Restaurant Dress Codes [General]

2008 Feb 26
Back a few years (circa 1985), The fancy pancy restaurant at the top of the Westin Hotel (I think it was called Season's), had a dress code.

I took a girlfriend there on a date, one evening. When we met the Maitre Di on the way in, he informed us that the dinner service requires a suit or sports jacket. I was sooo embarrassed, espcially with the condescending tone from the Maitre Di. I already had a nice shirt and tie on, so he gave me a 'house supplied' jacket to wear.

Once I got over that fact that no one was starring at me, We both ejoyed our well prepared French nouveau cuisine and .... my date ended up marrying me a year and a half later.

Does anyone know of any existing dress codes, at any of the Ottawa restaurants ?
Or maybe would like to share a similar experience.

2012 Aug 9
You're all looking at this the wrong way. Being well-dressed lends an air of respectability to a person who could otherwise be considered somewhat of a least that is why I always try to dress well in public...haha

For the record I'm with JohnnyE, and nobody in this crowd certainly wants to hear my specific politics on the matter which go something along the lines of - "Shorts on a man? In public?! What is this, a basketball game?"

2014 Mar 6
OSoloMeal Wow! Talk about taking my comments out of context... All I meant to say is that those of us over a certain age are used to dressing accordingly when we eat out in a fine dining establishment. Most diners seem to be loosening the dress code nowadays but on the other hand Ottawa diners have always dressed more casually anyway. I don't see that as the moral degradation of society - that's just how fashion is evolving these days and it doesn't bother me abit. I dress casually most times I eat out but I do like to indulge in a meal in a fancy restaurant on rare occasion and get all dressed up for it and to see other diners who also like to dress to go out.