Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
Petit Bill's Bistro
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2011 Jul 14
Hi all,
Sorry to say that I was nonplussed with Petit Bill. The heritage tomato salad at 15 dollars: The tomatoes were mostly tasteless, the croutons were not good, and the pesto seemed old.
The scallops on red pepper jam were very good, though ever so slightly under cooked and inexplicably cool.
8 oz of very nice Riesling washed it down.
I did not like the gallery-like attempt at showing wall art as it lacked unity due to the clashing styles of the artists. Overall impression also was not helped by the fact that we were the only people in the restaurant under 50!
The Maitre 'd was very friendly and welcoming - he hit the right note of making you feel like he was waiting for you.
Damage: 52 dollars... Worth it? Nope.

2011 Jun 22
I feel like I am becoming too much of a cheerleader for this place... but I like it a lot. I just wish it were in Stittsville. Terry... any thoughts on expanding?

After a dinner at Koreana and bowling at West Park (which by the way we were the only lane occupied at 9pm), we decided to lounge on the Petit Bill's patio and enjoy drinks and some dessert.

The chili brownie and bread-pudding of the day (white chocolate cranberry, again) were unanimously heralded. It seems I've converted another couple...

2011 May 30
For some reason I always draw a blank on where to go for lunch with the kids (2 and 5) while in the Wellington area. After several solid outings at Petit Bill's for supper I thought I'd see how it would work for lunch with the little ones.

Quite impressed. Great service (and they are well equiped for children). The sliders and fries was just perfect split 2 ways. Chocolate milk on tap (greeted with cheers). I had a Innis&Gunn... (the real reason Dad had PB's on the mind)... and the Pickerel Sandwich. The fish was pan fried perfectly served on a fabulous baguette with smokey aoili.

The kiddos were so well behaved I treated them with the white-chocolate cranberry bread pudding. It was most excellent.

Great place when looking for a restful lunch in WW area.

2011 May 7
We had a great dinner here last night with family.

I really appreciate the funky, unpretentious atmosphere of Petit Bill's plus the good food and service.

I had mussels and frites in white wine garlic sauce, which I really enjoyed. My boyfriend had the Lobster and crab mac and cheese which he originally declared as "amazing" but then the richness of the dish started catching up to him about half way through. He still finished it all.

Two cousins had the Cod gratin which they said melted in their mouth. It was nicely accompagnied by seasonal fiddleheads, which they had never had before but enjoyed, and some nice green beans. They both asked for double veggies no starch, which wasn't a problem.

My uncle and dad had smoked elk bolognese and butter sauteed cod with frites respectively. Both seemed to enjoy their dishes.

The guys had the Kitchiseppi blonde beer and the women a wine, a caesar and I went with a kir royale. Everything was well received.

The house was hopping but the service was still good. Everyone loved the Art is In Bread.

2011 Mar 23
Very good fries. Very decent lobster poutine. The $11 adder getting the poutine as a burger side instead of the fries is too much.

Also, this is pretty much the only restaurant in the area that charges $13 for the burger plate PLUS $1.50 each for cheese and bacon. Other places, the $13 includes bacon and cheese.

The espresso was bad. I'm not sure it even is espresso, and not just strong coffee. No froth, and for whatever reason, served with a lime rind on the rim. Beats me.

In short, good restaurant, but expensive.

2011 Mar 9
My wife and I went to Petit Bill's for our first night out together after having our baby. It was nice to go somewhere and feel well taken care of.

My wife went app-less, but I had the salt cod fritters which were a great combination of crispy and creamy. I opted for the steak frites as a main and they were great as usual. The thing that really made the dish work for me was the fried peppers/onions they add on top; it was just a nice hit of spice to cut through the richness of the steak. Loved it. My wife loved her ratatouille too!

A great evening.

2010 Sep 13
My boyfriend and I frequent Petit Bill’s fairly regularly. Seeing as we live in the neighbourhood, we consider it a very convenient and reasonably priced meal option, and we have never once been disappointed in food quality or service. In lieu of a large dinner, we generally stop in on a whim later in the evening for a glass of wine (or beer) and a couple of delicious appetizers. You can’t go wrong with the lobster poutine (which goes without saying in all its creamy, lobstery goodness), oysters, or scallops. The lounge area has a great atmosphere, and we generally prefer to grab seats at the bar, where we can chat with Terry or whoever else happens to be bartending.

Given that Petit Bill’s prides itself on “downhome hospitality” and “French food meets Newfoundland” fare, I’d have to say they certainly fulfil their promises. When we brought a Nfld-born friend for dinner, he was extremely excited with the subtle accents (such as the partridgeberries served with the Duck Newfit...delicious, I’m told), and actually felt homesick after leaving! A big bravo to Terry and crew for such a welcoming atmosphere and some delicious seafood to boot.

2010 Jun 29
This was the 2nd time my gf and I ate here. The first time I brought two friends. We absolutely enjoy the seafood chowder. As always, I ordered the lobster pontine and enjoyed it! The servers are friendly, and as always Terry was very welcoming! I was fortunate enough to buy 3 Ottawa sun mega Monday coupons. But once they're gone, I'm still going to frequent them. Great food and great service! Thanks Terry!

2010 Jun 25
We've been using Whalesbone for over a year now, great guys great seafood, it's not always them we also use Kaufmans

We've just started using O'Briens Farms for our steak & ground beef, if I knew it was this much better than our old supplier I would have gone to Dan a long time ago..

Thanks Snoopy, LWB I hope to see you soon!


2010 Jun 25
For how long has PBB been sourcing their seafood from Whalesbone?

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2011 Jul 14
Absolutely love the lobster poutine! A great deal for the money and very tasty!

2010 Mar 15
My husband and i had a lunch today.
We heard about Petit Bill's has a reputation but food was disappointed.
I started with beets salad that it wasn't reasonable price, yellow beet was over over cooked and i paid $14.
We studied at Le cordon bleu, many friends recommended and they likes Lobster poutine.
It was soggy fries with broken sauce. I could taste any of Mascapone flavors. It was pretty gross.
I believe that ratings can be very deceptive.
But waitress was nice otherwise pricey and nothing special.

2009 Dec 23
What more can I say that other's haven't already said? Lobster, on mascarpone cheese sauce, on fries, with lobster butter drizzled over top. I put some fresh ground pepper on mine to add a bit of zing, the only thing that could make this dish better would be... some fresh shaved truffles!

2009 Jan 11
Lobster poutine: Chunks of lobster, broiled in butter with marscapone cheese sauce on top of delightly crispy yet tender shoestring fries. I first thought that the delicate flavour of the lobster would be overshadowed by the other flavours but boy was I wrong. This dish is amazing. Try it, that's all I can say.

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2009 Dec 23
They served Clocktower beer on draught here, a pale ale, apparently. I thought it was unusual to see their beer in an establishment other than their own, not necessarily an unwelcome addition! Very cool to see!

2015 Jul 10
My partner and I got a pair of Bill's Burgers on a recent visit, and we both thought it was outstanding-- near, if not at the top of our list of Ottawa burgers. Definitely beats out a couple more expensive options elsewhere in town.

Super friendly service and owner, too. Have to make a point to come here more often.