Great Ottawa restaurants of the past [General]

2011 Jul 4
I am an occasional visitor to this site and years ago I always said I would create this thread but never did until now: great Ottawa restaurants of the past which are no longer with us.

My first candidate:

La Rose des Sables on McArthur Road. It was located in a private house and had several small intimate rooms. Last time I checked this house was now a Toyota dealership - not an improvement!

Back in the early 1980s this was the most incredibly good restaurant I ever ate at in Ottawa, not to mention in North America. Not only was their Moroccan food flawless but the service was 100% as well. You would never be bothered by a waiter, yet the moment you turned your head there was one at your elbow. This is the "nec plus ultra" of service.

Sadly they developed delusions of grandeur and moved downtown. I ate there once after that but they had completely lost the magic in the interests of expansion and I never bothered to go back. Naturally they went under shortly afterwards, smothered by their delusions of glory. Such a pity.

Does anyone else have stories like this? - I have several of them, which I can post in coming days.

Next up - the Golden Dragon on Rideau Street - one of the first restaurants in the city to serve Dim Sum.

2014 Mar 1
Thanks, will try La Roma!

Red Lobster used to have fresh breaded zuchinni,but hasn't had that for a couple years now.
The only thing I'd go to Red Lobster for was stuffed mushrooms, Zuchinni and the biscuits...

now I just get family to pick up some biscuits for me and freeze them.

Guess I'll go back to making my own breaded mushrooms.

Speaking of Jericho restaurant I ate there a few days ago...have not had food there since fall at least.
Now they have a sign on the window saying they have weekend brunch till 2pm.
I think it is mostly eggs and potatoes.

Also just remembered, I used to really like the Suisha Gardens Japanese store and lunch take out.
The hot lunch specials were always tasty and affordable and you could get actual Japanese snacks and cooking ingredients...but the packaged items and fresh stuff they got from Japan was quite expensive.