Located in the Byward Market Building.

Taco Salad at Corazón de Maíz
Nachos at Corazón de Maíz
Taco Salad at Corazón de Maíz
Taco Salad at Corazón de Maíz
Taco Salad at Corazón de Maíz
Tacos at Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Huitlacoche at Corazón de Maíz
Tacos at Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Corazón de Maíz
Foods from Corazón de Maíz

2020 Jan 12
Another visit, another delicious pork burrito. I never order large of anything these days but for some reason this time I did so. And I ate the whole damn thing. It was massive and I could not stop. Very good. Great service too and the hot sauces rock.

2018 Nov 11
Stopped in for lunch this week and very much enjoyed my burrito. Tasty pork with vibrant veggies and tasty guacamole. The people running it are very nice and I got some garlic
Jalapeńo sauce to take home. Delicious. All their sauces are great.

Here are a few minor quibbles:

The squeeze bottles are great take home items but a smaller version would be welcomed.

The jalapeńo garlic sauce was delicious and a lot hotter than last time. My SO could not eat it although she practically drank the last bottle. 😀

It took a little longer than expected to get my food. No fault on the side of the staff, it was the customers that kept them engaged in conversation while they tried to work.

2013 Dec 11
Went to Corazon De Maiz for the first time in November. Started with the three taco option and had pork, beef and chicken tacos. They were great, I loved the pork one the most. After went back to order some veggie nachos (I clearly needed a cheese fix) and they were the best restaurant nachos I've never had. They weren't soggy, and full of toppings and flavour.

2013 Dec 9
bwc Thanks! That will help with my menu planning on my next visit. I hadn't noticed which tortillas they use for burritos but that's my bad since I only eat Mexican food once or twice a year.

2013 Dec 7
@Pastalover: They do use corn tortillas for tacos and tostadas. Not sure I've ever seen corn tortillas for a burrito anywhere though..

2013 Dec 6
Since I will be leaving my downtown job in a week I plan on maximizing my foodie adventures in the area while I can. Since Corazon de Mais has been on my "to try" list for a very long time I decided this is as good a chance as any pay them a visit. The resto is tucked in a small area at the north end of the Byward Market Square. Menu items include tacos, burritos, nachos, and tortillas among other things. I decided to try a burrito settling for beef with everything on top (guacomole, salsa, rice, refried beans,lettuce, tomatoes and cheese). Everything was very fresh, the portions are generous and the service is pleasant. For $7.90 it's a real bargain. I am already planning a return visit over the Christmas holidays while I am off so I can eat my way through the menu-;)

My only complaint - and it's just a small one at that - is that I would love to see them use corn tortillas and have more seating available.

2013 Sep 4
Looooove Corazon! I've been here about a half dozen time now and it has quickly become a favourite of mine. You can mix and match a taco trio and eat quite well for around $10. Very friendly and sweet staff, and great quick food. The pulled pork is fantastic. Yuuuummm...

2013 Aug 12
I know I know, usually there is no need for redundancy, however I do believe there is a need here!

Consistently consistent.

Fresh, Healthy, Affordable, Generous Servings, Friendly Staff AND DELICIOUS! = 5 Stars in my books.

Had the large chicken burrito today, and it was just as perfect as the one I had 6 months ago.

And that Garlic Jalapeno hot sauce MMMmmmmmmmm....

2013 Jul 26
This is the best tortilla soup! Perfectly seasoned broth, chunks of chicken, slices of avocado and much more.

2013 Jul 26
Wow, can't say enough good things about this place, we went for the first time last week and liked it so much that we went again this week. We've tried the tacos, burritos and tortilla soup everything is really good and fresh. All of their homemade sauces are fantastic.

Pictured is a half chicken - half pork burrito. We couldn't make up our mind so you can mix it up.



2018 Sep 19
The Large Salad with Chicken ($9 + $1.80 for meat) is my go-to order here. I've settled on always getting it without chips or dressing, then I can squirt the delicious house made salsas onto it.

This is a flavourful and juicy feast! The lettuce is shredded iceberg, which is the only negative thing anyone could say about it. I find the iceberg lettuce works well as a base here because there's so much else going on.

2017 Feb 24
This week I asked if I could have beans on my salad instead of meat. They were super friendly about it and refused to charge me the normal $1.50 extra for added meat. So I ate an absolutely wonderful and nutritious light lunch for $8 plus tax/tip. I skipped the dressing and added a little of the green salsa and spicy salsa. So incredible!

Corazón de Maíz was one of the reasons I was thrilled to accept a job in the ByWard Market. The food is spectacular without pretense and the people who run it are so friendly that it feels like home.

2017 Feb 20
The extra $1.50 for meat in the large ($8) salad here gets you a massive pile! This slow-cooked pork was just too much meat for me. Next time I'll ask for less meat or maybe see if they can give me beans or avocado instead. :-)

2017 Feb 11
A mountain of shredded iceberg lettuce, lots of green olives, chopped red bell peppers, pico de gallo, guacamole, and tortilla strips for under ten bucks. Taco meats are $1.50 extra and come piled generously (see chicken in photo).

I didn't like the pungent lime dressing very much but it is really unnecessary. After mixing in the guacamole and pico de gallo I found the salad delightfully tasty. Squirting in some of the delicious hot sauces from the self-serve condiment stand just kicked it over the top. So awesome and delicious... I'm totally looking forward to my next one!

2017 Mar 18
A lunch of Small Nachos ($9) and a Small Salad ($5) seemed to make sense, but it was a lot of food! The salad gave me something to eat while the nachos cooked.

The nacho toppings of beans, chopped tomatoes, peppers, and cheese were great, as was the side of guacamole. The chips aren't really the kind I like, so I probably won't get this again. As always, I squirted on a combination of the wonderful sauces on offer to keep things delicious.


2017 Jan 27
Great. 830am and now all I can think about is how badly I want those tacos.
Thanks warby. So much.

2017 Jan 26
The tacos here are still awesome! The unit price has risen to $5 but you can get 3 of them for $10.50 and that's pretty darn reasonable for such a flavourful and nutritious lunch.

2012 Sep 16
I'm going to join the rest of the cheerleading squad for this cute little hole in the wall of Byward Market Square. Service was super friendly and enthusiastic. Tables are colourful and comfortable.

This little pork taco ($3.50+tax) was spectacular. A warmed corn tortilla, slathered with a layer of saucy black beans, tasty slow-cooked carnitas, super fresh chopped pico de gallo, a side of guacamole, and free access to 5 different squirt bottles of sauces -- some spicy and some not.

The flavour profile is through the roof. I can't imagine a tastier, healthier, more happy-making snack than this. Huge thumbs up!

2012 Sep 16
Thank You Fresh Foodie! I haved loved huitlacoche since I first tasted it at the original Rosa Mexicano in NYC. It's not on the menu there any more, although they still make it for me when I go back. I am going to have to dive in and try to recreate something similar at home now that I know I can find it here...

2012 Sep 16
Available here. I noted it because I know people have been looking for it in the past (Forum - Authentic Mexican ingredients).