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2011 Aug 20
Last night I went to Pub Italia for a girls night out. The decor was certainly interesting. The pub is divided up into sections with some parts being open dining area then booths have heavy drapes and wrought iron trellises decorated with Christmas lights. All in all it looked like an 18th century monastery.

Onto food and drink. I tried the voodoo meatballs, which are usually on the appetizer menu, but I asked the waitress if they could be served over pasta. The chef gladly obliged and I was charged $13.95 which seems to be fairly consitent with what the other pasta dishes are priced at. The noodles were cooked al dente, the tomato sauce was perfect, and the meatballs were really delicious. I "think" the meatballs were made from lamb (forgot to ask but it tasted like lamb to me) and they were flavoured with curry and hot pepper (jalapeno I think?). The Kichessipi Blonde went down really well with my pasta-;)

I was with a large group of ladies for a girls night out so I missed alot of the dishes. My three closest seatmates ordered spaghetti and meatballs (not sure which) which received praise, a spinach salad which looked delicious, and a margharita pizza which also looked delicious. (We were too busy planning our next meal out at this point so I have no feedback from the spinach salad and pizza.)

With the extensive beer collection and interesting menu items I am clearly going to have to go back!

2011 Jul 15
I just returned from Pub Italia. Although it is still my favorite bar in town - by a long shot - the food tonight wasn't great.

I had two fantastic Belgian beers, one trappist, one not. I can't remember the names, but with trappist/Belgian beers, it doesn't really matter, they are usually all fantastic.

For food I ordered mussels. Pub italia has this seemingly awesome mussel menu where they offer different flavored sauces all of which are made with some type of beer.

I ordered the Pislner Urquell Mussels (pilsner urquell being in the top ten of my favorite beers). The sauce was made with Gorgonzola, leeks and pear. Although the sauce was really yummy, the mussels were not good. They were not fresh, and they had a lot of 'give' to them. Some of them had a tough consistency, almost like eating a chicken or steak.

I didn't finished them - nor did I want to be sick from inferior mussels. That being said, the trappist beer I had was 10%, so I'd imagine, bacteria wouldn't like the environment in my stomach.

Still my favorite pub! There is something about drinking beers brewed by monks underneath a portrait of one of the best philosophical minds mankind has ever known: St. Thomas Aquinas, that keeps me coming back to pub Italia.

Food - at least in terms of mussels - awful.

2011 Mar 18
Had a huge tab at this bar. They have amazing beer. The fruli was my favorite. However the service was lacking. And for the first time ever, I experienced overt racism. (I am married to a non-white man). Needless to say I will not be back.

2010 Jun 14
Another successful visit, this time with a group of about 10 former co-workers. Pub Italia is without a doubt one of the best establishments in Ottawa to get together with a bunch of friends over a fantastic selection of beers. Service always seems to be top-notch friendly and they seem to know exactly how long to leave you alone.

2010 Jun 11
Great place for beer. Selection is one of the largest in Ottawa I believe?... I've never enjoyed the food. My portions have always been small and low on flavour.

2010 Mar 20
Has great selection of beer. It's what they're known for.

But the service could be a bit better and giving people's correct change would be nice. The waitress probably thought we were too drunk to notice (we were not drunk and yes we can count! lol). It was very sneaky of her. The change missing was by several dollars and not just a few cents. I've never had problems other times I went though.

Other than that, the food was decent but not great.

And beer store next door that the restaurant also runs, is small but kinda cool to visit. If you're a beer fanatic this is your place.

2009 Dec 3
Thanks to recommendations from you fellow foodies I went here last Saturday for dinner and beer. It was really really great! I did't know which beer to order so the waitress (who was incredibly nice, helpful and smiley) picked one. I don't remember the name but it was light, cold and huge, all key elements for me to really appreciate a beer. The food was not bad I got a pizza with red & green peppers, mushrooms and red onions.It was thin crust but still pretty big, I only managed to finish half of it. My friend got the Caesar salad (he only ate a couple bites, so I think not a hit) and the lasagna which he said was pretty good. The atmosphere is really fun, this is definitely on my list of regular places to go!

2009 Aug 1
It's Italian, sure. It's also a pub. They serve nachoes. They serve irish nachoes, which I'm pretty sure are not made with potato gnocchi.

Beer is their specialty, not Italian food.

/end catty rant

2009 Aug 1
Have they changed their menu?? it's been the same for almost 20 years... literally. As for the burgers, I suppose a "pub" might offer burgers, but it is an Italian place. My family considers burgers North American food, and while we are Italians living in little Italy, we most definitely do not frequent Italian restaurants, especially ones with burgers on the menu.

2009 Jul 31
Burgers aren't Italian =) I kidddddddd!

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2011 Aug 15
Love Pub Italia, but I was very disappointed that they are not able to pour a proper Black and Tan. The Harp and Guinness were mixed, rather than be their own distinct layers.

2010 Jun 14
I was thrilled to discover that they now offer De Koninck in 10, 20, and 38 oz sizes!! And the price has dropped to be in line with their other draught beers. Great news for De Koninck lovers. :-)

2010 Mar 11
Bar none, best beer selection in town. I am drooling a little bit just thinking about the Beer Bible.

2008 Mar 31
I had the most girliest beer on the planet from here the other day.
It was a belgian beer called a Fruli. Its made from strawberries. REALLY good. This is a good beer for anyone who likes the coolers and "girly" drinks of the world.
I can't believe their selection either.
I want to try every beer on the list.

2008 Jan 21
I don't have much to add to the comments already made here. Yes it is a beer haven, especially if you like Belgian beers. If you are looking for good Italian food then you it fails miserably. You can make it at better at home with out much effort.

So go for the beer and eat somewhere else.

2007 Oct 16
My favourite beers are all red, so I was eager to try the exclusive-to-Pub-Italia Satan's Red. Our kind server offered to give me a little taste, warning me that some people like it and some don't. I quite liked it but didn't love it so I decided to try something else -- Der Koninck. It was really very nice and worth having again!

After Der Koninck, I went for a pint of something I really love -- Kilkenny. It was poured perfectly, with a beautiful 3/4" head of creamy foam. Ahhhh!

2007 Sep 19
I love reading through their Beer Bible and picking out something new when I visit. Great little watering hole with a cool decor and vibe. Try your beer with a side calamari and zucchini sticks.

2007 Jun 23
The beer selection here is nothing short of fantastic, as always. I started out the evening with a Beau's All Natural, then a Hacker-Pschorr Munich Lager, and finally an Erdinger Hefeweizen.

Pet peeve time - Hefeweizen is adamantly not served with a wedge of lemon! Grrr. It's close cousin Krystalweizen often is, but Hefeweizen never! And when I went to remove mine I accidentally knocked it into the glass so it did end up flavouring my beer a bit. Normally not a big deal but given the bad experience we were having here last night (see my other comment) this was just adding insult to injury.

2007 May 23
This is one of my favourite places to find some delicious beers.

2007 Mar 11
26 beers on tap and over 100 more in the bottle - what's not to like?!! Ok, my wife reading over my shoulder right now says "What's not to like - they have no accommodation for kids - no booster seats or anything". OK, aside from that what's not to like?

As for the food, I've only ever had the pizza and find it to be extremely good thin-crust pizza.




2007 May 23
The voodoo meatballs are a delicious appetizer or ask them to toss in some pasta and have a great meal.



2007 Oct 17
As mentioned by others, the pizza has an extremely thin (maybe 2 or 3 millimeter) crust. I opted for the "Funghi" pizza. Topped with mushrooms, delightful pancetta, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, it was truly tasty. Our server had recommended this particular pizza and accurately suggested that a drizzle of chili oil would make it awesome.

The pizze at Pub Italia are 10 inches in diameter and they offer whole or half sized ones. The crust is so thin though that it eats like a cracker, meaning you will go hungry if you get a half pizza.

Anyways, maybe not the best pizza in the world but great with beer! :-)

2007 Sep 19
A friend and I split a pesto-mushroom pizza here once and it was tasty - although I probably would have thought *anything* tasted great after all the beers we had sampled.

2007 Jun 26
We ordered 2 of the thin crust pizzas last Friday and were generally pleased with both of them - 4 out of 5 on both counts. In fact the thin crust pizza has been something I've always enjoyed very much here, and I believe it's as good as ever. We were there on a busy Friday and the pizza was still hot. I believe Food Is Hot's comment on "too salty" is because of the proscuitto - I've had a lot of that stuff from various places that is REALLY salty. Our pizzas certainly were not salty.

2007 May 5
The pizza is good, but be wary of going on a busy Friday afternoon: I ordered a pizza and it was stone-cold when it got to me.

2006 Nov 25
I found thier pizza WAY too salty. Virtualy inedibly so. The one I tried was the one with procuitto on it - can't remember the exact topping. Perhaps something without a cured meat would be less salty and more appealing.

2006 Nov 21
This was...different.

The standard margherita came with a lot of freshly chopped tomatoes. Pro: fresh. Con: supermarket cardboard variety, not nice plum ones.

The crust is bizarre. It's quite thin, crisp, and crackerlike. It seems to be something ready-made; it had a very 'processed' aspect to it. The edges were very dry, to the point of being more cracker than crust.

But, cheap for a half-pizza; quite good with beer.



2010 Jun 14
The Spinach Salad I had was not warm and did not have potatoes, but it did have "grilled chicken, cucumber, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, chopped walnuts, edamame beans & lemon garlic dressing" (from the menu). Very nicely done -- not life-changing but distinctly better than any other food I've eaten at Pub Italia. Low-fat, with plenty of antioxidants and protein, it is the Confession to offset sinful quantities of beer!

2006 Nov 7
Warm, with tomatoes and, oddly, lightly fried potatoes, which works very well. Great healthy comfort food.





2009 Jul 28
Festivale is available as the draught of the month for July/August at Pub Italia. Ordered some last night with my pizza and salad.

Very delicious, refreshing and with a hint of citrus. Yum yum.


2011 Feb 19
My husband and I ordered this dessert to share. The phyllo (in Greek: φύλλο, pronounced FEE-lo) wrapping was an add-on for $2.00. The idea seemed like a good one. The results were not. Although attractively plated the wafer-thin flaky topping and the warmed cheesecake inside was stomach churning. Think of a warmed chocolate cream cheese packaged up in a dry crust. The presentation was attractive, but I hope the kitchen rethinks this one. Cheesecake should be served cool.

Why not shred and bake the phyllo golden, then drench it in honey? You can mound that material on top, and put an almond crusted cheesecake below. A nod to the Greek gods and a better pairing in my view?