Where to get Bresaola

2010 Oct 18
the bresaola that I have had from La Bottega is not stringy. it's dense and salty. might i suggest giving them a try?

2010 Oct 18
How would this compare to speck? I mean cecina.

2010 Oct 18
I tried some President's Choice bresaola from the grocery store this week. I was hoping it would come close to Spanish cecina. However, I found it to be far too stringy and moist, not salty or dry enough. I'd like to find a denser version.
This package, which contains about 10 slices, cost around $8 and I found it in the deli section of Loblaws.

2017 Apr 11
Not able to find the delicious Bündnerfleisch (Bindenfleisch Swiss air dried beef) in Ottawa anymore, I was happy to discover that La Bottega carries the Italian version known as Bresaola!

$5.99/100g, this meat must be sliced super thinly. When I emphasized this, the gentleman behind the counter winked and said "Yes, Bresaola cut," so I guess they know what they're doing here. 😂

The quality was very good. Not dried or aged quite as much as Bündnerfleisch, this is a fresher tasting and milder product. The wonderful leanness and pleasant saltiness is pure joy.