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2009 Jan 14
eatme: House is a blend of Guatemalan, Columbian and a third roast, the name of which is presently escaping me (possibly Nicaraguan?), so it's no wonder you love the Guatemalan on its own :)

2008 Dec 11
I normally go to their Bank and Gilmour location. I highly enjoy their Americano and regular dark roast coffee. Generally the service here is reliable and friendly, although at any cafe with turnover service will vary.

Recently I bought some Guatemalan beans, and damn I like this coffee. I prefer it over the House Blend beans which I normally purchase. The scent of the beans was extremely pungent. The smell was actually impregnated into my purse for a few days. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but the beans made very tasty coffee at home.

2008 Nov 19
Fresh Foodie: My experience is that their hot chocolate is lacking, partially because its not a heavily sweetened as the stuff at, say, Starbucks (I have the same issue at Planet Coffee). Ask them for another shot/pump, and they'll be happy to make it a bit more chocolatey.

I went into the Bank and Third location this afternoon for a late lunch. The soups never disappoint! They are always appropriately (insert one of the following: rich, thick, chunky, creamy, soup-like). I got their late this afternoon, and they had "one-bowl" left. One-bowl is also define as one bowlful that was overwhelmingly full, and super chunky! Yum!

2008 Oct 10
These guys will make a London Fog for you even though it isn't on the menu. This is the quintessential fall drink for me. Yum!

2008 Sep 21
Tried an Americano from the Wellington location on Saturday night. It was good enough but not awesome the way Starbucks can be.

Wifey's hot chocolate was quite anemic (lacking in chocolate flavour). I kind of liked it that way but I'd be surprised if the "hint of chocolate" thing were popular with the masses. It all makes me think her experience was probably a sporadic mistake.

The ginger cookies at Bridgehead are fandamntastic! Next time I'll get one to go and swing by Starbucks for my various forms of roasted bean tea. ;-) My conscience will just have to be appeased by the fair trade green coffee beans I buy once in a while.

2008 Aug 27

this rumor has been spreading like wildfire for the past couple of months (you're the fourth or fifth person I've dispelled it to). Bridgehead is completely fair trade in its coffees, teas, chocolate, and syrups.

Their practices are completely monitored by Transfair Canada.

In addition to being an avid consumer of their products, I also happen to play ultimate with one of the store managers, who has assured me time and time, with evidence, that they have fair trade practices.

If you, or anyone, has any questions regarding the rumor, you can get ahold of Bridgehead at

2008 Aug 27
I heard something disturbing about whether or not Bridgehead is truly 100% fair trade. It was a competitor who I heard this from, but I hope it isn't true. Bridgehead is a great Ottawa success story and I always go there over Starbucks or any of the other major chains because it was one of the first to offer only Fair trade and organic. Has anyone else heard anything about Bridgeheads 100% fair trade status?

2008 Mar 12
If it wasn't for the Synesso and Clover machines at some locations, Bridgehead would be a second rate Starbucks wannabee with an 'ethical' twist.

Unfortunately, the Bank and Slater location doesn't have the good equipment and it sucks.

Went a couple weeks ago and got a XL chai latte that was FAR too hot. It must have been at least 170 degrees.

Today I tried to again just to see if they could do a better job. So I ordered three things. A large chai latte that the spaced out staff screwed up the order and made a regular latte instead. When they figured out their mistake, it was, "uh, I'll make that for you right now". No sorry or here's a coupon for a free drink next time (like Starbucks always does when they screw up and make you wait). This time the latte wasn't hot enough and unlike the previous one I tried there, the barista didn't sprinkle cinnamon over the top. I don't really care about the cinnamon but I'd like to see some consistency so that I know what I'm getting if I ever go back (which I doubt I will).

I also got a lemon scone that had absolutely zero lemon flavour. The third item was a lemon square that tasted of meat.

Overall, I see no reason to return. Starbucks is superior in pretty much every way. The service is better and MUCH faster. The chai lattes are better. The pastries don't omit or add flavours.

2007 Dec 5
You missed my point Zymurgist...I merely meant that just being Fair Trade is not enough to get me to drink has to taste good to me, and I haven't yet had one at Bridgehead (Or I Deal Coffee or anywhere else for that matter) that I like as much as Illy.
That being said, I'm not a person who buys much coffee anyway, I can drink all the free Illy coffee I want at work anyway...and a lot of the coffee shop coffees taste horrible to me anyway. If I'm at a Tim Hortons I usually just get hot chocolate, the Second Cup coffees seem to have a nasty oily aftertaste to them.

2007 Dec 4
I just wanted to point out that the fact it's Fair Trade has nothing to do with the taste of coffee at Bridgehead (or anywhere else). The bean, the roast and the temperature of the water used to brew determine the flavour (and at very least the bean and water can affect bitterness). There are lots of Fair Trade places around and I'm sure you'd find something you like.

Now, as for things I don't like about Bridgehead - I haven't been there in some time but the one on Wellington in Hintonburg used to double-cup all their coffee even though the cups were thermal. And this from an establishment that's supposed to be environmentally-aware. Of course to counter myself - if I actually cared about the environment I wouldn't use toss-away cups in the first place. And it's extremely rare that I do.

Other than that I really like Bridgehead for the little I actually go there (or to any other coffee shop). The food is good and a little different. I like the coffee (though did not very much at first). But now that I home-roast I have little use for coffee shops except for the odd time I'm out of cream and will stop at Bridgehead on the way to work to add some to my travel mug :-)

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2010 Jun 23
They roast too much.

2009 Aug 11
We ordered an urn of coffee for our wedding from Bridgehead; 50 cups of coffee for about $35, including milk, cream, sugar, cups (which we did not use).

I was really impressed with the service; they misplaced our order and replaced it free of charge. (The misplacement had to do with a change in staff and a leaving staff member not following through).

All in all, very pleased.

2008 Jul 29
Definitely the best coffee chain in Ottawa--fresh, not over-roasted and smooth, smooth. smooth. They're a bit slow on the service. But it's worth it.

(Also, for Brunchies, Stoneface Dolly's serves it as their standby coffee)

2007 May 23
My favourite coffee in Ottawa. I love the Brazilian and Mexican roasts.

2006 Sep 23
I recently tossed my masculine insecurities aside and ordered a "French vanilla latte" at Bridgehead. It was deeeeelicious! :)


2010 Jun 9
I literally just came back from the Bridgehead at Golden and Richmond. A friend invited me for latte and then treated me to an Almondine. We both quite liked them. Really flaky on the outside and the inside had that yummy paste but still had the layers of croissant. It was a pretty decadent treat calories wise I am sure so I best not do that too often but for me it was a delightful treat. I guess different strokes for different folks.

2010 Jun 9
I love the new Bridgehead croissants. I hate the new Bridgehead Almondine. An almond croissant should still taste like a croissant. It should be a bit flaky, a bit crispy and the almond mixture shouldn't be so buttery and thickly layered that it makes the inside of the croissant soggy.

Honestly, I wasn't impressed and I probably won't order it again. On the other hand, they have three other croissants that impress me time and time over.

2010 Apr 29
Very good croissant, should probably have made the top 3 and beat out Le Moulin de Provence... I had the ham & gruyere croissant, amazing! Definitely rich though, maybe a once a week type of indulgence. I wish I would have taken a photo, but I ate the thing too damned quick... was a beautiful looking pastry while it lasted.

2010 Apr 15
The new croissants are better than the average grocery store croissant but they don't really compare to the French Baker ones that they used to carry.

I'll probably get baked goods from elsewhere instead of their now overpriced croissants.

2010 Apr 12
I was not first but I also got one of their croissants this morning. I was pretty dubious about them getting rid of the French Baker croissants and chocolatines but I have to say their new ones are excellent too (the croissant anyway, I did not see any chocolatines). They are very crispy on the outside, soft and flakey on the inside; maybe not as buttery as the French Baker but perhaps closer to what people might expect in a croissant. I'm a fan of the F.B. style but these will certainly do.

2010 Apr 12
I was fortunate enough to be the first to try their new croissants at the new Metcalfe and Sparks store this morning at 6:30 am.

Cheaper than a flight to Paris!!!

Run, run now. They won't last long.

2010 Apr 6
Rumor has it that the new croissants will be made from the same dough that they are using for the Morning Buns (see review below). If this is the case, I think they'll survive just fine.

2010 Apr 6
Gasp! Looks like Bridgehead is switching from French Baker Croissants to... (wait for it) MAKING THEIR OWN! Big shoes to fill! Looks like no croissants at Bridgehead until they get going on April 12th. I am interested to see how this goes down!


2013 Jan 12
I agree that these are great. A nice lemon/orange peel taste mixed in with the sugar is really nice. These are a kind of hard-baked flaky bun. It's hard to describe.

NOTE: Do not eat in your car because you will get pieces and sugar all over everything. This is how you get ants. Do you want ants? No. Eat it carefully over a napkin. Then dispose of the napkin. Lick your lips, enjoy the rest of your coffee. You will still have coffee left because this bun will take all of your concentration.

2013 Jan 12
These are evil, in a good way. Massively delicious and oh so bad for you. Between that and the lemon squares, my willpower fails me every time.

2010 Apr 6
I had only heard of these in passing before visiting Bridgehead this morning. I thought I would give them a, I was impressed.

They peel apart in fluffy layers, and are sweet and spicy with a bit of citrus kick.

I might have to up my cardio training to make up for these...on the other hand, they are smaller than the croissants.

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2011 Oct 15
Unlike other coffee chains in the city, Bridgehead literally gives you ICED coffee.

So you can bring it to the sugar/milk/cream station and put whatever you want in it, if need be.

This is so much better then the other places that give you the disgusting syrup in it.


2011 Nov 3
Bridgehead is possibly the very best place in town to grab a delicious healthy salad to eat on the go. Their salads make a lovely meal, anytime of day. Their Chicken Club with crunchy double-smoked bacon and chunky pieces of tender and juicy marinated chicken topped with tart and creamy lemon basil dressing was to die for.

This picture of their (tuna) Nicoise Salad lightly covered with a beautiful vinaigrette tells part of the salad story being made at Bridgehead.

2011 Jul 12
Since this is the first entry on Bridgehead's scones, I figure I will add a bit of background information: Bridgehead usually has two types of scones, one sweet and one savoury. They had been carrying a cheese scone and a lemon scone for quite some time, and added a maple oatmeal scone recently.

Today, I went in and noticed that there was in place of the lemon scone a lemon-blueberry scone, which I was quite excited by. They looked a bit darker, but I didn't think anything of it. The girl who rung me through a was surprised by the existence of the new scone, so I'm guessing today was the first day.

Anyway, I suspect that either an ingredient was missing or that the dough had been mixed for far too long, because these might have been the driest and toughest scones I have ever tasted. Certainly, they were an anomaly for Bridgehead. Although, my general experience is that they need a few batches to work out any kinks in the recipe. I'm just surprised that they released them, given how tough they were...presumably previous batches weren't as bad.

ETA (September 4): I emailed Bridgehead about this and they agreed with me. The lemon scone returned and they've been working to improve their other scones in the kitchen. Meanwhile, they compensated me a lemon scone on my next visit and since then, their lemon scones have been the best they've ever been!

2011 Jun 21
typicallydia: Can you comment on how much a glass costs? Too pricey for one person might be the right amount for another, if it actually tastes perfect...

2011 Jun 21
Far too pricey for what you know is simple syrup, water an a lemon or two. However, it tastes perfect.





2013 Jan 12
I have developed a slight addiction to those. It's the star anise flavour that makes me like them. They taste like something as opposed to just sugar and the combination with lemon is interesting. And they are fairly tart. If they sold jars of the lemon curd, I would buy some to spread on good bread. Yum!

2010 Mar 29
I too had a lemon square last week after comments from LWB. YUM!!
I'm normally a ginger cookie gal and didn't really take a look at these (likely the colour didn't make me think - hmm that's a lemon square). However, that may change as I love the tart, fresh, lemon zing. I certainly hope they don't mute the flavour, it is lovely as it is. The extra fruit makes it more interesting.

2010 Mar 28
I decided to try Bridgehead's lemon squares after reading these reviews. Normally, being a bit of a chocoholic, I go for their (choc chip) cookies or brownies, but though I'd give these a try. They are excellent, the only thing I wasn't really keen on is that they are much sweeter than I'd normally like. I'm guessing it's the addition of raspberries (as well as sugar, of course). So they are def a bit sweet, but I really loved the strong tart and fresh lemon flavour. I'd def get them again if I wanted something really sweet, but I'm guessing that probably won't be too often.
They are better than other lemon squares I've had though!

2010 Mar 26
These Bridgehead lemon squares are delicious. I'm a sucker for a tart lemon square, and this fit the bill. It has rhubarb, anise, and raspberries in the curd to give it a little extra oomph. I hope they keep it around, one of the cashiers mentioned there had been some complaints that the flavours were too intense... wake up your boring tastebuds Ottawa, these squares rock!

2010 Mar 25
After foodiePrints' recent review on twitter of Bridgehead's new lemon squares recipe, I thought I would pick one up for breakfast.

These ain't your average lemon squares. They are tart, lip-puckering tart! The lemon is sharp and fresh, and there are pieces of rhubarb and raspberries throughout. These are my kind of lemon square (although, every kind of lemon square is my kind of lemon square).



2009 Jun 8
I spoke with one of the Barristas and he told me that the roasting was done outside of Montreal (likely between Ottawa and Montreal)

He also told me that they were preparing the roasting facility as we speak, so I am guessing that they will have some excellent roasting over by the end of the year.

2009 Jan 14
I never realized they roasted locally. I love the freshness of the beans and they can grind it well, but I thought it was roasted from afar.

2009 Jan 14
Coffee at Bridgehead is roasted about an hour's drive from Ottawa, and is used within two weeks of roasting (which is some pretty good turn around for a chain, if you ask me). They also grind it in store (unlike Starbucks/Second Cup), meaning that the roast/blend changes depending upon how quickly they sell out (they grind in 5 lb doses).

The company is working on developing their own roastery within the next year or two.


2011 Oct 15
Organic! Yummy, great to go of you're downtown and don't want to eat IN anywhere.

Comes with a piece of bread as well.


2010 Mar 19
Usually, I am a fan of their sandwiches, either the tofu/peanut butter spread, or the cheese and tomato, with wicked Dijon.

However, much to my sadness today, the person who made the tofu spread at their kitchen left out the peanut butter. It was, as my friend's 2 year-old says, a bit yuckty.

But, I know I will eat one again next week.