Candy store specializing in "nostalgic" retro-treats.

Sugar Mountain
Foods from Sugar Mountain


2007 Jun 23
We walked by this place on a Saturday night. Got in to buy Pure Gelato ice cream. $4.99 per a single scoop cone of chocolate ice cream. I pesonally don't really think it was that great. After I crossed the road to the Beavertail booth, I found a homemade ice cream booth next to it. I would like to try that ice cream next time instead.

Back to Sugar Mountain, when I stepped in the place, I saw similar candies that I found at Bulk Barn. You select your favourite and pay by the weight. But the price is a lot more expensive! I think this place is targeted for tourists! Definitely a fun place for young kids with deep pockets!

2007 Jun 22
Definitely a fun place to go, but pricey. The stuff in the bulk bins can easily be bought at the Bulk Barn for much cheaper!

2006 Dec 16
Worth noting: a small but decent selection of British imports. Cheese and onion crisps. A type of candy called 'floral gums' I've been hooked on all my life. Rowntree Fruit Pastilles.

Pricy, and, as is usually the case, the pastilles are less than fresh -- but, still. Worth it.

I was shocked to find here that it's now the only place I know of to get Jelly Tots. Have they really stopped selling them on the Canadian market? I mean, Jelly Tots! What on earth are children supposed to eat nowadays?

2006 Dec 11
This is a great place to waddle through following a meal at one of the many Elgin St. restaurants. Yes, it's pricey, but what price nostalgia? A couple of bucks and a sickly-sweet mouth are a small price to pay to be transported to the halcyon days of childhood.

2006 Dec 10
I try to avoid Sugar Mountain because of my tragic addiction to sour candy. I also like the double-salted licorice.

2006 Dec 10
If you haven't yet been, do check Sugar Mountain out for stocking stuffers or small Christmas gifts. Lots of selection of treats you can't find anywhere else in the city, including tons of 'retro' treats and candies from the UK and Australia. They also have a huge selection of Jelly Bellies, if you're a fan.

The one drawback: Not cheap. All the bulk candy is one single 'by weight' price, but it's still not cheap. A better choice if you need cheap candy is Bulk Barn, who don't have the fun selection that Sugar Mountain does, but they do have most of your typical candies (gum drops, jelly beans, chocolates, caramels, etc).