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Dim Sum at Chu Shing
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Dim Sum at Hung Sum
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
Dim Sum at Ng's Cuisine
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Dim Sum at Fortune Express
Dim Sum at Fortune Express
Dim Sum at Fortune Express
Dim Sum at Fortune Express
Dim Sum at Fortune Express
Dim Sum at Fortune Express
Dim Sum at Fortune Express
Dim Sum at Fortune Express
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2017 Sep 30
I visited on a Thursday evening with OttawaFoodies veterans Pete-In-Ottawa, Chimichimi, Momomoto and we feasted for two hours!

The food does take a while to arrive but that's no problem if you're expecting it. Enjoy some good tea and excellent conversation while you wait.

Pictured here are:

* Scallop with Shrimp Shiu Mai (top left and bottom center)
* Chiu-Chow Style Pork Dumpling (middle left)
* Deep-Fried Pork Sticky Rice Ball (bottom left)
* Spicy Chicken Wings (bottom right)
* Chicken Congee with Caterpillar Fungus Flowers (top right)

All of these were delicious, except the congee that had no flavour at all (add vinegar and hot or soy sauce) and had only two pieces of caterpillar fungus (two of us didn't get one).

As always, can't wait to go back!

2015 Apr 27
these pics are killing me today.... why, Ottawafoodies, why must you make my nice healthy economical brought-from-home lunch SUCK SO MUCH!??!?!

2015 Apr 24
The quality here is still excellent. We arrived at 5:45pm on a Thursday and were the first dinner customers. By 6:30 the place was full. I think this means you can avoid crowds by going at a non-standard time.

The bean curd rolls are absolutely stellar and the har gow are the best in town. In fact, pretty much everything on the menu is the best in town, although I prefer the Yangtze's shrimp siu mai and steamed ginger squid.

They now accept credit/debit (with fee if your bill is less than $20). Egg tarts are only available on weekends.

2014 Apr 29
Still amazing. Freshest dim sum in town!

Clockwise from top left:

* Bean Curd Rolls -- always great.

* Handmade rice noodle soup with BBQ pork -- very nice, but extremely mild flavour. Great for kids or less adventurous diners.

* Crispy chicken wings. Superbly crispy and salty wonders!

* Shrimp Siu Mai -- my kids eat 4 each, so we have to order 3 steamers!

2012 Apr 16
The shrimp shui mai and stuffed eggplant were especially great. The fried squid was a bit too greasy and chewy, but everything else was very good. To be able to order from a reasonably extensive a la carte dim sum menu at dinner time and have everything arrive piping hot is a welcome treat. I'm not usually a fan of sesame balls but after experiencing them super fresh I give them a thumbs up here!

Some congee is available (plain, fish, or pork and preserved egg), as well as those yummy fried dough sticks.

Yangtze 3



2018 Feb 11
Still a great choice for cart-based dim sum! We used to go to Mandarin all the time, but in recent years their quality seemed to drop so we're back at Yangtze.

Overall, I'd say the serendipity and immediacy of cart-based dim sum is still more appealing to me than the made-to-order version at Hung Sum, even if the quality is necessarily not quite as excellent. There's a place for both though and thankfully we have choice! :-)

2012 Sep 24
Yangtze is my go to for Dim Sum!! My husband, daughter and I go at least once a month on late Sunday mornings. Although I love Yangtze and have been going there since I was a little girl, are there any other places in Ottawa worth trying?

2012 Jul 17
As a general thought, slamming all dim sum in Ottawa based on one bad experience is kind of like slamming all Pixar movies because Finding Nemo made you seasick.

2012 Jul 4
Kins: I fear that 1pm is fairly late for Dim Sum in many places in Ottawa - there isn't the sheer number of people such as in Montreal and Toronto to make it last to 3pm. If you want Dim Sum and the place is empty, don't - it means the main crowd is done and all you will get are leftovers, possibly an hour old and, as you found out, not very edible. You need a full room of happy customers and constantly-fresh selections rolling about.

My first Dim Sum experience was at Yangtze, possibly close to 20 years ago. I can't really remember, especially as I didn't like shrimp then. But you can try a number of places nearby as well, but mostly, try it in the mid-morning.

2012 Jul 4
I'd never had Dim Sum before going to Yangtze, but I was excited to try it. I've also encountered most of the items separately through the years.

We came in at 1pm, and we were the only ones there in the very large restaurant. I wasn't even sure they were open. The lady who greeted me was interrogative and rude, but assured me they were open.

All of the steamed items were terrible, probably the worst cooked dumplings I have ever had. They tasted like chewy wontons filled with a cornstarch and flour broth, made from old dish water.

My girlfriend hasn't been able to eat a dumpling since.

I'd love to try Dim Sum again, but probably not in Ottawa, if this is the best, or close enough to the best that it can offer.

The only saving grace was the pork bun, which was edible, though I can't compare it as it was my first time trying it. My girlfriend has had Dim Sum and pork buns before, found most Dim Sum inedible, and the Pork Buns pretty bad compared to the places she visited in Toronto.

2011 Oct 24
I went to Yangtze yesterday for my first dim sum experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Our group chose from the carts that passed by our table. The items we picked included spring rolls, shrimp and pork dumplings, shrimp and pork rice noodles, fried tofu, fried wontons and steamed beef balls. I was the only one interested in trying the chicken feet but since no one was interested in sharing with me I passed this time. Desserts included bbq pork buns and lemon tarts. I tried a bbq pork bun but I didn't like it at all - the bun was too sticky and gooey and the pork filling was too sweet. But I loved all the other dishes and I look forward to future visits. I am in awe of the amount of dim sum items available and everything was fresh and piping hot.

2010 Jul 23
We finally went to Yangtze for Dim Sum this morning, and it was as fantastic as all of those little thumbs up led me to believe. Everything was piping hot and fresh and oh-so-tasty. We were starving, so I totally forgot to take pictures and just dug right in. My favourites by far were the deep fried pork and shrimp dumplings, but I also enjoyed the roast pork baked buns as well. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was the BBQ pork sticky buns, which is usually a favourite of mine. They were a little cold and perhaps a little too doughy. I could have probably made them myself. otherwise, everything was awesome. Even the tea was above standard, compared to your typical chinese restaurant fare. The one slight negative will in no way prevent me from returning to Yangtze again in the near future and consuming copious amounts of dim sum. A new favourite! Thanks for the recommendation fellow foodies!

2010 Jul 20
Visited this place this past Sunday. We tried stopping by Mandarin Oglivie at 10:00am and discovered they were not open and did not have any signs mentioning when the restaurant would open.

Pretty standard fare for Dim Sum for what I can eat. I have a pretty minor seafood allergy so I have to avoid eating shrimp and fish as much as possible. But what they did have was delicious.

They also brought a garlic chili sauce that was like sriracha but tasted fermented and brought it without me having to ask. Bonus! Not sure what it actually was though.

I had a variety of pork dumplings, both steamed and fried. I also sampled their spicy chicken which was lightly breaded and delicious. I've heard people comment elsewhere 'was that chicken?'. Yes it was chicken, just thigh meat, which gwailo aren't used to eating.

Their beef noodle (au yuk cheung fun) was absolutely incredible compared to the dim sum I've had in Hamilton and Toronto (not a lot of Dim Sum back in Detroit). Most of the time the beef in the noodle tastes like dogfood at other places. Here it was savory, meaty and the noodle was not overly slimy.

Their steamed bbq pork buns (char sui bao) were excellent as well, although I had to request them by name for them to bring it out. Word of warning though, they give you two in a steamer tray because they are huge, around the size of a tennis ball.

A warning to people heading there anytime until the end of the fall: They are building that ornate gate about 30 meters from the building so the street is inaccessible.



2017 Jun 17
On our way to the Tanger Outlet mall so decided to stop here and give it another try. I was here years ago and it wasn't very good. Today, I was surprised that it was good. It was not great but everything was fresh, warm and tasted good. It wasn't too salty or MSG flavoured. Definitely a viable option outside the Chinatown area for dim sum.

We had the General tao chicken, the fried egg noodles, shrimp rolled rice noodles, shrimp dumplings, pork siu mai, pork dumplings, chives dumplings, and spring rolls. A pretty good selection of dim sum on made to order menu.

Service was prompt.

2014 Nov 20
I visited with my family recently on a weekend since we hadn't tried the dim sum here for a while. Some of it was okay, but everything fried tasted like old oil and everything shrimpy tasted a little off.

Service was friendly as always, and if you live in Kanata, it sure beats driving to Somerset. Try it and let us know if my experience was just a bad day!

2007 Aug 9
Took my sister and brother-in-law from Toronto here for Dim Sum. We also ordered the Fried Rice Noodle with Beef in Soya Sauce. The dim-sum and the rice noodle were very tasty. Both my sister and brother-in-law gave good rating to the food.

My sister is a good cook at home (she used to host many parties for 60+ guests at home and every one likes her food). Now that she gets older and doesn't feel like cooking too much at home any more (especially when all their kids have grown up and moved out). So, when they give a good rating of the food, this is a good sign.

2006 Oct 29
Shrimp Shiu Mai.

2006 Oct 28
Here is my favorite dessert - sweet sasame ball.

2006 Oct 28
Sticky rice chicken wrapped by lotus leave. Not recommended. How come no Chinese restaurants in Ottawa will go the extra mile to spend some extra time to prepare the sticy rice by steaming the rice instead of using rice cooker to cook the rice. Sticky rice will taste better by steaming.

2006 Oct 28
Steamed rice noodle roll with shrimp inside. If the dim-sum place does not offer this dish, then it is not dim-sum.

2006 Oct 28
Here is the stuffed egg plant. I don't like egg plant. So, I can't tell the taste. But I am told that they were good.

2006 Oct 28
How can you go to dim-sum without eating the Har Gow (shrimp dumpling)? The tray should have 4 har gows. My husband must have taken one out before I took the picture.

2006 Oct 28
The picture shown is deep fried pork dumpling. Very good. If you like sticky rice, try this one.




2018 Apr 21
Today, the turnip cake was very tasty andjust crispy enough. I had all the other usual: shrimp har gao, egg tart, rice roll, pork siu mai. It was hot and fresh even if the selection remains slim.

2015 May 18
I agree with the existing comments on dim sum at Chu Shing. I do wish there were a few more options (and I am comparing to Montreal Chinese dim sum spots) but overall the basics are always available (dumplings, rice rolls, spring rolls, chicken feet, bean curd rolls, steamed ribs, egg tarts, BBQ pork buns, tofu dessert, among others.). If asked, the waiters will go see if a dish is available in the back even if it is not being wheeled out yet due to everyone already having a cart.

Pictured, clockwise, starting from the top left: shrimp dumplings, egg tarts, beef rice rolls, Chinese BBQ pork buns.

2011 May 27
I agree Dim sum at ChuShing is miles fresher than at Yangtze. I didn't like one thing I ate at Yangtze, our table was done in half the time as we stopped ordering. At ChuShing we order and eat until we can't eat anymore. It just taste fresher

2010 Jun 2
I tend to skip back-and-forth between Yangstze and Chu Shing for dim sum every week.
I didn't have a clear favourite until yesterday. Chu Shing for the win. Every single dish was great.
The shrimp-pork and other dumpings were cooked to perfection, the pork buns were sweet and savoury and the squid in ginger was delightful. Oh, that sauce! Can we talk about the pork rice roll-ups? YUM.(I don't remember any of these dishes' real names, so sorry.)

The service was typical dim sum service. You don't go for chit chat and pleasantries.

2009 Sep 27
went today with my Mister and my exGF
we had a had a great time

H being more use to Canadian Chinese was blown away by the fresh flavours of the Cantonese style dimsum and P relished the chrysanthemum tea

everything was tasty esp the grilled turnip cakes and brought back memories of San Francisco and my childhood

lol and I did not even need a drink
all too soon, we were the only ones left and the staff was alternating eating at another table

good to see they weren't eating anything other than what we had

2009 Apr 6
I prefer dim sum here over Yangtze. They have a vast selection, and many dishes I have not seen anywhere else.

The shrimp har gao and siu mai was good, the other people liked it; as well as the pork dumplings. The pork bun was okay.

I particularly liked the curried squid, the tendons, the chicken feet, turnip cake and sponge cake. They fill your water and tea when they see it empty. The servers here don't speak much English, but at least they try. :)

If you don't see a dish on the cart but you are waiting for it, you can request it.

2009 Feb 24
This is our favourite dim sum place (we've tried dim sum around Ottawa, and around the world including Hong Kong). Have been going here a couple of times a month for nine years. We even had our wedding breakfast here.

Wonderful har gow, excellent turnip cake, duck, something called shrimp balls, sticky rice in a bowl, many great dumplings. Nothing really bad. They make a lovely little sweet and sour dipping sauce for the shrimp rolls, wontons, and shrimp balls--it's thin and vinegary. I miss it everywhere else.

After 11am you can order from menu and get veggies. 10-11:30 mostly dumplings and simpler items on the carts, later on there's duck, pork, more small selections of delightful Chinese vegetables.

After 11 am weekends (depending on the weather) there tends to be a line.

The service is funny--chilly until they get to know you then it's like family. I love people watching there and we run into all kinds of cross section of people. Wonderful mixed crowd--family friendly, great for a date.

It's a bit scruffy and sticky but nothing worth being squeamish about.

Note, they do a less extensive dim sum during the week, great way to impress out of town visitors with a cosmopolitan treat.

2007 Jun 1
Simply the best



2012 Sep 3
We returned today again, and just at the very last minute I remembered I had promised to take pictures.
The items were so scrumptious we could hardly wait for the pictures to continue. A new item I had not even seen in Toronto (imagine!) was the deep fried lobster ball(5), absolutely delicious. We also had the Cheung fan(4), stuffed with shrimp, eggplant stuffed with shrimp(2), deep fried shrimp ball (3), and the Har Gow, (1) aka shrimp dumplings. We left hardly being able to walk from being so stuffed, and so pleasantly surprised that the bill only came to $16 and change, when there were two of us eating our faces off. :)
Of course we will be returning, the service is so great, the food is beyond delicious!

2012 Jun 14
In total we tried four Dim Sum plates because we arrived just 5 minutes before 3 PM.
We enjoyed the Dim Sum plates so much we will definitely be back during Dim Sum hours next time.
Toronto quality shrimp based plates, very enjoyable, with a few new items we had not even seen at the Pacific Mall in all these years.
We highly recommend you try this restaurant out, either on a Saturday or Sunday, but get there at the latest by 2 PM. There is free parking, and a bus stop right in front.
Will take pictures of the dishes next time around.

2013 Aug 11
Recently had the har gow and siu mai fresh from the counter.

I was impressed with the size of the pieces. The taste was pretty good too.

2009 Nov 2
Since the fresh dim sum section has a long lineup, I bought the vegetable and pork bun from the open fridge section (near the won-ton wrap area). They are from Toronto and not bad, but is not the best I've tried. The package has 6 buns inside for $3.39 (note that they are not the frozen ones). I steamed them for about 10 minutes.

2006 Dec 5
Yes I've tried Beijing and it's great.

Stay tuned folks...I have something in the works that you will all find interesting :0

2006 Oct 7
Have you tried "Beijing Tian Run" on Bank Street? If you think Great Wall is good, then the Dim Sum at Beijing Tian Run will far exceed your expectation! Try it out. Their egg tarts are the best in Ottawa. But for dinner, I would avoid this place. Too greasy food and I am told this is the way it should be for traditional Beijing dishes. Maybe it is just me not used to greasy food. But anyway, their DimSum is the best in Ottawa! NO Kidding.

2006 Sep 27
I'd heard good things about them on a thread at egullet: forums.egullet.org

The quality overall was a step up from many of the familiar chinatown dim sum restos. Better quality, and more interesting options to be had. My only thought was that the service was slow at times with only two carts circulating in a packed house on Sunday afternoon.



2007 Apr 26
Mark, I heard that this restaurant has changed ownership. Their dim-sum are no longer the same as before.

This proves that management is very important to a restaurant! Oh well. Another restaurant has been deleted from my list.

2007 Apr 26
I was here for dim sum at lunch today and the quality has gone even more down hill. Unfortunately, that means it was pretty empty and the cart circled for a long time, allowing food to get cold and crusty. The ginger squid wasn't even as good as it used to be... :(

This food is not in the same league as Mandarin, Fortune Express, Yangtze, or even Chu Shing.

2006 Oct 15
Best ginger squid at any dim sum in Ottawa! But the shrimp siu mai was substandard and other dishes were good but not first class. They have a big bowl of (not very hot) chili sauce at each table so you never run out.


2010 Mar 18
My favorite place for Dim Sum. The place I first tried it a few years ago. Now I go back whevener I have the chance.

Last Sunday I invited some family members who had never tried that type of chinese food and they all said the food was great (but that there was a bit too much)

Lots of variety, it all seems freshly made, the restaurant is clean and the service is friendly.

Even when I order a totally unreasonable amount of food, including every possible kind of shrimp dumplings, it still ends up being less than 20$ a person. I've tried some other, cheaper, places for Dim Sum, but I always come back here, it's well worth paying a bit more.



2012 Jul 11
Dim Sum is best with a number of folks so you can get a number of different dishes to share.

But ... I went it alone and was quite pleased.

The highlight is not in the picture. Beef brisket noodle soup. Came with lots of udon noodles in a rich beefy broth. Ample shards of nappa cabbage and the best part was the roasted red chili bits, Szechuan peppercorns and the slick of chili oil on top. Nice heat.

Others were : Fried egg noodle with bean sprout. OK.
Chinese greens with oyster sauce. Yumm
Sticky rice in leaves. Mystery meat inside rice was tasty. OK
Fried pork dumplings. Big and meaty. (One is missing in the pic).

Lots of left overs.

2011 Dec 3
So, as mentioned below, I was eager to try Lichee View given the vegetarian/vegan options that Johanna mentioned in her review. All I can say is "Hallelujah!" I'd given up on finding vegan dim sum in Ottawa and relegated myself to ordering off menus while everyone else enjoyed tasty nibbly morsels. Today, I had the vegetarian spring rolls, mushroom dumplings, steamed greens, steamed mushroom noodle rolls, and sesame balls. Everything was very tasty and filling.

The staff were friendly, helpful and willing to double check on ingredients, and the carts rolled by with new selections regularly. The general cleanliness seemed decent; though, I didn't check out the bathroom.

The bill for four of us came to $63 which was reasonable given how much food we ordered and how hungry we were. I won't jump the gun and favourite this place yet, but we'll be back.

2011 Nov 27
I also left room today for some mango pudding with condensed milk (a change from our usual dessert of sesame balls). More yum.

2011 Nov 27
A change of pace today left me with room for Ja Leun pictured at right, aka Chinese donut rice noodle roll. This was the highlight of today's dim sum, crunchy, freshly fried, a good sprinkling of sesame seeds, green onions and served with hoisin sauce and soy sauce. It is a filling dish but absolutely delicious, so much so that I've been thinking about it on and off the rest of the day...

2011 Nov 22
Totally agree. I was super excited to read about the vegetarian options! I thought I had to go to Toronto for those. I just emailed my brothers to see if they want to head over next weekend.

2011 Nov 22
Holy #$@% Johanna... your review makes me want to go there NOW. And your pics aren't crappy, they're EVIL.

2011 Nov 21
Vegetarian spring rolls with plum sauce: substantial, toothsome rolls with a great, flaky wrapping, one serving between 2 people just never seems to be enough but one must leave room for the next trolley...

2011 Nov 21
Cuttlefish in curry sauce: if you like squid then this one is hard to share, with the cuttlefish cooked tenderly, the sauce flavourful and gently spiced but not "hot"...

2011 Nov 21
Cheung fun: steamed rice noodle rolls with mushrooms and a few other vegetables, absolutely divine if you're a mushroom lover but I find you have to ask for them: somehow the rice noodle rolls sit on the lower level of the cart and are never pointed out unless you ask about them... (and again, this pic doesn't do them justice!)

2011 Nov 21
Steamed mushroom dumplings for those of us who can't get enough fungi... yes, these taste nth times better than my crappy pics!





2014 Jun 16
As of June 2014, I think the dim sum here is underrated. Lots of selection, and the quality was great. Maybe a bit pricer, but you save on gas and parking from driving to Chinatown.

2013 Dec 31
This continues to be one of the decent options for dim sum in town, albeit a slightly pricier one. Everything is pretty good. I should have taken a plate of BBQ pork though. It looks good! :-)

2007 May 23
I enjoy the Mandarin Dim Sum as do many of my co-workers. the BBQ pork is a staple.

2006 Oct 8
They used to offer good dim sum. But not any more. My friend once told one of the servers (I think he is the owner's relative/brother) that the dim sum at Beijing Tianrun is getting better and better. He just told my friend "Then you can go to Beijing Tianrun to eat instead of coming to their place". Another thing to watch out: check your bill when you go there for dim-sum. We always detect mistake on the bill.