Hung Sum
Dim Sum at Hung Sum
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Dim Sum at Hung Sum
Dim Sum at Hung Sum
Hung Sum
Hung Sum
Hung Sum
Hung Sum
Dim Sum at Hung Sum
Foods from Hung Sum

2017 Aug 25
Visited tonight with my family and the food is better than ever! The new location is where Ging Sing restaurant used to be and there's loads of space. On a Friday night at 7 they were at no more than half capacity.

Most of the customers seemed to be loyal regulars from the old place. Service was really nice and the pace of our meal was relaxed. Looking forward to going back already!

2017 Aug 24
So glad they are back!

2017 Aug 24
More deliciousness

2017 Aug 24
Late Lunch today! They are Baack!!!
New spot is larger and looks clean and simple.
They were not busy - it was nearly 2 PM. The waiter said people are coming back but they are not full yet at either lunch or dinner.

At the moment it is just dim sum, but they plan to expand the menu in future.

No cart service, but as a result everything arrives perfectly hot.

Husband is vegetarian but will eat fish/shellfish. Does not like eggplant or Tofu. So we had a lot of shrimp.

Sui Mai, Har Gow, Shrimp in green pepper, coriander dumplings, shrimp and chive dumplings, fried shrimp and an order of Chinese brocolli.

Service was quick and enthusiastic with no gaps or waits but we were not rushed either. Great selection of teas. We had Jasmine.

Bill with tax and good tip was under $50 and we ate a lot of food!

2017 Aug 15
Re-opening this Friday, August 18, 2017!

2015 Nov 23
So sad to their about the upcoming closure. One of my fav snack places in my hood. :( :(

2015 Nov 22
They just announced on their Facebook page that November 30th would be their last day in business. :-(

My kids loved this place. I did too.

2015 Sep 16
We had some guests from out of town who are self-proclaimed Dim Sum enthusiasts so felt compelled to bring them to our favourite a la carte dim sum at Hung Sum despite it being a Sunday (I tend to avoid Hung Sum on weekend mornings since its always soooooo busy, certain tasty items run out, and the limited seating makes for long wait times) Sure enough it was 35 minutes before we were seated. I had to keep my cool whilst promising my guests mouthwatering dumpling gratification worth the wait.

For those of you have yet to visit keep in mind that the ambiance is low but the food quality is awesome. The location is also not accessible with stairs into the resto and stairs (dirty carpeted ones) up to the second floor

Classic Dim Sum with that freshly made delight!

Things ordered this time (all that I can remember):

BBQ Pork Buns - tasty steamed sweet bread bun with BBQ pork red bean filling.

Pork Siu Mai - delicious open top pork dumplings with a tasty chewy filling.

Bean Sprout Fried Noodles - Chow-mein style noodles fried in sesame oil with bean sprouts simple yet so satisfying.

Spring Rolls - So Good! Veggie with all kinds of cabbage and mushroom strip filling.

Ginger Beef Dumplings - These little guys are my fav! A fried outside stuffed with beef and drizzled with a ginger sauce and cooked ginger slices. Nom.

Deep Fried Bread Stick - Literally deep fried bread. Tastes like a thick un-sugared beaver tail (not pictured). I like to dip it in chili sauce!

Chinese Broccoli and Garlic - Nice stir fried chinese broccoli with a strong garlic presence - you need this veggie to cut the grease or at least I do! (also not pictured - I was hungry lol)

Other items that I love include the Egg tart (sold out by the time we got there), Rice noodle rolls (very textury and starchy so I could see these not being loved by all), and the fried squid!

2013 Mar 10
There are some great Hung Sum pics and menu item descriptions in this blog post:

2012 Oct 3
I went there for dim-sum three times. Two times good and one time not good. I now learned that if the chef's wife is not the server, she will be the chef and this means that the chef has a day off. In which case, you may need to go somewhere or come back next day when the chef is there. (You do need to expect that no chef can work 7 days a week, right?)

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2017 Sep 30
I visited on a Thursday evening with OttawaFoodies veterans Pete-In-Ottawa, Chimichimi, Momomoto and we feasted for two hours!

The food does take a while to arrive but that's no problem if you're expecting it. Enjoy some good tea and excellent conversation while you wait.

Pictured here are:

* Scallop with Shrimp Shiu Mai (top left and bottom center)
* Chiu-Chow Style Pork Dumpling (middle left)
* Deep-Fried Pork Sticky Rice Ball (bottom left)
* Spicy Chicken Wings (bottom right)
* Chicken Congee with Caterpillar Fungus Flowers (top right)

All of these were delicious, except the congee that had no flavour at all (add vinegar and hot or soy sauce) and had only two pieces of caterpillar fungus (two of us didn't get one).

As always, can't wait to go back!

2015 Apr 27
these pics are killing me today.... why, Ottawafoodies, why must you make my nice healthy economical brought-from-home lunch SUCK SO MUCH!??!?!

2015 Apr 24
The quality here is still excellent. We arrived at 5:45pm on a Thursday and were the first dinner customers. By 6:30 the place was full. I think this means you can avoid crowds by going at a non-standard time.

The bean curd rolls are absolutely stellar and the har gow are the best in town. In fact, pretty much everything on the menu is the best in town, although I prefer the Yangtze's shrimp siu mai and steamed ginger squid.

They now accept credit/debit (with fee if your bill is less than $20). Egg tarts are only available on weekends.

2014 Apr 29
Still amazing. Freshest dim sum in town!

Clockwise from top left:

* Bean Curd Rolls -- always great.

* Handmade rice noodle soup with BBQ pork -- very nice, but extremely mild flavour. Great for kids or less adventurous diners.

* Crispy chicken wings. Superbly crispy and salty wonders!

* Shrimp Siu Mai -- my kids eat 4 each, so we have to order 3 steamers!

2012 Apr 16
The shrimp shui mai and stuffed eggplant were especially great. The fried squid was a bit too greasy and chewy, but everything else was very good. To be able to order from a reasonably extensive a la carte dim sum menu at dinner time and have everything arrive piping hot is a welcome treat. I'm not usually a fan of sesame balls but after experiencing them super fresh I give them a thumbs up here!

Some congee is available (plain, fish, or pork and preserved egg), as well as those yummy fried dough sticks.