Where to get Salmon Burger


2010 Dec 22
another vote for the salmon burger!
i can't be any more insightful than the reviews below.

2010 Mar 25
I agree with the other review of the CL salmon burger whole-heartedly!

This salmon burger has a huge piece of salmon that is so tasty that the garnishes are hardly noticeable.

There are of course, the delicious CL fries (lightly salted) and a complimentary side salad with fantastic dressing drizzled over it...but the fish itself is the mouth-watering treat guaranteed.

(Just the perfect flavour of tenderly cooked fish that tastes exactly the same every time...)

They have this one down to an 'art-form'.

All of that, for around $12. It is amazing!

2007 Dec 22
I wish I had taken a picture but....I'll explain it as best as I can. All the burgers come with fries and salad with IMO, a very nice and garlicky creamy dressing. The salmon burger said it was served with dill cream cheese on it, which yes it did...the perfect amount too. Sometimes if things are served with cream cheese, they tend to over do it and I'm scraping some off (ahem...Tim Horton's) but not here. For some reason I was expecting the salmon to be hot, like grilled y'know, but it was just about room temp., not cold, but not very warm. Then I thought of course they wouldn't serve it warm/hot because of the cream cheese! It was great all around anyways!