Located in the Byward Market Building.

Taco Salad at Corazón de Maíz
Nachos at Corazón de Maíz
Taco Salad at Corazón de Maíz
Taco Salad at Corazón de Maíz
Taco Salad at Corazón de Maíz
Tacos at Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Huitlacoche at Corazón de Maíz
Tacos at Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Foods from Corazón de Maíz

2012 Aug 2
This place is the real deal.. not just the food, but the staff too. Freshmade tortillas, meat, guac, salsa, and hot sauces all combine for the most legitimate Mexican food and experience I've had in the city. I feel like all of Ottawa has longed for the opportunity to rightly slap the 'authentic' label on a Mexican place, and, without having been anywhere south of California, this is the best chance there has been.

I've been by twice and have tried the tacos (with chicken and beef), quesadilla, and tortilla soup. Food was outstanding both times, though the soup wasn't really my thing.

Granted, I haven't tried Los Tacos de Mauros-- my only attempt was stifled by them being out of pretty much everything on the menu.

Also have to give huge credit to the staff. They had a lunch line running 2 hours strong, but still smiled, chatted, and were so warm and friendly while efficiently filling everyone's orders. The service is the cherry on top.

If I worked in the market, I'd be in big trouble with this place so close by. And, on another note, it's about time that the Market building actually has a quick, delicious and affordable food option (unless I've been missing something..) available for those who are in the area.

2012 Jul 28
I was on a tortilla binge and had to stop in to try this place out because of the reviews. I had the three tortilla special with one each of pork, beef and chicken. Both the beef and chicken lacked seasoning but the pork was delicious. I had the jalapeńo garlic and the hottest red side sauces (all homemade). Both were awesome and definitely added the missing seasoning. The guacamole was good but I prefer it a bit chunky, less creamy. The service is incredibly friendly and convinced me to visit again.

2012 Jul 20
Ay que ricos son los tacos de Corazon de Maiz!
Went there for the first time at lunch today with a few work buddies. It took about 10 to 15 minutes to get our food, from line up to delivery, but it was worth it. And it was understandable, since it was noon o'clock.
Por el amor de dios, tacos con sabor de Mexico!
I had three soft tacos for $8.50, two pork and one chicken. I have to say, the shredded pork was delicious and had a nice flavour. The chicken was a little lackluster.
The magic is in the accoutrements -- soggy, refried beans, pico de gallo, the salsa bar, the guac, oh goodness. So fresh! I'm having flashbacks. Gastro flashbacks of the best kind.
So, I obviously suck at reviewing the details. I ate all three too fast to look at was on there. All I have to say is that they were yummy and I'll be back as soon as I can.
Next time I will try the beef.
The staff was really nice too. Quite charming.

2012 Jul 20
Was here for lunch this week, mid July 2012.
And it was great.

Had the three tacos on the blue corn tortillas. They are assembled in front of you so you can get any variation of pork, beef, chicken or grilled veg, ie one of each or mix them. I went for one of each meat, tho the veg looked good with grilled corn and onions mixed in.

All three came with beans, pico de gallo and lettuce on the tortilla. You can add cheese or sour cream and other ingredients but i let the server work his own magic.

Beef was delicious, nicely seasoned shredded meat, not fat, no gristle. Pork was similarly prepared and also tasty. Chicken was chunks of white meat, not seasoned.

Of the three, i preferred the beef and pork. Nothing at all wrong w the chicken but it needed a lot more hotsauce to give it flavour.

Speaking of hot sauce, they provide a counter with a selection of them. I cannot remember the actual names, but there's an orange one and a light green one that are spectacular.

Everything else i saw them make (burritos, tostadas, nachos) looked similarly good.

Three tacos and a mexican soda, about $12.

Totally enjoyed, absolutely worth the dollars and will be back. If they opened a restaurant i would be there almost weekly.

2012 May 30
Wonderful addition to Byward Market for lunch. I have driven from Bells Corners to go there for lunch several times. The staff are very friendly and helpful with the menu if you have any questions. I ordered the tacos on white corn meal tortillas. One beef, one pork, one chicken. It came with the most amazing, creamy, fresh and delicious guacamole that I have had in a long time. I must try their tortilla soup when I return...the presentation and aroma were stupefying! :-)

2012 May 8
This place is the bomb for comida de Mexico. Fresh, simple and authentic. Only problem-getting a seat at lunch.

2012 Apr 11
I took a trip to the market to try Corazon de Mais and it did not disappoint. The tacos are filled liberally with the meat of your choice, some beans and topped with nice, fresh pico de gallo. (My wife dislikes cilantro so she got hers without pico). The salsa bar has at least 5 different salsa/sauces ranging from very hot, fairly mild, and a garlicky jalapeno. I also tried the tortilla soup and enjoyed the flavourful tomato broth filled with chicken and tortilla strips and topped with sour cream and chunks of avocado. Both my wife and I liked the pork best, then the beef and then the chicken, which was fine but was just cubed plain chicken that was not stewed infused with spices, onions etc like the shredded beef and pork. One thing that was unexpected is a that a small cup of good guac comes with the tacos, but cheese or sour cream on it costs a little extra- the reverse of the burrito chain. Six tacos and a soup cost $22 total. I will definitely be back and might go triple pork next time.

2012 Apr 9
I've eaten here a couple times now and I've found it to be wonderful both times. The employees are really nice, accommodating and happy to talk if they have a chance.

The food is certainly not to be overlooked. Some reasonably priced and delicious tacos are to be found here. Even the chicken taco is good and I normally avoid chicken like the plague. The pork and beef were both excellent; I think I would give the pork the edge. They're tender and well seasoned with the expected spices, garlic, tomatoes, and onion from what I could tell. They make a fine guacamole and they've got some good salsas going on. The verde and an orange coloured-hot-unlabelled one were the best in my opinion.

2012 Jan 26
I've eaten here too, and they are so personable and such nice people. They know us now and always say "ola!" when they see us.They'll see us often since we live a few blocks away.

I usually order a burrito with pork and the works. I really like the marinade of the pork. I also order the soft tacos. Messy, but delicious.

My wife and I recently tried the tortilla soup, and nachos. She loved the taste of the soup, as did I. I had my doubts, but it was great.

They have daily specials, which I have yet to try. I'm always drawn to the burritos.

For the first timers they will explain what they have and offer.

I hope business will pick up during the summer so they can stay for a long time.

2011 Dec 5
Proud owner(s).

Sorry for the camera shake. Was too hungry and excited.

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Tacos 7


2017 Jan 27
Great. 830am and now all I can think about is how badly I want those tacos.
Thanks warby. So much.

2017 Jan 26
The tacos here are still awesome! The unit price has risen to $5 but you can get 3 of them for $10.50 and that's pretty darn reasonable for such a flavourful and nutritious lunch.

2012 Sep 16
I'm going to join the rest of the cheerleading squad for this cute little hole in the wall of Byward Market Square. Service was super friendly and enthusiastic. Tables are colourful and comfortable.

This little pork taco ($3.50+tax) was spectacular. A warmed corn tortilla, slathered with a layer of saucy black beans, tasty slow-cooked carnitas, super fresh chopped pico de gallo, a side of guacamole, and free access to 5 different squirt bottles of sauces -- some spicy and some not.

The flavour profile is through the roof. I can't imagine a tastier, healthier, more happy-making snack than this. Huge thumbs up!


2018 Sep 19
The Large Salad with Chicken ($9 + $1.80 for meat) is my go-to order here. I've settled on always getting it without chips or dressing, then I can squirt the delicious house made salsas onto it.

This is a flavourful and juicy feast! The lettuce is shredded iceberg, which is the only negative thing anyone could say about it. I find the iceberg lettuce works well as a base here because there's so much else going on.

2017 Feb 24
This week I asked if I could have beans on my salad instead of meat. They were super friendly about it and refused to charge me the normal $1.50 extra for added meat. So I ate an absolutely wonderful and nutritious light lunch for $8 plus tax/tip. I skipped the dressing and added a little of the green salsa and spicy salsa. So incredible!

Corazón de Maíz was one of the reasons I was thrilled to accept a job in the ByWard Market. The food is spectacular without pretense and the people who run it are so friendly that it feels like home.

2017 Feb 20
The extra $1.50 for meat in the large ($8) salad here gets you a massive pile! This slow-cooked pork was just too much meat for me. Next time I'll ask for less meat or maybe see if they can give me beans or avocado instead. :-)

2017 Feb 11
A mountain of shredded iceberg lettuce, lots of green olives, chopped red bell peppers, pico de gallo, guacamole, and tortilla strips for under ten bucks. Taco meats are $1.50 extra and come piled generously (see chicken in photo).

I didn't like the pungent lime dressing very much but it is really unnecessary. After mixing in the guacamole and pico de gallo I found the salad delightfully tasty. Squirting in some of the delicious hot sauces from the self-serve condiment stand just kicked it over the top. So awesome and delicious... I'm totally looking forward to my next one!

2017 Mar 18
A lunch of Small Nachos ($9) and a Small Salad ($5) seemed to make sense, but it was a lot of food! The salad gave me something to eat while the nachos cooked.

The nacho toppings of beans, chopped tomatoes, peppers, and cheese were great, as was the side of guacamole. The chips aren't really the kind I like, so I probably won't get this again. As always, I squirted on a combination of the wonderful sauces on offer to keep things delicious.

2012 Sep 16
Thank You Fresh Foodie! I haved loved huitlacoche since I first tasted it at the original Rosa Mexicano in NYC. It's not on the menu there any more, although they still make it for me when I go back. I am going to have to dive in and try to recreate something similar at home now that I know I can find it here...

2012 Sep 16
Available here. I noted it because I know people have been looking for it in the past (Forum - Authentic Mexican ingredients).