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Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
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2016 Feb 8
It was great speaking with you afterwards, so happy you enjoyed yourselves. It's always a special night as a tribute to our parents & our Newfoundland heritage, I think it's the best part about us!

The Fiddlers are as beautiful as they are talented & as always help to make it a festive evening!

Thanks again

2016 Feb 8
We were here for dinner on their Newfoundland Dinner Night on January 31st. We had an amazing meal with the accompanyinh wine flight and all was excellent. We started with the seafood chowder, which is just about the best we have ever had. Following that, I had the cod cheeks, DH had the fish cakes. He then moved on to the Jigg's dinner which consisted of turkey, salt beef, dressing, and assorted veg. I had the cod au gratin. We finished with a plated dessert which consisted of figgy duff, jam filled cookies and a molasses one. I was too stuffed to eat my dessert so I took it home and enjoyed it the next day. It was a wonderful meal and we greatly enjoyed it. The hospitality too was terrific. We are already looking forward to the next one.

2016 Jan 22
Thanks again for the support, sorry about your lotto ticket, I'll make that up to you,

Happy to hear your Father is back home..

2016 Jan 20
Both Mom and I had dental hygienist appointments at Holland Cross so was looking to grab lunch somewhere in the neighbourhood. We could not get appointments at the same time but they were 1 hr apart so I took the time while mom is having her teeth cleaned and looked at to do a food run around Westboro.

Decided to take Mom to Petit Bill's Bistro for lunch after the hygienist. The sandwich of the day was a steak and caramelized onion open faced sandwich which sounded great. It came with a choice of soup, salad or fries. Mom's choice was the chicken, bacon and vegetable soup and I took the salad.

Sandwich was a hit with thick slices of steak, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese and salad green such as arugula, baby spinach, etc. Only issue was that the meal came on those trendy cutting boards which on their smooth table tops was slip sliding all over the place when you try to cut the sandwich with your steak knife. The sandwich was oozing flavour and sauce so it would have been messy to pick it up and eat it by hand. Mom liked the red cabbage coleslaw but she found the soup too salty. I think there is a nice bacon dressing on the salad but not 100% sure and forgot to ask.

The other choice Mom would have liked is the short rib grilled cheese but I was warned it can be pretty salty so had to pass. The cookies were a nice gingersnap.. It was a pretty great lunch at short notice and service is always great at Petit Bill's.

Remembered as we were leaving that I saw a facebook offer for a free LottoMax ticket if you lunch there Tues-Fri. We were not offered the ticket but was in a rush to go to the hospital to visit dad so did not return to ask about it.

Found out Dad will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow so a bunch of pastries and croissants I bought from Macaroons and Madeline, some fig and Walnut bread from Art-is-In and 3 of the 4 gingersnap cookies from Petit Bill's (I ate one pretty quickly in the bistro) went to the nurses and team that have been looking after Dad. They were intended for ourselves and maybe some for my sister but did not have time to go and find stuff for the nurses tonight so these treats were happily handed over as a Thank you.

2016 Jan 7
Thanks for posting about Newfoundland Night, it's a treat for us to; the entire staff looks forward to their Jigg's Dinner!

2016 Jan 5
They are having a Traditional Newfoundland Supper on January 31st. We have already made a reservation. We vacationed in Newfoundland last August and had some of the food that will be on offer and are SO looking forward to this.

2016 Jan 1
Thanks so much for the kind words, we are truly lucky to have the staff we have....I'll pass along your message.

It's a great night to allow our kitchen team to showcase their talents....

Thanks again & Happy New Year

2016 Jan 1
Went to Petit Bill"s for their New Year's Eve Table D'Hote and was very very impressed! The food was outstanding and the service was great as usual. I go to the restaurant on a semi regular basis and am always happy with everything there. Last night I had the smoked prawn as my appetizer and the Land & Sea for my main course. Everything was cooked perfectly.

I could overhear conversations at other tables and everyone was raving about the food.

Terry, please pass on my thanks and a "way to go!" to your team at the restaurant. Job well done!

Is it too early to book my reservation for next New Year's Eve?

2015 Dec 21
Thanks for coming; great fun as always & we collected a substantial amount of goods & cash for the Parkdale food Bank...

And thanks for the support, without you (the customer) we're nothing..

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

2015 Dec 21
We were invited to the annual Friends & Family get together at Petit Bill's this year, and had a fantastic time. We had a few drinks, a few bowls of delicious chowder and other bits and bites, and met a lot of really interesting people.

Donations were gladly accepted for the local food kitchen.

We got there early and left pretty early too to make room for more people. It was packed!

I don't know of another restaurant that does this for their loyal customers, but there have to be a few. It's just a great way to say thank you and help to build a great community. Once again, I have to admit that I like your style.

Just a quick note about great businesses like this one:
They need your support.
Not right now, because everyone is out spending money. No, they need it in January and February and March. The rest of the year, too ... but the early months are particularly hard on a lot of small businesses. Support them or they go away.

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2011 Jul 14
Absolutely love the lobster poutine! A great deal for the money and very tasty!

2010 Mar 15
My husband and i had a lunch today.
We heard about Petit Bill's has a reputation but food was disappointed.
I started with beets salad that it wasn't reasonable price, yellow beet was over over cooked and i paid $14.
We studied at Le cordon bleu, many friends recommended and they likes Lobster poutine.
It was soggy fries with broken sauce. I could taste any of Mascapone flavors. It was pretty gross.
I believe that ratings can be very deceptive.
But waitress was nice otherwise pricey and nothing special.

2009 Dec 23
What more can I say that other's haven't already said? Lobster, on mascarpone cheese sauce, on fries, with lobster butter drizzled over top. I put some fresh ground pepper on mine to add a bit of zing, the only thing that could make this dish better would be... some fresh shaved truffles!

2009 Jan 11
Lobster poutine: Chunks of lobster, broiled in butter with marscapone cheese sauce on top of delightly crispy yet tender shoestring fries. I first thought that the delicate flavour of the lobster would be overshadowed by the other flavours but boy was I wrong. This dish is amazing. Try it, that's all I can say.

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2009 Dec 23
They served Clocktower beer on draught here, a pale ale, apparently. I thought it was unusual to see their beer in an establishment other than their own, not necessarily an unwelcome addition! Very cool to see!

2015 Jul 10
My partner and I got a pair of Bill's Burgers on a recent visit, and we both thought it was outstanding-- near, if not at the top of our list of Ottawa burgers. Definitely beats out a couple more expensive options elsewhere in town.

Super friendly service and owner, too. Have to make a point to come here more often.