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2013 Oct 22
Hi Lulux
I am putting together 50 pound boxes.
This steer in the picture is your actual steer,
He will be ready for your freezer in about 3 weeks.
My idea is to give people 20 pounds of lean burger and 4 T bones, 4 rib steaks 3/4 inch, sirloin steaks , blade steaks, round steak, rump roast,cross rib roast. blade roast,(roast between 3 to 4 lb ) shank etc to total 50 lb.
For $300 that is $6.00 lb
The steaks are about 8oz as every cut is proportionally smaller cause of the breed of cow, but you get more variety of cuts in your order because of this, if you get my drift.
I will include delivery to Ottawa as I am One hour south