Dim Sum at Hung Sum
Dim Sum at Hung Sum
Hung Sum
Hung Sum
Hung Sum
Hung Sum
Dim Sum at Hung Sum
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2013 Mar 10
There are some great Hung Sum pics and menu item descriptions in this blog post: wanderluststudios.wordpress.com

2012 Oct 3
I went there for dim-sum three times. Two times good and one time not good. I now learned that if the chef's wife is not the server, she will be the chef and this means that the chef has a day off. In which case, you may need to go somewhere or come back next day when the chef is there. (You do need to expect that no chef can work 7 days a week, right?)

2012 Aug 21
Would anybody know if Hung Sum offers MSG free dim sum?

2012 Aug 19
Thank you Ashley for your post. Despite saying that we wouldn't go back, I told my husband we were going to give Hung Sum another try, my thinking being that if we went when they weren't busy we'd have a better experience and I was right.

Once again we both thought this was the best dim sum we'd ever had, including visits in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. There were only 3 other tables when we arrived and we enjoyed the more leisurely pace we're used to at dim sum. Everything was piping hot from the kitchen, in some cases *too* hot and we had to wait a few minutes for items to cool.

The one thing I still find difficult is in knowing how much to order, but I'm fine to take items to go if it comes to it (and it didn't in this case). Pictured at right is the fried shrimp in eggplant with black bean sauce. Scrumptious.

2012 Aug 14
This place received my vote for "Best Dim Sum" in Ottawa. A small family type restaurant and the dim-sum chef used to be the dim-sum chef at Mandarin Ogilvie.

PS. Expect long lineup for weekends. We went there on a Thursday.

2012 Aug 11
I tried this place for the first time a few weeks ago now. I didn't find any of the dishes we ordered to be that memorable (literally, sorry), except for the noodles, which were delicious. I'm not versed in what makes a noodle great, but these were worthy of comfort food designation. Really, really good.

My family of four ate for less than $40, all in. So very affordable pricing. We were a little sceptical about the sanitary conditions of the kitchen, for reasons I won't mention here, but we'll try it one more time when we feel like dim sum.

2012 Jun 12
Modest, little family-run restaurant that offers made-to-order dim sum along with additional noodle, fried rice and entree items. First impressions may be off-putting (lack of ambience, decor, & slower-than-your-average food preparation), but this place grows on you over time for its honest, tasty eats and humble service. The dumplings, stuffed eggplant, chicken feet are hands down the best in Chinatown. Only the congee is somewhat sub-standard.

2012 Jun 5
service wasn't to good, there was 2 tables includeing us, no water no tea, didn't ask , just bad service, food wasn't even good enough for me to take pictures, i was very dissapointed in this place, over priced, if this place were to open in montreal it would be closed down in a month.

2012 Jun 4
This just in on their Facebook page:

Hung Sum Restaurant

We are currently looking for new servers. Apply within. If you know anyone who qualifies for the job, please refer them over. Bring resume and be prepared to speak to the manager.

2012 May 20
We stopped by at a quarter to twelve a few Sundays ago and were seated within 10 minutes. Our verdict? The best dim sum we've ever had, hands down.

Unfortunately I don't think we'll be back: ordering off the menu and the painfully slow service -- 75 minutes to receive 6 items -- took away from the overall dim sum experience that we enjoy and neither of us has the patience to wait that long, even for hand pulled noodles ;o)

Pictured at right, shrimp and chive dumplings: the problem is not the incredible flavour packed into these tiny balls, but how fast they go down and how long you have to wait to get another order!

Dim Sum 26



Apr 27
these pics are killing me today.... why, Ottawafoodies, why must you make my nice healthy economical brought-from-home lunch SUCK SO MUCH!??!?!

Apr 24
The quality here is still excellent. We arrived at 5:45pm on a Thursday and were the first dinner customers. By 6:30 the place was full. I think this means you can avoid crowds by going at a non-standard time.

The bean curd rolls are absolutely stellar and the har gow are the best in town. In fact, pretty much everything on the menu is the best in town, although I prefer the Yangtze's shrimp siu mai and steamed ginger squid.

They now accept credit/debit (with fee if your bill is less than $20). Egg tarts are only available on weekends.

2014 Apr 29
Still amazing. Freshest dim sum in town!

Clockwise from top left:

* Bean Curd Rolls -- always great.

* Handmade rice noodle soup with BBQ pork -- very nice, but extremely mild flavour. Great for kids or less adventurous diners.

* Crispy chicken wings. Superbly crispy and salty wonders!

* Shrimp Siu Mai -- my kids eat 4 each, so we have to order 3 steamers!

2012 Apr 16
The shrimp shui mai and stuffed eggplant were especially great. The fried squid was a bit too greasy and chewy, but everything else was very good. To be able to order from a reasonably extensive a la carte dim sum menu at dinner time and have everything arrive piping hot is a welcome treat. I'm not usually a fan of sesame balls but after experiencing them super fresh I give them a thumbs up here!

Some congee is available (plain, fish, or pork and preserved egg), as well as those yummy fried dough sticks.