Has Anyone Ever Tried a Barney's Pizza ? [General]

2008 Aug 21
I sometimes drive by this place, Barney's Pizza and Subs link ---> Barney's Pizza and Subs <---

Anybody out there ever try a Pizza from this place ? I'm curious.

2010 May 30
Oh the old pizza debate.

I think its telling that many admit that pizza pizza is nothing special but they eat it on occasion or more.(I'm one of those) There is a reason for this I think...pizza is not a gourmet food, its very simple in nature and its not meant to be complicated. Some are more to our taste and the pizza place has to get the basics down of what makes a good pizza.

Personally, I prefer the Lebanese/Greek way. One of my fav pizzas was from a local joint in Vanier called Centre Pizza. Loads of cheese, with olives, onions, peppers and other toppings under the cheese. It was thick, it was juicy, and def had a hint of "fat" and moisture to it.