From their website:
We live in a fast-paced world where choices are often determined by the time we have available. We need to slow down, take better care of our bodies and our planet. Credible Edibles is committed to providing busy people with a choice that is convenient and healthy and ecologically-sound. No one should have to choose convenience at the expense of planetary or personal health!

Foods from Credible Edibles

2011 Sep 8
Noticed that Credible Edibles was closed the last few times I dropped by during the lunch hour. Went on the website and saw that the owner has closed down the cafe for the remainder of 2011 to focus on the cooking school, catering business and other projects.

2011 Jan 28
I stopped by here last summer during Taste of Wellington. Their dips and spreads are quite reputable, as are their baked goods.

I ordered the salmon-potato chowder to go. The soup was good, in parts, but where it fell short was in two areas: 1) Too salty. Way, way, way too salty. 2) The container. The take-out container is biodegradable. But that's really not useful if it started biodegrading while you eat the food. It's not sturdy enough container to tote soup back to the office (two blocks).

Their baked goods are quite good, like I said, and the chocolate-walnut meringue cookies were no exception. They're quite chewy, not a hard meringue at all.

My only other issue is their price point. I know they pride themselves on 'better' ingredients and I'm okay with paying a bit more...but I'd like to know what makes them 'better'. Why pay $5 here for a small soup instead of getting pho for a buck more? I didn't feel convinced that I was getting value for money.

2010 Oct 23
I had a tasty little sandwich from here the other day- smoked turkey on a bagel with spicy cranberry relish- $4.50 for a small, which was a perfect size.

This place is neat- just tucked around a corner of Holland ave. There is maybe enough seating for 20 people plus they do take out.

They seem to have a menu that changes monthly and reflects the seasonal produce. They had some interesting salads and soups which would make it a great lunch stop. They also had lunch deals with entree, side and dessert for about $10.

A cool side note: They sell bento style lunch boxes. Not the authetique lacquered boxes but the modern style BPA free plastic versions. I've seen these before online. Very cool!

2009 Oct 16
I was here for lunch not long ago, had a vegetarian sandwich and a couple of salads along with their carrot cake. The baked goods here are delicious considering most (if not all, I can't recall if all were vegan or not) vegan baked goods do not stand up to the non-vegan equivalent. The carrot cake and brownies are recommended. The sandwich was alright, could have used more filling, but otherwise tasted very good. It was a veg muffaletta style sandwich with their own marinated olive & pickles on top. Yum.