Where to get Harissa

2008 Jun 21
i just happened on what seems like a new Moroccan corner store on St.Laurant near Hemlock. I forget the name of it, but it's in the little strip mall with "The Works" burger place.

anyway, they have tubs of fresh harissa, olives, etc. and jarred varieties as well, homemade hommous and baklava and other sweets. very friendly staff/owners.

2008 Jan 22
Hi Folks:

Long time no visit, but I plan to visit more often in the New Year!

Does anyone know where I can get ras-el-hanout and harissa?


and Happy New Year,


2008 Jan 27
La Botega in the market sells Harissa right next to the tomato paste tubes.

2008 Jan 22
Hey Glinda! Welcome back!

You can find both at most middle eastern groceries. Harissa comes in a tube sometimes and doesn't take up a lot of shelf space, thus making it hard to find. I've been able to find harissa at the Loblaws/RCSS at College Square, from time to time as well.

2008 Jan 29
If downtown is more convenient for you, Boushey's on Elgin Street has a small selection of spices near the deli section and I've bought harissa there. The jarred version is better than the tube version which tastes a bit too metallic to me.