Has Anyone Ever Tried a Barney's Pizza ? [General]

2008 Aug 21
I sometimes drive by this place, Barney's Pizza and Subs link ---> Barney's Pizza and Subs <---

Anybody out there ever try a Pizza from this place ? I'm curious.

2008 Aug 21
I think I had a pie from there once. If I recall correctly it's 'Ottawa Style' Lebanese/Greek pizza - thick crust, lots of cheese, big pepperoni and other toppings underneath the cheese. Nothing too memorable but then again I probably had it like 3-4 years ago when I was a student. It's also more than likely I probably ate it at 3-4am as well :P

2008 Aug 21
Cap'n: LOL, after many a smoke have I perused the Barney's Pizza flyer and wondered "Would this satisfy my munchies?"

Monty: thanks for the rundown.

2008 Aug 22
"If I recall correctly it's 'Ottawa Style' Lebanese/Greek pizza - thick crust, lots of cheese, big pepperoni and other toppings underneath the cheese."

This got me thinking... how about a sub-tag for different pizza styles? If that's even possible to define.

I lament the fact that "Ottawa Style" is associated with my least favourite type of pie.

2008 Aug 22
Ollie - Good TANGENT!
I'm always amazed by the different styles of Pizza, for example:

"Ottawa Style" (although that probably isn't the best name for it) can be found just about anywhere in the Ottawa & St. Lawrence Valley (including Montreal). It's big it's cheezy and a bit of greasey oily mixture runs down your hand. Definitely a style dominated by Lebanese & Greek heritage business owners.

"Montreal Style" (at least that is what lots of people I know call it, because it can be found in the Italian & Jewish sectors of Montreal) has a more bread type crust with just a touch of sauce and some herbs. This style of pizza can be found at The Prescott, and is most commonly known in Ottawa as "Square Pizza".

"Toronto Style" (at least that is what "The Man" calls it) is somewhat similar to Ottawa Style pizza except the "toppings" as he points are indeed ON TOP of the cheese, plus it isn't as oily or gooey... I think that is because they aren't as generous with either the pepperoni or the cheese!

"Gourmet Style" (that is what everyone I know calls it) is a thin crust pizza cooked in a stone oven and has "gourmet" topping like sun dried tomatoes, goats cheese, artichokes and the like. Although I love this kind of pizza too, and I love the topping, there is something in my mind that says this shouldn't even be called pizza... it's just too "food snooty" LOL, because more often than not it is served in fancier restaurants, and you end up eating it with a knife & fork as opposed to your hands, so it's difficult to associate it in my mind with it's cousin the "pizza commoner".

2008 Aug 22
F&T - do not forget "'soo style", or Sault Ste Marie style pizza. You can find this at Topper's Pizza or Marzano's (are they still open?) in Ottawa.

Google and find out more about this genre of pizza... maybe a wiki should be created.

2008 Aug 22
Chimichimi - "Soo Style" ok I'm intrigued now... as I haven't had this one.

I did as you suggested and googled and came up with a couple of links, after working my way thru, I discovered "Pizza Ottawa" (what a great fun site), and their REVIEW of Marzano's. Sounds interesting, a different kind of dough, and you're saying that Toppers is similar? I believe Toppers is in a variety of spots around the city, so perhaps I'll try their delivery sometime. Thanks for the info.

BTW... If it comes to setting up a new Wiki Page, I'm your girl. LOL

PS... Talkin about the Wiki, I think I'll add Pizza Ottawa to the Links Page if it isn't already there.

EDIT - It's already there... but then again I notice that Pizza Ottawa doesn't seem to have done any Pizza Reviews since 2006, I wonder what's up with that.

2008 Aug 22
"Ottawa-style Pizza" would be a distinct food entry rather than a tag. If anyone feels knowledgeable in this area, feel free to create that food and associate any appropriate vendors with it. :-)

I haven't tried enough pizza joints to really comment on this topic myself...

2008 Aug 23
Ottawa Style, to me = Carlo's, Collonade, Newport. And then there's the Orleans variant = Gabriel's, Mama Mia's (I love Mama Mia's, I wonder if they're still open)

Back to the "Soo" style 'za, Marzano's seems to have closed up shop.

2008 Aug 23
I actually live in London, what do you think of this pizza, from Dominos:


2008 Aug 24
Yeah, Domino's is in a class of its own. Delicious, but divisive!

2008 Aug 24
Ooh Domino's... you're right Momo, it is in a class of it's own. I get odd cravings for Domino's pizza and maybe a Goonies movie night. It's a great 80's throwback.

2009 Oct 18
^ BUMP ^

Giving this topic a bump... because it seems to be the latest item of "discussion" in the BUZZ Section.

Discussion should be held here in the FORUM not on the Review Pages.

As anyone can read here... the pizza style is known as both Ottawa Style (which as discussed in other OF Topics, almost no one has heard of) more commonly referred to as Lebanese or Greek Style, as named after the many Pizza joints here in the Ottawa Valley and even in Montreal that were first opened by immigrants from these countries.

2009 Oct 18
Toronto pizzas are NOTHING like Ottawa style pizzas. Believe me, I ate/tried almost every pizza place in Toronto for the 10 years I lived there.

My favourite "franchises" out there are Pizza Nova and Mama's Pizza. The difference with these two pizzas from 'Ottawa Style' is that the crust is not as thick. Mama's is really thin and Pizza Nova's is neither thin or thick...JUST PERFECT if you ask me.

PS. If you are ever in Toronto, you have to try a Panzerotti at Mama's - Absolutely my favourite thing in the world!

2009 Oct 18
The forum is a much more appropriate place for a discussion like this. Nobody's reviews should have to be subject to scrutiny or being called out, I think it's a little uncouth to do so. Use the 'Questionable' thing if you feel the need to. My 2 cents.

Anyhow - "Ottawa style/Middle Eastern pizza" definitely exists and it's a perfectly warranted description in my opinion.

See my original post in this thread from Aug/2008:

"If I recall correctly it's 'Ottawa Style' Lebanese/Greek pizza - thick crust, lots of cheese, big pepperoni and other toppings underneath the cheese."

You're lying to yourself if you don't think that's an accurate depiction of many pizza joints in Ottawa! As snoopy pointed out this is likely attributed to offshoots from Colonnade (who make a damn good pie, I might add).

2009 Oct 18
The forum is a much more appropriate place for a discussion like this. Nobody's reviews should have to be subject to scrutiny or being called out, I think it's a little uncouth to do so.

I agree it's a better place for discussion.

But, if I may step up to the soapbox for a moment, I find it frustrating to read over and over how a user doesn't like a certain type of food. I don't go to various restaurants and try dishes made with red peppers only to come online and say "why, yes, this dish was extremely good, because it wasn't made with green peppers like everyone and their cousin can grow". I know my comments are hyperbolic, but I really don't understand the point in giving a negative review of something that you didn't eat when talking about what you *did* eat.

As for pizza I really think everyone does it slightly differently, regardless of where they got their recipe from. For example, Willy's and Majestic Pizza in the West End are both owned by Lebanese families. But, Willy's uses real bacon, and heaps of cheese. Majestic's sauce has more kick and the dough isn't as thick.

It's a matter of knowing what you're in the mood for, IMO.

2009 Oct 18
Much better place for this forum. I think it may have been my review that spurred this thread on. So I'm not surprised my review was marked questionable. Not sure I understand why though?? I'm not a fan of Ottawa Mid East pizza but in my review I only stated it was not that style of pizza. For the fight for the almighty fast food pizza buck consumers are being subject to lower quality ingredients so that these vendors can compete and make a living. I find that frustrating since it is us the consumer who suffers. I'm in the south east end and this is the case in this area. I will continue to use the Mid East tag since I feel it is appropriate.

2009 Oct 18
Labeling Pizza Mid East is perfectly valid in my opinion. Pizza, even Italian, can be broken up into different regions, e.g. Napoli vs Sicily. That being said, even if we are to avoid regional differences in pizza style, labeling Pizza as Lebanese/Mid East/Ottawa style is the exact same thing when we label certain types of Chinese food as "Canadian-Chinese" food. It is not a derogatory remark in any way shape or form. It is merely distinguishing it from other types of Chinese food. Furthermore, it is a generalization of the style of cooking, just like Lebanese pizza is a generalization of the style of pizza. Within that generalization there will be differences. Golden Palace spring rolls for example, are better than every other "Canadian-Chinese" joint because of X.

Just my $0.02. You can pay me via paypal :)

2009 Oct 18
come on LWB - you were just trying to stir the pot :P

the review in question simply noted it is NOT Ottawa Mid East style. which i'm sure some can appreciate because there's way too much of that going on in this city. yes some vendors have their subtle differences, but it really does fit to the one style which is prevalent in Ottawa.

this reminds me i still haven't been to The Grand...

MmmmJ: i love Mama's! have you ever tried King Slice or The Big Slice? as far as GTA chain pizza is concerned i thought Panago was pretty good.

2009 Oct 18
Stirring the pot? Sure. I'll take the wooden spoon for a moment, but my issue is less with the one post than general review styles that I've seen here.

Ken, I think that the tag "mid east" or "lebanese" is appropriate for the types of pizza that you're describing, sure, but in past reviews you have gone on in detail about what Lebanese pizza is and why you dislike it--even when the vendor doesn't make Lebanese-style pizza. In the same regard, I don't review restaruants on what they are not (ie. sandwich place: *not* Italian paninis; Sushi restuarant: not North American sushi) and so forth.

I'm of the humble opinion that reviews should be about what the vendor provides/does/is not what it isn't. I don't review Art-is-in's non-existent bagels, is more or less my point.

2009 Oct 19
Hey Monty. I have not tried Panago. They had just opened when I left. :( I will definitely try it next time I go. Mouth is already watering...yummy.

As for the Grand, it is hit or miss from my experience and what my friends have said. It definitely is worth a try though.

As for everyone else; it is one thing to say Middle Eastern/Lebanese style pizza (whatever that may be considering their style is a copy of Carlos), it is another to say Middle Eastern/Lebanese owners and proceed to make negative comments about all their establishments.

2009 Oct 19
brb, kneading thick Lebanese dough

2009 Oct 19
I have changed the way I write reviews if you have noticed LWB. You can take your spoon out of the pot now.Not sure if K&S On The Keys is open yet but he was one of the first pioneers of Mid East pizza. He does it a bit different. Have to give the new place a try and see if his quality has gone the way of the others.

2009 Oct 19
So into what category would you folks put Pizza Pizza pizza - that horrible stuff with little cheese, raw toppings and tasteless sauce on a cardboard crust? The only thing that makes it edible is about a cup or two of hot sauce on each slice.

You know, I read about a rumour in Cuba that during the 1990s "special period", the "cheese" on pizzas there was made with melted condoms. Each time I (reluctantly) eat PP pizza I am reminded of this rumour...

2009 Oct 19
I actually like Pizza Pizza, but then again I really dislike pizza swimming in cheese. Just grosses me out having all that fat on it.

2009 Oct 19
I have to agree with zymurgist. I like Pizza Pizza slices especially the NY style pepperoni. Soggy pizza covered with cheap cheese grease how appetizing is that,especially when the giant so called pepperoni adds a mysterious flavour to the overpowering sauce. Nice comment by Ms. Foodie. I wonder if she will catch any flack from LWB for that comment or is it just me she likes to rib.

2009 Oct 19
Pizza Pizza - as I call it 911 for Pizza. For a snack or after the SENs win (for free) its OK. Its quick, cheap and just OK. You can get better slices for the same price - in Stittsville we have JO-JOs, Wileys and Romas for a slice and a pop for the same price and alot more pizza. But the kids luv Pizza Pizza .. 737-911....911


2009 Oct 19
Pizza Pizza with a crispy crust (reheated in their oven) with garlic sauce was great when I was uni. I'm sure it's just as good now. Last time at 3 am when I was eating it sure tasted delish.

2009 Oct 20
For what it's worth...

I was not aware that Ottawa pizza joints were of a specific "school", as I admittedly rarely get pizza elsewhere. It might explain, however, why the pizza places near my friends in central New Jersey were somewhat different, and why the Ireland pizzerias have really different toppings at times; that said, any of those seemed to have round pepperoni slices and lots of cheese on top of the other toppings.

I also have trouble thinking that all/most "pizza joints" are from ex-employees of Colonnade's and their families, because there's a ton of those joints around. But I could be wrong.

LWB, I read Ken V's review, and I didn't sense his mention of "not Ottawa style" as dismissive but as descriptive, but only coupled with the next sentence. It would have worked better with a colon with the next sentence, since that was the explanation of what he meant by "Not Ottawa style". Telegraph-style reviews with lots of short sentences can sometimes blur whether two ideas are seperate or connected. :)

I guess I need to try different pizza styles in the city then, to expand my horizons. I've had The Grand's margherita, so now I need to try one with actual toppings. For what it's worth, I don't like Colonnade's, the last time I tried Gabriel's it was so greasy it triggered an acid reflux shock that got me to hospital, and the only one I'll have delivered is the 2 For U across Barrymore's, and usually without pepperoni but with ground beef, which cuts the acidity and grease down to more-than-reasonable levels.

2009 Oct 20
There were some good recommendations in a previous thread: ottawafoodies.com/forum/708

2010 May 30
Oh the old pizza debate.

I think its telling that many admit that pizza pizza is nothing special but they eat it on occasion or more.(I'm one of those) There is a reason for this I think...pizza is not a gourmet food, its very simple in nature and its not meant to be complicated. Some are more to our taste and the pizza place has to get the basics down of what makes a good pizza.

Personally, I prefer the Lebanese/Greek way. One of my fav pizzas was from a local joint in Vanier called Centre Pizza. Loads of cheese, with olives, onions, peppers and other toppings under the cheese. It was thick, it was juicy, and def had a hint of "fat" and moisture to it.