wasn't as friendly as I'd like it to be, but maybe it was just an off day for them.

2009 Mar 30
yes to all your thoughts

in my defense:

currently, I work alone with absolutely no help
I adhere to health codes
he is here almost every 3 months and we always discuss HACCP codes and procedures and he brings in new vendors to see my techniques
but allergies are a hard thing

I sanitize between each protien and vegetable matter but if you are severely allergic, that is not enough

when I worked at the pizza place when I did gluten free doughs there had to be a full day between doing wheat dough with no activity between

still that might not be enough

and honestly some special orders are rediculous
(perhaps not from the patron's standpoint but mostly from mine)
I constantly get an order with no onions on the 2+ years, I have never put onions on a salad unless it was a nicoise
now the server (of 3 years) should know that
but that is needless *c*R*a*P I need to read on barely legible tickets

if in the end this deminishes your view of me, so be it, but I am sure the other 40+ waiting for their food neither noticed nor cared but were glad they got their food in a timely manner

these are things that a struggling establishment has to weigh and decide how to respond

2009 Mar 30
Chef Obi - RE: SPECIAL ORDERS... I am hoping that you wrote the following words after a really long shift, and perhaps a couple of brewskis... otherwise I must say as a Consumer / Customer that I am highly "bothered"...

"we all go into establishments wanting to be treated right (special/individual) but when there are 20 other tables waiting..... it's just another ticket"

and, in particular...

"if you are allergic, I do my best but no guarantee"

2009 Mar 29
chef obi: i really don't feel that the lettuce was the main point of my review, but rather (and to reiterate for those that missed it) that art-is-in breads are now available for sandwiches, which i think is something wonderful.

2009 Mar 29
I shop for groceries here pretty regularly but never waited in line for a sandwich. Finally decided to sample one for myself. Just excellent. A sandwich isn`t exactly a difficult thing to prepare, but we all know that a good one can be hard to come by. La bottega offers excellent value at $4.29. Now I know why there is always a line!

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2017 Mar 9
While picking up a few groceries one day, I couldn't resist getting a sfogliatelle pastry ($2.50) from the coffee counter. This is a crisp-crunchy layered pastry with an orange-scented ricotta filling. Delicious!

Coffee 2


2017 Mar 1
The coffee counter is right next to the sandwich counter and it is similarly fast-paced. You can get your coffee for here or to go, but there's really nowhere to savour it in the store. So be prepared to inhale it at the counter standing up, European style, or take it out in a paper cup. Illy coffee is a relatively harsh (but iconically Italian) product. $2 for one shot; $3 for two. Sugar recommended. Complimentary amaretto cookie greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately, if you also get one of the delicious pastries then you'll have to eat it standing up too, an activity that strikes me as decidedly non-European. I decided to carry it out on a napkin and enjoy it amongst the melting snowbanks of George Street instead. This was a delightfully chewy (meringue base?) biscotto slab containing almonds, pistachios, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. Well worth the $2.50 compared to what you'll find at other coffee houses in town! They source these specialty biscotti from in Montreal.

The coffee counter guy writes your order on a card and you take that to the cash up front to pay.

2010 Jan 22
la bottega serves illy coffee - regular, decaf and dark roast. i tried the dark roast and i was very impressed!

2007 Feb 11
They have the nicest dark roast decaf. We love coffee but can't do the caffeine, that normally means bland, tasteless, or even worse, instant! We buy the bulk decaf from the bin for the same price as all of their other coffees. (Don't buy the kilo bag of beans, it is the same stuff but more expensive) Delicious.


2008 Oct 23
La Bottega sells L'Aspromontano virgin olive oil. It has a high smoke point so I can use it for stir fries and it is much more flavourful than grape seed oil.

Cheese 2


2009 Jun 21
I agree that the prices and selection of cheese are wonderful at La Bottega. I just enjoy browsing and choosing different ones each time. Very friendly staff and deliciously fresh cheeses, will go back again!

2007 Feb 10
We have found that the prices and selection of cheese is excellent. John, the certified cheese guy is very knowledgeable and more than willing to assist. Living in the Market there are plenty of cheese stores to choose from, but we have found that LaBottega never disappoints.



Chicken 1


2009 Mar 26
Their boneless, "skinless" chicken breasts are quite tasty and are consistently a reasonable price (regularly $5.99 lb, occassionally only $3.99/lb). However, I have been known to complain about how much fat and skin there is left on the breast--you jsut have to be a bit picky with whomever is serving you.

2008 Jan 27
La Botega in the market sells Harissa right next to the tomato paste tubes.

2017 Oct 14
Pizza prices have risen to $14, but that's a pretty good deal considering the amount of prosciutto on the Pietro Pizza! This was topped off with a delightful “salad” of arugula and shaved parmigiano dressed with a drizzle of olive oil.

It's tricky to eat as the serving plate is a little too small for cutting on and the prosciutto is a little too chewy for biting through. Yet somehow we still managed to eat every crumb!

2017 Jul 18
The lunch special pizza was Genoa salami with mushrooms, Brie, and arugula ($13). Really great! What sets the pizza here apart from everywhere else is the quality of the deli meats they put on top. With chili oil for the crust, this is one of my absolute favourite lunch options.

2017 Apr 11
Not able to find the delicious Bündnerfleisch (Bindenfleisch Swiss air dried beef) in Ottawa anymore, I was happy to discover that La Bottega carries the Italian version known as Bresaola!

$5.99/100g, this meat must be sliced super thinly. When I emphasized this, the gentleman behind the counter winked and said "Yes, Bresaola cut," so I guess they know what they're doing here. 😂

The quality was very good. Not dried or aged quite as much as Bündnerfleisch, this is a fresher tasting and milder product. The wonderful leanness and pleasant saltiness is pure joy.






2009 Nov 12
Anytime I buy sundried tomatoes anywhere else I usually regret it. Bought them at La Bottega a few weeks ago and nothing else has compared.


2008 Mar 6
For those of you who love Italian chocolate like me, la bottega sells, for time to time, the famous Gianduja (Gianduiotto) from Turin.
The best brand is Caffarel.
Expensise (~$20) but so yummmmmmy.