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2010 Apr 30
I had the pleasure of attending Ahora yesterday for lunch. I must say don't let the strange basement location fool you. The food is really delicious. I had a steak taco with a salad, one it was only $5 and two it was great. The steak was not chewy, the soft shell tacos were fresh and , there are lots of salsas and sauces to choose from.There were also countless other Mexican dishes , such as quesideilas and burritos . They also serve wonderful Spanish style soda in interesting and tasty flavors. The prices are fair, however I would avoid lunch time as it becomes extremely busy and there are very few places to sit. When I went there were only two people working, one cook and one girl who took orders, served and cleared, so don't expect extremely speedy service. It's nothing fancy but it's delicious. It's fun, upbeat and a great place to have a casual meal. -Amanda

2010 Apr 10
I have been here several times and I usually get the Plato Ranchero or the Plato Ahora while my boyfriend usually gets the Carne Asada.. Filling and worth each penny! Nachos ~different from any other place: Beans aren't too dry, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole.. and I must add, crispy nacho chips! Flavorful and very recommended!

2010 Apr 5
I had a delicious meal at Ahora! The food was really good. I thought it tasted pretty authentic.

I had the Plato Ahora and it was a HUGE plate of food. It was a burrito with two sides. I chose the black beans and salad. The hubby had the Quesadilla de Carne with salad as the side dish.

The bevvies were good. The mango flavour was fresh and tasty and the drink was sweet, tangy and refreshing. I enjoyed my virgin pina colada immensely. The last time I had one was on my honeymoon a few years ago and this one took me back...

To be honest, I didn’t expect the steak in the quesadilla to be so good but it was tender, well-seasoned and juicy. The salad was good; it had a light vinaigrette that was full of flavour, even though it didn’t have a single prominent one. The hubby didn’t find his dish extremely filling so he helped me with mine.

We decided that my dish was the standout. The burrito was chock full of stuff and about 3 inches in diameter and 8 inches long. The filling was fragrant and well-seasoned. It was earthy and had a little tiny bit of heat. The chicken was in bite-size pieces and it was juicy and tender. The filling had only a little bit of sauce in it – just the right amount so that the burrito wasn’t soggy. This dish was generous and would satisfy a big appetite.

The food was fairly inexpensive and was filling.

The decor was a little gitchy, but it made it a fun place to eat, which is welcome since the restaurant is in a basement.

2010 Mar 9
Wow, after eating this, I'm considering a real possibility that one person made 57 different accounts to give this place some love. I was not impressed to say the least.

I was really really disappointed. I knew they weren't exactly an authentic restaurant but that's ok as long as you provide good food with a twist..but I'm sorry that's not the case here.

I ordered a chicken burrito, veggie taco, and small nachos. The burrito was a big mess with a taste more of oils you would taste from a fish than chicken. The taco was small and had a few beans in it and that was basically it. (it was pretty small too) The nachos are probably the best part but even then thats not a meal really.

I had rice with both the burrito and taco and it was pretty bland and boring.

All in all, a huge miss for me and I have no idea why this place is so popular.

2010 Feb 25
All I need to say is YUM!!

Mr. Omnivore and I finally made it to this bright little cave of an eatery. It was surprisingly cheerful as was the waitress/cashier.

We thoroughly enjoyed our burritos as they were juicy, tasty, and chock full of good stuff. I would pay the $12.95 again...and I was stuffed!! No complaints about portion sizes here. I couldn't finish all my bean and salad sides either.

And the Guava Jarritos was a big treat.

2009 Dec 6
I really enjoy this little place. Since the condiments rule for my tacos, their condiment bar is high on my list.

2009 Jul 7
I agree with Shag Me. The portions are too small for the price.

As it stands Ahora is overrated. It is good but it is certainly not the #2 best restaurant in Ottawa.

The restaurantthing review gives it 7.8 which is more reasonable, although i would give it a 7.

2009 Jul 5
I had a quick dinner here with my friend on Canada Day. This was my 2nd time coming here but it had been a while so I completely forgot how small it was inside. Some people may like being sandwiched between two other tables, but it's not my cup of tea. I know they are a local place and maybe they couldn't afford another location when they first started, but this is kind of a dealbreaker for me (plus, there is only one small bathroom for the women).

Anyway, I didn't enjoy my experience there but I won't put all the blame on Ahora for that. I came in craving an american-type beef crispy taco with shredded cheese and tomatoes/refried beans and sour cream...well, that's not what they serve here. So, I went for the steak taco anyway and it just wasn't worth it to me. There wasn't anything special about it and the tacos were fairly small (me and my friend shared the taco taco plate). It irritated me that I had to pay 79 cents extra for the sour cream too. Plus, I'm sure they could have spared just a few more chips on the plate...I'm just sayin.

My friend ordered a pina colada and I swear they forgot to put alcohol in it. It might as well have been a virgin pina colada.

Anyway, I learned my lesson and next time I will not forget that Ahora is an authentic Mexican restaurant. If I want crispy beef taco's, I'll have to cook em at home.

2009 Jun 12
Good point. I've also thought that it would take up a lot of room at the station, and it's already a bit tight back there already. Ah, well. I'll just have to bring in my own dish ;)

2009 Jun 12
momomoto: they probably have those little
cups because if they were bigger, they'd waste a LOT more with people filling them up too much and just eating a little bit of it. Especially the hot stuff. :)

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2007 May 29
The take-away version came with no salad!

I hadn't realised how much I liked their little salad offering. It's not just limp afterthought iceberg, but actual salad.

There were a few bits of avocado, peppers and tomato in the box, but...

Oh, never mind. I'm looking at their on-line menu now, and noting "Served with two of the following: beans, salad, rice." It came with plenty of rice and beans. I see it's the fault of my food-fetching friend.

Moral of the story: GET THE SALAD. I had not realised until FF's commentary below how critical it is to rounding out this particular plate.

And now I have to give them props for the 'few bits of avocado...'

2007 Mar 11
At kmennie's suggestion, I had the vegetarian enchiladas and was not disappointed. It was satisfying and delicious. The black beans were very heavy but the refreshing salad sort of "lubricated" the whole meal and allowed me to eat the entire mess of heavy food without regret.

Anyone who thinks that a meal without meat is unsatisfying should try this dish (with the bean option). ;-)

2006 Oct 31
The 'enchiladas vegetariana' satisfy my cravings for cheese enchiladas, without being nearly so fat-laden and boring as the usual kind. Recommended without reservation.


2011 Jun 27
Burrito De Pollo.
Their Chicken burrito was pretty tasty, different from those I had in the past: the tortilla was thicker and there were less ingredients inside. All the dishes on the menu are very afordable which is appreciable.

2009 Jul 9
I just attended Ahora for the first time with the GF and it matched my expectations. We both got Burritos in different forms, as well as the corn chips and Guacamole. We only sampled the rice and the beans and a few of the sauces seeing as the Lady happens to be quite allergic to sweet peppers (red, green, yellow) which are only actually found in the salad or as a garnish.

It was astounding. It felt filling and healthy, like the very definition of quality mexican food. My only complaint was that there was so little space for a resto which is so wonderful. I will certainly be back to try the Enchilada, but I heartily reccomend the burrito's.

2007 May 29
After so much 'enchiladas vegetariana' abuse I finally branched out and got a take-away vegetarian burrito. The 'ranchero vegitariano.'

And, yum.

One thing stands out: Ahora is a great value. It's an awful lot of high-quality food for relatively little cash. Size-wise, it reminded me of something called a "Macho Burrito" from the US "Del Taco" chain, which was -- when I was there -- advertised with the not terribly appealing slogan "Over 1 pound of ingredients!" Really, a piggish size. But exactly the sort of thing I like to pig out on.

The hot-tish green salsa, all cilantro-y, is just the thing to douse it with.

2007 Mar 11
This is the burrito platter. I didn't eat it so I can only share what I saw.

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2007 May 22
I went to Ahora last night for the second time. I had the tres tacos (I was hungry!) - all vegetarian.
They were filled with black beans and veggies to which I added salsa from the condiment bar. With chips as one of my side orders, I got to try all of the salsas that were being offered. Yum! I also had the salad. I'm not sure what is in their vinegrette, but I thought it was great.

The woman who took my order was very helpful about which dishes contained dairy products.

We even got a bit of a dance show as they were closing up. :)


2007 Mar 11
Always keen to try something new, I opted for this beverage with my meal. It was quite good, consisting of milk, sugar, cinnamon, and a kind of milled rice whisked in a blender.

I had to chuckle when I watched the server tear open two paper packets of sugar and dump them into the blender. It's almost like camping! ;-)



2012 Oct 29
I completly agree with all the comments, the churros at Ahora are chewy...and in my experience, they shouldn't be like that! (and I am Latin).

If you are looking for crisply, freshly made churros (and you can order online) try www.mrchurritos.com , you won't regret.

2012 Jan 30
Churros should ALWAYS be crispy. Bringing them in from a bakery in Mtl is unacceptable to any self-respecting Latin churro-eater!

I thought that they were the only vendor in Ottawa to sell them - even then I refused to order them after my first try. However, you can find freshly made, properly crispy churros at Delice Royal Bakery in Orleans :D.

2011 Jan 25
I have had the churros from Ahora's on three seperate occasions and find them in general kind of hit-or-miss.

Given the fact that you really can't find churros very many other places in Ottawa (I've never seen them /anywhere/), it is difficult not to give them a good review. I guess I prefer my churros crispier on the outside, and generally find that Ahoras come off as a little soggy - delicious, but soggy.

Drenching them in chocolate sauce and dulce de leche doesn't really help the texture, but I have to admit that the flavour is heavenly.

2007 Oct 17
These are good and the only place I've been able to find (save Cinnabon) that has Churros. they're simple and come in two flavours. Dulce de leche wins over chocolate for me. They do come from an outside bakery in MTL, so that's a bit of a downer.
kinda pricey: 2/$3.95



2011 Jan 18
Every time I visit Ahora, I always order a Pina Colada - they are that good.

The cream of coconut ratio to everything else is so perfect and is so fresh that I always imagine that I am drinking it right out of a halved coconut. Very fresh, creamy coconutty-milk flavour with the brightness of fresh pineapple to balance it off.

The ice is ground but not to a complete watery slush, and there are still some pretty big chunks in there, which I like. The rum content is good, but not overpowering in any way. I often forget that it is actually an alcoholic drink until the room starts spinning. ;)

They have the perfect amount of rum, in my opinion, and it is the ideal drink to go alongside a delicious plate of fresh tacos and salad or a giant enchilada!

And yes, it is always garnished with a maraschino cherry. :)

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2007 Mar 11
Finally, an Ottawa restaurant that understands that salsa has no place in nachos! You won't find the pathetically soggy salsa-laden chips in this dish like you do in most places here.

Sadly, the chips aren't the greatest (thick and greasy) and I like to have black olives and jalapeños cooked with my nachos. Cheese is generous and the nachos are perfectly baked.

This was the Large ($6 or so)