Located in the Byward Market Building.

Taco Salad at Corazón de Maíz
Nachos at Corazón de Maíz
Taco Salad at Corazón de Maíz
Taco Salad at Corazón de Maíz
Taco Salad at Corazón de Maíz
Tacos at Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Huitlacoche at Corazón de Maíz
Tacos at Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Foods from Corazón de Maíz

2013 Jul 26
Wow, can't say enough good things about this place, we went for the first time last week and liked it so much that we went again this week. We've tried the tacos, burritos and tortilla soup everything is really good and fresh. All of their homemade sauces are fantastic.

Pictured is a half chicken - half pork burrito. We couldn't make up our mind so you can mix it up.

2013 Jul 14
Discovered this place while hunting for something to eat in the Market with my sister.

I often find the "fast-food" style offerings in the Market centre to be lacking in terms of taste and originality, and most especially in terms of expense.

Corazon De Maiz was reasonably priced, incredibly fresh, and delicious! We shared a large burrito and a Jarrito (SO happy they carry these) and it was enough to leave us both satisfied. They also don't charge extra for guac, and their staff was incredibly friendly! I'm in love.

Corazon definitely trumps my former Mexican favourite Ahoras by a longshot!

2013 Mar 29
I second what everyone else is saying. This place is a great find. Super friendly service and they were very nice at making a veggie version of the soft tacos for me (during my veggie week). Instead of the meat, they put grilled veggies and added a side of guacamole free of charge. I also tried the Tamarind soda which was not too sweet and the right fizz.

2012 Nov 30

What can I say that hasn't already been said?!

I lived in Mexico for a year and when I had my first bite at Corazon, it took me back to my favourite Taqueria from the small town I lived in.

Not only is the food great, but they are fast and SOOOOO friendly!

I'm sure every other food vendor in that little strip is extremely jealous of the amount of business Corazon is receiving.

If you go and there is a line, I encourage you to wait it out - The line moves faster than you think, and the food is absolutely worth it.

2012 Nov 24
Had a burrito craving so wanted to try theirs. Again this was a great burrito. This large was stuffed with tender braised pork that was soooo tasty! Rice,guac a bit of corn and salsa a sprinkle of cheese perfect combination.There really was no need for anything else but that jalapeńo garlic sauce was shouting out so I had to add a bit. I wish this place was a little more parking friendly but then again I would be going way too often.

2012 Oct 10
Yep, count me as a devotee of Corazon de Maiz as well. Taco Lil in Hintonburg could take a cue from the quality, quantity and pricing here. Pictured are the tostadas at right and if you haven't tried them you're missing out on the hard tortilla dressed with sour cream and grated cheese. Delish and special mention has to be made of the hot sauces, skip these at your own peril.

I brought my mother last week and she thoroughly enjoyed the tortilla soup made with a chicken broth. The Mexican sodas, Jarritos, are a nice way to end a meal, and I particularly like the tamarind pop. Friendly smiles are served up at no charge, and the lunch hour rush seems to die down around 1pm so it's easier to get a seat if you're looking to eat in.

2012 Oct 9
Absolutely amazing. Finally a place in Ottawa to get decent Mexican Fare. I'm currently dropping in once a week when I get off work early.

I've only had the burritos for takeout so far but they've been amazing and more than worth the price ($7 to $9 each depending on size).

Both the pork and the beef are slow cooked to perfection and is very tender and juicy (not a walk and eat sort of affair). Garnishes are very fresh.

As stated by ilikerealfood the only improvement they could make is making the tortillas in house. But all things considered, this is the place to go for Tacos/Burritos.

My favorite has been the Medium Pork Burrito all dressed with a side of Jalapeno and Garlic Sauce.

I'm actually glad they're only open until 6:00PM otherwise I might lose control and eat there 4 times a week.

2012 Oct 8
Cheesy porky quesidilla goodness! Had a few bites of my wifes quesidilla the raw peppers and onion gave it that nice crunch texture along with the melted cheese to satisfy any texture junkie. The only problem is I can't wait to go back and I do not think I can make it until next weekend to try the rest of their menu!

2012 Oct 8
Wow! This place was wonderful. Ordered the three taco deal and that is what it was a deal for the price. Friendly people. A small place with only four tables and three stools. Food was pretty tasty the pork taco was my favorite from the black beans to the fresh corn tortilla to the dried pepper sauce Right down to the guac everything was fresh. I let them do their thing on my tacos and now I know that cheese sometimes is not needed since the guac gave enough fat to satisfy my taste buds. The guac pretty awesome wouldn't change a thing. The in house sauces again hats off to them. The dried pepper sauce the name of the pepper escapes me now but was my favorite a close second to the jalapeno galic my mouth waters just thinking of it. These are som pretting filling tacos no skimping on the meat here.

2012 Aug 28
As other posters have said, "This place IS the real deal". I go to Arizona often (and although it’s not Mexico), there are tons of Mexicans in Arizona, and thus one can find fantastic Mexican food.

Corazon De Maiz, is so far, the best Mexican food I have had in Ottawa. Haven’t compared it to Tacos De Mauro yet, but Ahora has nothing... I repeat... NOTHING on Corazon De Maiz. Oh Burrito Buracho? HAH.

Today I had a burrito because I drove my bike from work, and I was getting take out (it was the easiest to transport).

I got the shredded beef burrito, all dressed with rice, guac, cheese, pico de gallo, onions, some white sauce and olives. The beef was flavourful and the pico was perfect.

Nice salsa bar to go with it. I loved the green sauce, and the sweet chipotle. Other others were fantastic too. My only issue with Corazon, is that they don't make their own tortillas. I was disappointed when I saw them take out a mexicasa bag filled with mass produced commercial tortillas (solisfoods.com/). But aside from that, this was a mighty meal with all the cilantro, lime, cumin + salsa/hot sauce goodness one is looking for in Mexican food.

Nice people, and great service. A large burrito came to $9.00

They also have Jarritos (of course) and my favorite, Sundral Mundet!

PS. I asked for fish tacos, and they said they only bring out those bad boys on Thursday and Friday.

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Tacos 7


2017 Jan 27
Great. 830am and now all I can think about is how badly I want those tacos.
Thanks warby. So much.

2017 Jan 26
The tacos here are still awesome! The unit price has risen to $5 but you can get 3 of them for $10.50 and that's pretty darn reasonable for such a flavourful and nutritious lunch.

2012 Sep 16
I'm going to join the rest of the cheerleading squad for this cute little hole in the wall of Byward Market Square. Service was super friendly and enthusiastic. Tables are colourful and comfortable.

This little pork taco ($3.50+tax) was spectacular. A warmed corn tortilla, slathered with a layer of saucy black beans, tasty slow-cooked carnitas, super fresh chopped pico de gallo, a side of guacamole, and free access to 5 different squirt bottles of sauces -- some spicy and some not.

The flavour profile is through the roof. I can't imagine a tastier, healthier, more happy-making snack than this. Huge thumbs up!


2018 Sep 19
The Large Salad with Chicken ($9 + $1.80 for meat) is my go-to order here. I've settled on always getting it without chips or dressing, then I can squirt the delicious house made salsas onto it.

This is a flavourful and juicy feast! The lettuce is shredded iceberg, which is the only negative thing anyone could say about it. I find the iceberg lettuce works well as a base here because there's so much else going on.

2017 Feb 24
This week I asked if I could have beans on my salad instead of meat. They were super friendly about it and refused to charge me the normal $1.50 extra for added meat. So I ate an absolutely wonderful and nutritious light lunch for $8 plus tax/tip. I skipped the dressing and added a little of the green salsa and spicy salsa. So incredible!

Corazón de Maíz was one of the reasons I was thrilled to accept a job in the ByWard Market. The food is spectacular without pretense and the people who run it are so friendly that it feels like home.

2017 Feb 20
The extra $1.50 for meat in the large ($8) salad here gets you a massive pile! This slow-cooked pork was just too much meat for me. Next time I'll ask for less meat or maybe see if they can give me beans or avocado instead. :-)

2017 Feb 11
A mountain of shredded iceberg lettuce, lots of green olives, chopped red bell peppers, pico de gallo, guacamole, and tortilla strips for under ten bucks. Taco meats are $1.50 extra and come piled generously (see chicken in photo).

I didn't like the pungent lime dressing very much but it is really unnecessary. After mixing in the guacamole and pico de gallo I found the salad delightfully tasty. Squirting in some of the delicious hot sauces from the self-serve condiment stand just kicked it over the top. So awesome and delicious... I'm totally looking forward to my next one!

2017 Mar 18
A lunch of Small Nachos ($9) and a Small Salad ($5) seemed to make sense, but it was a lot of food! The salad gave me something to eat while the nachos cooked.

The nacho toppings of beans, chopped tomatoes, peppers, and cheese were great, as was the side of guacamole. The chips aren't really the kind I like, so I probably won't get this again. As always, I squirted on a combination of the wonderful sauces on offer to keep things delicious.

2012 Sep 16
Thank You Fresh Foodie! I haved loved huitlacoche since I first tasted it at the original Rosa Mexicano in NYC. It's not on the menu there any more, although they still make it for me when I go back. I am going to have to dive in and try to recreate something similar at home now that I know I can find it here...

2012 Sep 16
Available here. I noted it because I know people have been looking for it in the past (Forum - Authentic Mexican ingredients).