Burger Platter at Chez Lucien
Burger Platter at Chez Lucien
Chez Lucien
Burger Platter at Chez Lucien
Chez Lucien
Chez Lucien
Chez Lucien
Chez Lucien
Chez Lucien
Burger Platter at Chez Lucien
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2011 Apr 22
I love this place:) I went with three friends today and it was great. We ordered some escargots to start and they were very nice and they were very generous with the amount given for only $7. The garlic sauce has a strong taste so I don't recommend it if you don't like garlic.

I also got the chez lucien burger which has cream cheese and bacon on it. I really enjoyed it! Mine was not at all overcooked but my friend's burgers were cooked all the way through so maybe it was just by accident. The fries are absolutely the best! They are really thin and delicious.

As for service, today we had a really great waiter (Jeff). I am really pleased at how dinner went. I recommend Chez Lucien!

2011 Apr 3
I love the place, despite the usual line up! My favorite thing to order is the soup and burger. Tight seatings, but warm and comfy nonetheless...

2010 Aug 13
love the croq w fries & salad (and Gary :)

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2010 Jul 22
I LOVE this place! The Chez Lucien burger can't be beat, topped with cream cheese, bacon and mushrooms. The fries are delicious, the salad is fresh, and the salad dressing is perfect. I always get two - one for the salad, one for the fries and burger :) All for about $10...and I usually leave a little behind (portions are VERY generous)

Chez Lucien, while sometimes overcrowded and slow for service, is a friendly place with fantastic food.

2010 Mar 15
we love Chez Lucien.I have been to this pup since they open but still i'd like to call the name "Gerry's place"
Food is amazing and you can feel healthy. Big picture of James Joyce i adore him. Great atmosphere and nice server.

2010 Mar 6
Summary: Great pub fare.

Despite the place being crowded (Saturday night dinner), service was courteous and fairly prompt. (Patience is always a virtue at places like these.) It also helps to *get reservations* and to arrive early (around 5 PM for a Saturday).

As a party of four adults, we happened to all have the hamburger with jalapeno and monterey jack cheese (I can't remember the name of it...) The burgeres were well done (almost burnt) but had a wonderful flavour. Burgers were served with a salad and with moderate porton of fries. We all ate our fill without being overly stuffed, all for a reasonable price - about $10 per plate.

To sum up: Would go back in an instant; good deal for good food. Not overly fancy, but very satisfying pub fare.

2010 Feb 12
I gave this place a THUMBS DOWN. I'll explain why.

I went to this place with a group of friends on a recommendation of a couple of friends.

Honestly, I don't know what the big fuss is about this place. My biggest complaint is that it has lousy service. The waitress was never around when we wanted something. And she didn't have the decency to return our change to our table. We had to go to the bar to retrieve it.

It has a cozy atmosphere. I'll give it that. And decent fries. But that's it. There are tons of better places with better food and better service.

May be my experience was an isolated occurrence? But that is what happened when I went.

2010 Jan 13
Love it! Go there often. Always great, tasty unpretentious good pub food.

2009 Aug 4
The menu is absolutely consistent from year to year and night to night so you always know exactly what you're getting. Which is, above average pub fare at a fair price. Ambiance is turning back towards government types as the hipsters look for the next spot and the new burly bartender is probably helping that trend. Not a pleasant guy.

2009 Jul 21
Again, the atmosphere really contributes to why I like this place. It feels very low key montreal-ish to me.

The owner (i presume he's the owner) is always friendly and charming. They have a great selection of beers (unibroue is well represented)

The hamburgers are incredible value and taste great. Everything is always very fresh.

I've only ever had one complaint with this place - one of the male bartenders took FOREVER to check on our table in the front section one night. Granted it was on the weekend and he looked busy but not too busy to check on us in my opinion. If he is serving the section than serve it. If not - let us know that unfortunately it's bar service only. Possibly an oversight but still - not nearly attentive enough that night.

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2017 Sep 8
The Frida and Diego Burger ($16) comes with a pile of top notch fries and a delightful salad. The burger itself was beautifully and deliciously dressed with lettuce, tomato, jalapeņos, and cheese. I found the beef patty to be a little too thick (personal preference, I know) and on the dry side. Still, this is overall one of the best burger platters in town.

2017 Mar 18
The burger platter is still super popular here, and for good reason. I had their St Patrick's Day special ($17), with Guinness Cheddar and bacon. Every bite was awesome, and the selling point here is still the fact that platters come with fries *and* salad by default.

I mean seriously, every place should serve fries and salad on a platter. What ever made it okay to consider them as mutually exclusive items where one can be swapped out for the other? It's a bit like offering a burger and then asking if you want a patty or a bun. :P

Top marks to Chez Lucien for doing what's right!

2013 May 1
Here is a picture of the La Bourgeoiserie beef burger with slices of pears and brie.

2011 Mar 9
Was there today after a meeting and just missed lunch time at both murrey St and Benny's Bistro.

Went to CL after an absence of about 2 years and had the Bourgoise burger with pear, grilled onion and brie. Very tasty and the fries are great dipped in the dressing and the salad was fairly decent.

Very decent deal for $12.

The soup of the day was lamb stew but they ran out..

2009 Mar 19
One of the best burgers in town. Excellent quality food despite the modest setting.

2008 Jul 24
I would love to know what's in that salad dressing of their's!!! All three of their beef burgers are incredible and as Food&Think said, omg those fries!!!!

2008 Jul 4
Both the Burger Platters we ordered were fantastic! "The Man" had the Frida & Diego (jalapeos, grilled onions & monterey jack cheese), while I had the Hambourgeoisie, a more "upscale" burger (premium beef, pear slices, grilled onions and melted brie). The shoestring fries were homemade (still had the skins on) and perfectly cooked, while the house salad of mixed greens and fresh veggies came with a very tasty dressing. Having both fries and salad was a real treat as so many places offer one or the other.

Can't wait to go back and try another of their many Burger Platters.

2006 Oct 10
The burger was pretty good. The fries were awesome -- very slightly coated with a satisfying McDonald's kind of light greasiness. The salad was generous considering it was in addition to the fries (most of it is hidden in this photo).

Beer 2


2008 Jul 4
"The Man" was very impressed by the selection of Beers "on tap". By our count there were four craft beers... Heritage (Carleton Place), Blanche de Chambly (Chambly, Que) and St. Ambroise & Griffin (Montreal). As well as Boddingtons, Kilkenny, and Stella (there may have been a couple more, but we couldn't read the taps from where we were seated).

Unfortunately, they don't have Beau's, I would think that this would be a good location for them to get into though, because management obviously supports craft beers, and afterall Beau's home is half-way between Ottawa and Montreal, so it would be a good fit with the atmosphere at Chez Lucien.

2006 Oct 10
And don't forget the Kilkenny! They have 8 beers on tap, and a whole whack of them in bottles. Beverage prices are shown with tax included, which is very cool.

2006 Oct 10
From memory from my last visit: among some more common offerings, there are a couple from Macauslan (Griffon Extra Pale Ale and St. Ambroise Pale Ale), plus Blanche de Chambly on tap.


2010 Dec 22
another vote for the salmon burger!
i can't be any more insightful than the reviews below.

2010 Mar 25
I agree with the other review of the CL salmon burger whole-heartedly!

This salmon burger has a huge piece of salmon that is so tasty that the garnishes are hardly noticeable.

There are of course, the delicious CL fries (lightly salted) and a complimentary side salad with fantastic dressing drizzled over it...but the fish itself is the mouth-watering treat guaranteed.

(Just the perfect flavour of tenderly cooked fish that tastes exactly the same every time...)

They have this one down to an 'art-form'.

All of that, for around $12. It is amazing!

2007 Dec 22
I wish I had taken a picture but....I'll explain it as best as I can. All the burgers come with fries and salad with IMO, a very nice and garlicky creamy dressing. The salmon burger said it was served with dill cream cheese on it, which yes it did...the perfect amount too. Sometimes if things are served with cream cheese, they tend to over do it and I'm scraping some off (ahem...Tim Horton's) but not here. For some reason I was expecting the salmon to be hot, like grilled y'know, but it was just about room temp., not cold, but not very warm. Then I thought of course they wouldn't serve it warm/hot because of the cream cheese! It was great all around anyways!


2011 Jan 18
So I tried escargots (uh, AKA snails) for the very first at Chez Lucien time while out with some friends. As a newbie, I was understandably a bit squeamish at the idea of eating slimy, earth-crawling mollusks. But they were surprisingly yummy.

They come on a platter (a very generous portion, I thought, given my limited experience) and drenched in a yummy herb and garlic sauce, along with a few toasted pieces of French baguette for dipping. Mm-mm-mm. So, even if you don't like the snails, you can make your very own garlic bread! I couldn't reeeeally get over the texture, even after trying them a second time, but hey, that's just me. Didn't stop me from eating four or five.

Anyway, I suggest you all get adventurous and try yourselves some snails from Chez Lucien! Mm-mm!



2006 Oct 10
These are pretty standard Ottawa nachos -- a layer of chips, a layer of salsa, another layer of chips, and a topping of cheese. Not what I consider top notch nacho structure but it's normal for this part of the world. At least they load it up with jalapeņos.

The thing to rave about here is the price. Six bucks is an awesome price for a plate of nachos. Sure makes you want to drink more beer!



2008 Nov 8
I had the croque monsieur the last trip out to chez lucien. my SO's mother makes really solid croque monsieurs, so perhaps my standards are too high, but i found the ham to be waaaay to salty, and the crossiant was quite soggy.

disappointed at best.

2006 Nov 27
I am absolutely addicted to this meal. Its a soft but crisp croissant with ham, melted cheddar cheese, warm tomatoes and a unidentified sweet white sauce. It all comes together to make a fantastic combination. It (like several meals at Chez Lucien) comes with excellent french fries and a good portion of fresh salad. All for about $8.00.