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Soup at Arome
Soup at Arome
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Soup at Arome
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2014 Oct 23
You have to get to the South Carolina low country and have the she-crab soup. It's my favourite. Was there two weeks ago and had 3 or 4 different versions and all were amazing.

2014 Oct 23
Ok I realize it's not cream of crab (which btw is apparently not bisque but similar) but dammit Cap'n, I want THAT!

2014 Oct 23
Of course they're not spring rolls getting all soggy in the best crab soup found in Ottawa.

It's Đậu phụ rán.

2014 Oct 23
Are those spring rolls getting soggy in that bowl of,soup?

2014 Oct 23
Not cream of crab soup, but Theeeee best crab soup in Ottawa !

Bún Riêu Cua at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro.
Huong's Vietnamese Bistro

I've had it about 3-4 times. Always a great tomatoey-tangy crabby concoction. A Captain Caper 3 YUMMM rating.


(Photo: FreshFoodie©)

2014 Oct 23
Isn't cream of crab usually referred to as crab bisque? Or is there a difference between the two?

2014 Oct 23
Cream of crab soup.

It saddens me that i somehow survived to my present refined stage of life, not knowing that this was a thing until five minutes ago.

Help me out here foodies... Anyone know where i can get a solid dose of this apparent nectar of the sea gods in Ottawa or nearby?

Yangtze 3



2006 Sep 18
The Crab Meat and Sea Foam soup is so good I can't stop eating it! Sea Foam is actually fish maw (swim bladder) -- it has no flavour, only texture.


2013 Nov 18
I personally found their clam chowder too salty for my taste. Don't get me wrong. The soup was delicious, but salty for me. I will definitely be back for their sandwiches and coffee, but not for their clam chowder though.

2012 Jan 22
Tried Kevin's magical chowder for lunch on Friday. Very, very good. Lots of clams, dill and bacon. The base was delicate not gummy like some chowders can be. The carrots and potatoes were cut quite large and were a bit undercooked. I'd like to see smaller chunks so I could eat them in one bite.

2011 Nov 3
While their bread is what made this wonderful venture what it is, the soups are truly magical. My top two favourites would have to the clam chowder (just smelling it, makes you want to order a second batch) and the spicy squash.


2013 Mar 26
Had the Black Bean Soup I picked up on Sat a couple of days later. Had a smoky pepper with a bit of kick and lots of vegetables (carrots, celery, tomatoes) and the headlining black beans.

It was very tasty and reduced a little bit more it could easily have become a vegetarian chili.

2013 Mar 23
Wanted a snack while picking up a take out diner. The Scotch Broth sounded good and I ordered that with the Beef Cheek diner special.

The soup had chunks of lamb and lots of root vegetables but did not have any barley in it. I would consider this a very nice lamb vegetable soup rather than scotch broth but I guess the omission makes it gluten free.

I would order this again. $4 for the soup or you can order soup and side salad for $7.


2008 Mar 30
The Superior Seafood Soup is a must-have if you enjoy seafood soups like the almost gelatinous Crab Meat and Sea Foam soup you find in Chinese restaurants. This soup is full of chopped shrimp, scallops, and surimi. Delicious!


2007 Aug 14
The soup was okay. One half of our group ordered Red lentil, curry and mint soup and one half ordered Tomato & Lavage cold soup since one of our friends recommended to try the cold tomato (she told us that she tried cold tomato soup during their cruise vacation and was very refreshing). My hot soup was not bad although I found it a bit salty. Our friend told me that the cold tomato soup at Royal Caribbean was way better, but the tomato soup here was still good.

P.S. The photo didn't turn out great since I didn't use the flash.


2012 Aug 2
Soups here that I've enjoyed again and again: Squash soup, Harvest Mushroom, Thai Chicken, Santa Fe, Garden Vegetable.
Excellent, mostly healthy (the mushroom soup has a good helping of cream, so remember to get some exercise with that one!).

2011 Apr 12
Have to say the soups here are outstanding. Normally I dont get soup at a fast food sandwich place..cuz they are normally cambells or something plain and cheap like that....but the soups at GR are delicious and filling. My fav is the Thai Chicken but the Loaded Baked Potato is a close second.....I dont think I am the only one to think so....cuz if I dont get there early enough the soups always sell out!!



2014 Feb 1
Hot and Sour soup. Could have been spicer but the texture was smooth and thick. It contained the usual ingredients of soft tofu, sea mushrooms, bamboo shoots and egg drops. It is a very good option for hot and sour soup in Ottawa.

2007 Aug 9
Their Crab Meat and Sea Foam Soup was the worst I have tried in Ottawa. Crab meat was not fresh and the soup taste was bland. I tasted that water was later added to the soup.

So, don't bother ordering this soup here.


2009 Aug 18
Culinary Conspiracy supplies Planet Coffee [] with their daily soup. I've never had a soup I didn't like from there; all are very full flavoured!



Arome 1


2009 Jun 18
This was the Soup of the Day (cream of Tomato) from their Table d'hôte. Delicious soup as usual!

2009 Jan 17
Went to Arome again for an invited dinner. Got their soup of day again (Sweet Potato soup). Yummy!

2008 Dec 15
Excellent Mushroom Soup (Soup of the Day)! I won't mind having it again next time I am here for dinner.

2007 Oct 29
Pumpkin soup. Taste was good.



2009 Aug 2
miso, in this case

very light, mild, tasty, just enough of that "cheesy" miso flavour without being too salt

2010 Jan 18
Our pumpkin soup was perfect and delicious! I can have another plate of this soup.


2010 Nov 10
Amazing, I frequent Muffin Plus during the week.
The soups are amazing, and I'm partial to the seafood ones. Today had the 'Anna's Portuguese Seafood' tomato based with rice, zucchini, baby shrimp, calamari, celery, carrots, tomatoes, clams, it's just amazing!!
Salad was Greek with just a light dressing, tasty kalamata olives and fresh cucumbers and tomato.
Apple coleslaw with green apples, carrots, cabbage, red peppers and just enough dressing.
The service is friendly and quick, I am a picky eater and love this place! Highly recommend.

2009 Apr 21
I'll second this one. The soups here are extremely good - way beyond simple "soup of the day" lunch fare.

I was in on a quiet weekend and asked the owner about one of his ingredients and he gave me the whole story of the inspiration behind the soup and then invited me back for a tour of the tiny kitchen. He was proud to show off the fresh high-quality ingredients he uses.

2009 Apr 21
I should have done everyone a favour and added this vendor during the winter season. By far the best soup in the downtown core. There are a ridiculous amount of choices everyday with interesting varieties such as Thai Pumpkin & Squash, Ghana Chicken Peanut, and Beer & Cheese among others.

Like any other food court during the lunch hour it's incredibly busy. The Muffins Plus line moves at lightning speed and almost reminds me of the Soup Nazi. You definitely have to know what you're ordering, how/where to properly lineup and pay, and have CASH MONEY ready (no Interac/CC).

Try the Tomato Pesto!


2009 May 26
The Kalaloo soup here is sooo good. Very tasty, especially if you're looking for something different or exotic.


2010 Jun 9
I went here for lunch yesterday to try their soup because I'd heard good things about it and I'm a sucker for a goop soup. I was not disappointed.

They were offering a creamy broccoli-dill soup that day, and although it was vegan and organic, it tasted rich and awesome (you could really taste the fresh dill).

Not too salty, and it came with their superb bread.

I will definitely be back!



2008 Dec 18
I had their soup of the day which was chunky chicken soup ($7). I have to tell you that it was very very good. (The broth I tried at Murray Street restaurant just can't compare. My review of Murray Street will come when I get a chance.)

We are brought up to be very picky on soup. This chicken soup was quite like the soup we make at home (long hours of simmering the chicken bones and pork bones). I let my friend try it and she told me that my chicken soup was better than the Minestrone soup ($6) her husband ordered.

Inside the soup, there was lots of chicken meat as well. I enjoyed this chicken soup very much. Highly recommended.


2008 Nov 29
Sweet and Sour soup. It's got chicken, shrimp, pineapple, tomato, basil. I think there must be tamarind in it. Extremely flavourful. Savoured every spoonful!


2010 Jan 18
A bowl of chicken base soup with pork with egg noodles. It was quite nice, and features several pieces of bok choy hiding underneath the meat.

2006 Oct 11
Here's a rather poor photo of Mee Xim's incredible $1.50 bowl of soup -- half finished but still with a good portion of bok choy in it. I'd really enjoy this bowl right now. ;-)


2007 Mar 2
For the "Crab Meat and Sea Foam Soup", if you don't like crab meat, you can replace it with chicken. The "Chicken meat and Sea Foam Soup" was as good as the "Crab Meat and Sea Foam Soup".

2007 Jan 1
We enjoyed a medium Crab Meat and Sea Foam Soup (my favourite) and also ordered a small Straw Mushroom and Egg Drop Soup (my kids' favourite). The server was surprised because I guess nobody orders two different soups for one table, but hey we like our soup!

Both were good.

2006 Dec 7
Every Chinese restaurant in Ottawa has "Crab Meat and Sea Foam Soup" in the menu. This is our favourite soup.


2006 Dec 30
This is the seafood and tofu soup. Very delicious! This big bowl can serve 8 people.



2007 Feb 13
I've only had the miso, but I have to agree with From Da Rock that it's very good. I prefer it a bit stronger, but I could just have spoiled myself by making it at home.

2007 Jan 25
Miso Soup was bar none the best I ever had. Just wish it was given as a palate cleanser when ordering a main meal as is at other Japanese/sushi places.


2007 May 27
Usually, when a meal deal comes with soup you get a tiny little bowl. Not so at Joy! They brought a nice big bowl of steaming tofu and veggie soup, from which we were served individual bowls. There was enough tasty soup that we were able to refill our bowls a few times. I love generous soup! :-)


2007 Jul 14
We had the soup with vegetables and pork (no noodles). The broth was enjoyable but not as tasty as a good pho broth. Still, it's neat to see a soup so chock full of veggies -- loads of broccoli, carrot slices, onion pieces, snow peas, and bean sprouts.

Vegetarians will shake their head at the following item marked as "Vegetarian": Pork Soup with Vegetables Only. LOL! Even better, on the takeout menu the "Vegetarian" marker is on a different soup: Pork Soup with Vegetables & Seafood.

2007 Dec 10
This is the Lobster, bacon and black bean bisque ($10) that my husband ordered. When the soup arrived, every one asked him what that was because the soup really looked like the Chinese version of black sesame sweet soup. I had a sip of the soup and it was not bad. But I would prefer to try other dishes.


2007 Dec 12
The soup of the day was Lentil Soup ($7.25). Excellent soup to start my meal! Unfortunately, the main course I had was very very bad.



2008 Apr 6
This was the Daily Market Soup I ordered. I forgot what it was. A little bit sour. Good to start! Isn't it beautiful!

The server also asked me if I wanted to have another slice of bread to go with my soup. No doubt about it.



2008 Jun 21
We always order crab meat and sea foam soup. This is our favourite soup.


2011 Oct 15
Organic! Yummy, great to go of you're downtown and don't want to eat IN anywhere.

Comes with a piece of bread as well.