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Sash Gelato Cafe
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2017 Mar 4
A few weeks ago, I visited Sash with a couple of coworkers for an afternoon snack. I had seen that they were re-selling Maverick's Donuts and this seemed like a great opportunity to try them!

They had two doughnuts on offer: the crème brûlée and an ornately decorated chocolate one. I asked the salesperson if they were fresh from today and she replied something along the lines of, "We keep them for a couple of days and after 3 days I eat them. I'm pretty sure these are from today though." In retrospect both those sentences sound like huge warning signs, but I'm an optimist!

Two of us chose a crème brûlée doughnut to take back to the office. I think they were $3.25 each...

We opened our containers in anticipation and experienced epic disappointment! The doughnuts were hard like stale buns. Seriously, I banged mine on the table dramatically and it sounded like wood on wood. Biting into them gave us some idea of how they were supposed to taste, but the dough part was so dry that we had to throw them out. At this point I was also concerned about the possibility of falling ill after eating the custardy filling from such an old doughnut. 🤢

I sent Sash a message on Instagram, describing our experience and suggesting that they should either ensure fresh inventory or stop offering doughnuts. That was two weeks ago and I never heard back, which is why I'm posting my experience here now.

To the credit of Maverick's Donuts, I went out of my way to try the product at the actual bakery three days later and it was excellent. Doughnuts need to be very fresh, or at the very least same-day!

And to the credit of Sash, they also re-sell The Soup Guy Café soups. We sampled a couple while we were there and they were amazing! Even given the awful doughnut experience, I plan to return for a soup lunch.