Foods from Pure Gelato

2016 Jun 4
Stopped by here today. I had what I think was called Scrock that had 4 types of ground nuts in it. Couldn't taste nary a nut. Texture is wrong for gelato as there was considerable overrun which gelato does not normally have. DH had three different kinds in his cup and I tasted two of them. Same overrun problem and the caramel one tasted like it had been flavored with that caramel syrup out of a bottle. The chocolate lasted very bitter, as though it had been made with cocoa powder. I didn't taste the third. We threw more than half of it out. Won't be back. For $11 for a small and a medium I expect better.

2012 Jul 19
I've had gelato here a few times and it has always been very good! The last flavour tried was Lemoncello. I swear I've been dreaming about this one since!

Usually have a few dairy free or vegan options but not soy ice cream. I've found that out of season (winter) they have far less dairy free flavours.

2012 Jan 23
Hate the service, love the food. The Mediterranean crepe and the orange Toblerone gelato are my favourites here.

2010 May 2
The owner is arrogant and cocky. I asked a girl (who I found out later is the manager) if I could speak with the owner so I could make a positive comment about one of his employees and first the manager and then the owner acted like they were too good to speak with me and didn't have time for me. The manager said she was too busy and when I told him I thought she was rude he gave me attitude and walked away from me. He never even thanked me for my feedback and actually criticized me for speaking too quietly and quickly. He even blew me off and walked away from me during our conversation like he didn't have time for me. Clearly he doesn't have time for his customers. The employees are great.. management sucks. All I really wanted to do was recognize one of their employees and say I thought she was doing a great job. Why would anyone want to work for such a pompous ass? What a loser. I was going twice a week but now I doubt I will ever go back. He isn't worth my money. If anyone wants to get into the gelato business I strongly recommend opening a place on Elgin Street because clearly there wouldn't be any competition.

2009 Aug 4
Pretty good gelato and a wide range of choices. Great location for late night dessert. Piccolo grande is a bit better I think, especially on traditional flavours.

2009 Jul 27
Last night tried the peanut butter and jam gelato... sooooo good. Brought back memories of lunchbags from grades 1-6.

2007 Nov 5
Usually love Pure Gelato but I had their grapefruit gelato (Pompelmo) the other day and it was bad! Tasted very fake and bland. Now I know grapefruit gelato has what it takes to be excellent - had some at San Crispino in Rome and it was THE most delicious, refreshing gelato ever. Just goes to show the difference between natural vs. artificial flavouring I guess. Next time I'll stick to the chocolate and peanut butter gelato.

2007 Sep 20
I had wanted to try Gelato for a while now and actually used to pass Pure Gelato on my way to work and always mentioned it to my hubby. So after joining this site and seeing the reviews I knew I had to go for it. I was not disappointed at all! Huge selection, friendly and helpful staff and amazing creamy delicious gelato. I had a scoop of Rocher and a scoop of Tiramisu. Yum! Next time I'm going for Blood Orange Cream and Coconut. I can't wait!

2007 Sep 17
Sooo good! I always have the hardest time choosing... All the flavours are excellent so it doesn't really matter.

2007 Aug 24
oh boy, if I had three thumbs - they would all point to the stars, I just love this place , the decor and the gelato are stellar !




2011 May 1
Went by Pure Gelato on a major craving. Looking for the place, we saw a girl walking in the opposite direction with a small cup in hand. Tried the one in Byward since we had dinner in the area, but the girl looked like she was closing up and flatly said that they were closed. We checked the sign in the door which said they were closed at 11pm not 10pm when we went in. Easy going as we are and not really looking to expand our waistbands too much, we were going to head back to the hotel.

Luckily we tried in on our GPS and found the one on Elgin to be just down the street from us. We splurged and got a pint of Pistachio and a pint of Bacio. SO said Bacio tasted like Ferrero Rocher and I sort of agreed. The pistachio was a bit tougher to taste the flavour and after more than a few bites, it tasted more minty. Overall the texture was too fluffy and airy for us and not pistachio-ey enough. Bacio was good and solid but sparsely hazelnut-ed. Overall, both were nice for a low-fat fix.

2009 Aug 24
We came here on Saturday after dinner at Black Cat on Preston. Having heard the raves about the ginger gelato, I was dying to try it, especially with the fig one (Thanks, momomoto).

Anyway, they were out of ginger, so I settled on fig and dark chocolate. The fig was a "muted" taste...or in short bland. I didn't get a single piece of fig and there was minimal flavour throughout. The chocolate was good, but I've had better.

All in all, a total disappointment.

2009 Jul 20
I crave their maple crystal gelato on a regular basis. sooo refreshing. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Two thumbs up!

2007 Oct 30
I had the fig one and the ginger one for the first time last night; they're both grand. The ginger has real stem ginger in it, so if you're big on gelato that's like a punch in the face, this is the one for you.

2007 Oct 30
You've gone and exposed the best flavour FF! NOO! It's one of my favourites, if not my favourite flavour... though I am a sucker for Tiramisu or Marsala flavoured gelato as well...

2007 Oct 29
Another incredible flavour that might often get overlooked because it has a funny name: Gianduja.

It tastes like Nutella, only classier (more hazenuts, less palm oil). The wikipedia entry says that this flavour originated in Switzerland:

2007 Feb 13
I love that they regularly add new soy based gelatos in the summer. The staff is always knowledgeable about which ones are dairy-free. Soy Chocolate is my fave.

2007 Jan 11
I've been very often here since I'm living so close to Elgin Street. Nice place where you can taste fresh and light ice creams. I really like the creamy flavours (Bacio, Nocciola, Coffee, Panna Cotta etc.). Good crepes for Nutella Fans.

2006 Dec 10
I like their gelato much better than Piccolo Grande. The latter always seems to have lumps and odd little extra frozen parts

2006 Dec 4
I've been known to walk in and turn around and walk right back out if they're out of coconut!




2009 Nov 12
I had some sort of chocolate banana crepe. Took maybe 5, 7 minutes to make on a quiet afternoon but was well worth it.
Very friendly staff. Will be coming back again!

2009 Jun 9
I had no idea that crepes were served here, so when I found out from ottawafoodies that they did my friend and I decided to pay a visit! I was tired but I thank God she dragged me out of the house because those crepes were the bomb! I had the bacio dessert crepe with bacio gelato, hazelnuts and chocolate sauce and she had the banana chocolate crepe with chocolate gelato! Both were incredible and we have now decided to go back for our sunday brunches...although I may have to go back sooner than that :) (dessert crepes are around $9-$10 dollars).

They have cheaper crepes too like the sugar and lemon or rasberry crepe...and they also have crepe meal/sandwiches (e.g. cheese and ham or something along those lines).

The service was great too - they were great at making recommendations.