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2007 Feb 18
So far Genji has provided the best Japanese food in town. The menu is very creative and caters to everyones taste. I favorites are:
-Seared tuna with Japanese mustard and miso vinaigrette
-Most of their Sushi and Sashimi
-3 assorted seaweeds with Genji sesame dressing

Excellent service and amazing food!

2007 Feb 15
The atmosphere and service was top quality. I had the Unagi Sushi and it was good. Not exceptional. But good. Also had the genji appetizer which was AMAZING. The salmon sashimi was good too. Would make a return visit for sure. Those I attended with said the portions were larger then they expected. And the meal for two's look amazing.

2007 Feb 13

It was all really good but I found the pieces of tofu steak were too big. It would have been better if the pieces were half the size so there was double the amount of crispy edges.

2007 Feb 13
I'm happy to hear they use frozen fish for their sashimi, although serving it still frozen isn't so great! When you live as far from the coast as we do, frozen fish is the freshest kind. Also, freezing at industrial temperatures helps kill the parasites that could be lurking within. That way you don't have to trust the chef (after all, when's the last time you saw a sushi chef "candling" the fish against a light looking for parasites?).

I wonder if all sushi restaurants in Ottawa use frozen fish? I hope so, but I've never asked.

2007 Feb 13
I tried their tofu steak before and it was very yummy. But I like the Tosa Tofu more. Crunchy tofu with spicy sauce! Next time I am going to order tofu steak again and take the photo.

Tiana, you tried their tofu steak before. How was it?

2007 Feb 13
I visited this restaurant recently for the first with a group of 10 friends on what seemed to be a fairly busy night for them. I ordered the tofu steak and a selection of veggie sushi (shitake, inari, and asparagus). The sushi was good but not exceptional. The tofu steak, on the other hand, I had to send back. The sauce was strongly salty/sweet with a chalky texture, and, in my opinion, they chose the wrong textured tofu (extra firm, if I was to guess). The server wasn't particularly nice about it when I tried to explain why I didn't like the dish and was sending it back. He tried to talk me out of not liking it by saying it was one of their most popular dish and maybe I didn't know what tofu should taste/feel like. After going back to the kitchen, he came back to say that it wouldn't be on my bill (which it wasn't). My boyfriend ordered sashimi that was still frozen in the middle, and my friends, who ordered the set meal for two, loved their meal and thought it was great value with the wine included. The server, however, forgot to bring their dessert. All in all, we won't be making a return visit.

2007 Jan 3
I have been frequenting Genji since around June/July and everything about the place is fabulous. From the friendly attentive staff,to the delicious succulent food this is by far the best japanese restaurant in Ottawa.

The size of the restaurant is perfect. The lighting,atmosphere,and music make for a great way to enjoy a tasty meal and have pleasant dinner conversation.

My personal favourites are the sweet potato,ume shiso and the chicken teriyaki. I also found the vegetable tempura,miso soup and green tea crème brulèe very yummy.

I will definitely continue going there to try more things on the menu.

2006 Nov 29
Very impressive!

After having tried more than half of the menu, I must say I am very excited about eating there every single time. The food quality really is superb. And if you take that quality into account, the prices are very reasonable and affordable.

The staff there is so super nice. They are genuinely friendly and very attentive. I always thought it feels like eating at friends.

I tried quite some Japanese restaurant and I can honestly say that Genji is by far the best one in Ottawa (not only is it cheaper than some located at the market - it is also better).

2006 Nov 15
Well, pretty impressive.

Vegetable tempura was excellent -- light, crispy, not at all greasy; good veg -- loved the enoki mushrooms.

I remain less than thrilled with most Japanese soups, but the fellow I went with noted that Genji's were not, as seems common, too salty. The 'suimono' pictured here (vegetarian; "clear soup with enoki mushrooms, green onion, and wakame") was not exactly a disappointment. The veg in it (apart from the above, green beans, asparagus, and carrot) was quite good, almost undercooked.

The picture _is_ a disappointment, for which I apologise. I eat with a person who thinks taking pictures of food is weird. Go figure. But, even bad porn is still porn...

Anybody know what the salad dressing they use on the standard-issue salad that came with the tempura is? We liked it quite a bit. (The fellow I was with got a free one tossed at him, it being, I suppose, the only way to harmonise our courses. _Very_ nice; service in general was great.)

2006 Nov 9
As our foodie friend used to live across from Genji when it opened, we thought it would be adventageous of us to check it out. We were not disappointed.

The restaurant, sadly, was empty. Between the three of us, we ordered the chef's specialty, a table d'hote and the tempura, in addition to their most expensive chilled sake and a whackload of deserts.

All items were excellent, and plentiful. The sake, personally, wasn't my thing -- it's crazy to think something with such 'low' alcohol content could taste exactly like rubbing alcohol.

The waitstaff were excellent and catered to us for a few hours. We left satisfied, both in mind and stomach. I will definately go again.


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2010 Aug 17
The Sushi is fresh and tasty, but a little expensive. I have had better sushi for much less. Here are some pictures!

2010 Mar 17
That's too bad. I find the food affordable and very tasty. I only go there for lunch, though, when you can order a sashimi platter for $16-$17, including miso soup, salad and a small bowl of rice.
Can't beat it.

2009 Nov 27
I went to Genji expecting the best sushi in town, I was disappointed. Almost all five rolls we had were terrible. The sushi was good, although each piece was too big. Way over priced and I hate to say it, only has better presentation than an AYCE sushi restaurant. They're also slow!

2009 Jan 14
"I'm looking for a good sushi place that allows patrons to sit up close to an open-concept kitchen area and chat with the chef."

MHK on Merivale has a central kitchen that is open to the patrons. There are a few seats right up in front of them, but not too many - most people sit at tables like a more traditional restaurant. But when I've gone solo I sit in front of them and the chefs will chat with you.

2009 Jan 14
I'm looking for a good sushi place that allows patrons to sit up close to an open-concept kitchen area and chat with the chef. I went to a great place in Vancouver like this -- not only had AMAZING sushi, and not too $$, but the place absolutely buzzing because it encouraged this sort of thing.

Is Genji the place for this in Ottawa??

2008 Jun 22
My elder son just returned home from his party tonight and brought me a box of sushi from Genji. This was a nice treat to mom! I ate one piece and my husband ate 2 pieces before I remember to take this photo. Yum!

2007 Jul 26

Genji so far is the most consitent sushi place I've been to in Ottawa. It's fresh and the flavours are pretty close to the real deal. The rice can be a bit vineagary sometimes though.

Sushi is definitely Genji's strength although the Unagi on Rice and the Tempural Udon is quite good. Opt for the buck wheat noodles if you want the extra earthiness of the wheat.

A tip I got from a Japanese friend is to check if the sushi rice is soft. Most Japanese places will take extra care to ensure this and non Japanese usually do not. He's been right everytime so far in this and more often than not softer rice has led to better quality in overall preparation.

2007 Jul 3
my test for sushi is to order Toro, then Uni, but when they don't have fresh tai.... I start to wonder...

The night I was there they only had Maguro, Himachi and Saki.... By the way, Salmon is a recent western phenom for sushi as in teppanyaki....

the sushi chef/cooks are chinese.... sorry I wouldn't try fugoo here....

on the positive side this is a great value restaurant for the price of what you get in terms of their package dinners, miso soup is good, hot stuff not bad... but fish is not good... I had their seared tuna, which sucked....

presentation great, service great, prices great... but not raw fish... or even slightly cooked fish... think the fish is just not fresh enough....something to do with the chefs....

2007 May 25
We were supposed to have either tekka (tuna) or shake (salmon) maki from Set Dinner A. But they allowed us to substitute Sweet Potato maki for their menu's maki (sweet potato maki is my favourite).

The photo was a bit blurry since I forgot to use the macro funtion from my camera.

2007 Mar 18
Finally got to try Genji on Friday. I ordered the 14 piece sushi plate. I wanted to try the sweet potato maki, which wasn't offered on this plate, but they cheerfully substituted it for a few of the fish ones instead. I was glad they did, because I really enjoyed it (Good call, Ashley!) but I have to say that 14 pieces is a LOT of sushi and I ended up having to have 5 pieces packaged for me to bring home. Everything was fresh and nicely presented, and what I could see of the open kitchen in front of the sushi bar looked clean enough for my ailing grandma to have surgery in. Service was friendly and efficient...the salad course did puzzle me though...was I supposed to eat it with chopsticks?...with my hands? I asked for a fork, and was brought one right away. Also the lettuce and other vegetables were cut very small with a gigantic tomato wedge sitting on top.
One of the cooks chatted with me about his experiments putting fruit into sushi. The philadephia roll with strawberries sounded more like dessert than dinner, but I have to say that the 5 berry sauce works well with the sweet potato maki. I liked all of the nigiri except for one that had a texture I didn't enjoy...I think it was squid. This was actually my first time ordering sushi in a restaurant. I make vegetarian sushi for my daughter sometimes, and I've had it prepared for me by the chef at work and gotten it as takeout. I'll definitely go back but I think I'll order a smaller dinner next time!

Tempura 1



2007 May 25
This is the shrimp & vegetable tempura (part of Set Dinner A). Two shrimps, one slice of sweet potato, one slice of zucchini and one slice of eggplant. Very cripy batter! However, after the sweet potato sushi and this dish of tempura, my stomach was already full at this point.

2006 Nov 15
The vegetable tempura here was among the better I've had. The batter was really light and crispy, the vegetables were great; all around thoroughly tasty. It came with a good whack of enoki mushrooms, which turn out to be delicious tempura-ed. Notably un-greasy. I was very happy to find it still quite crisp and, well, tasty when I was nearing the end of the plate and it wasn't quite so hot.

Not the cheapest, at about $16, but that was a full dinner with rice, salad, and soup, too. I wish they had a little appetizer plate, but, then, their salad and soups were excellent -- genuine appetizers, nothing like the big plates of heavy blah found under "appetizers" on a lot of menus these days.

2006 Sep 9
The most succulent and moist shrimp tempura I've had. Not quite as flavourful as some (e.g. Takara) but so juicy I didn't mind.



2010 Aug 17
Green Tea icecream is always a must, not matter where you eat sushi!
This one was excellent!

2006 Sep 24
Try their fried banana with ice cream (aka FBI). Very yummy dessert. Suggest that you ask for Lichee Ice cream instead of vanilla.



2007 May 25
This is the Salmon Teriyaki from their Set Dinner A. By the time I had this dish, I was very full that I didn't enjoy this dish that much any more. (I should have brought my husband!)

NB. My colleague also told me that she had no room to eat her chicken teriyaki. So, we asked the server to put her chicken teriyaki for me to take home and it became my son's after dinner snack!



2006 Oct 28
I found the edamame here to be good, but those loving lots of salt may be disappointed: it was served relatively plain, salted minimally. (Consider it edamame for the hypertensive!) A good-sized portion, enough for two, is $3.95 -- very reasonable.



2009 Jun 24
I had the beef ramen noodle soup and I was so happy to finally get to taste this egg noodle because I have been looking for it ever since I saw that stupid movie "The Ramen Girl"! I know I have nothing to compare it to, but the noodles were thick and a little chewy, which I liked. The broth was flavorful and the beef was so tender. They also put sprouts in. The portion was perfect - not outrageously big but big enough to fill up this hungry lady. I think the soup cost $9.95 which is quite reasonable.

I asked the waitress if the noodles were made fresh there and she said that she thought they were packaged. But then she went to go ask the cook and he said the noodles were made on-site but then they were frozen. Either way, they were freaking excellent.

2006 Oct 28
Excellent Nabeyaki Udon here as well. Make sure you don't burn your tongue. It is very hot (temperature hot)!!!!

2006 Oct 28
Excellent soba here -- good flavour and texture, served in a broth with just the right amount of saltiness.



2007 Jan 2
Here is the shake (i.e., salmon) sashimi my friend had.

I recommend that you sit at the sushi bar so that you can talk to the sushi chef. This is part of the fun.



2006 Nov 20
Tried their lunch special (curry pork with rice). Very delicious. Finished my lunch within an hour and my tummy felt great!

NB: Photo by Genji upon my request. Thanks!



2007 May 25
Yaki-Tori was one of the food items from Set Dinner A. Yummy food! (Too bad that the photo was over-exposed.)