Beau's All Natural Brewing Company opened on Canada Day 2006. Beau's premium beers are brewed by the Beauchesne family of VanKleek Hill. They use spring water, and certified organic malts, no fillers or chemicals, choosing to brew in small batches to produce a high-quality, distinctive all natural brew. Beau's promises to deliver beers that pay homage to their Eastern Ontario roots, their flagship ale being "Lug Tread" named in honour of the tire treads of the small tractors which once symbolized farming in Eastern Ontario.

Festivale Beer / Festivale Plus at Beau's
Festivale Beer / Festivale Plus at Beau's
Festivale Beer / Festivale Plus at Beau's
Beaver River I.P. Eh? at Beau's
Bog Water at Beau's
Bog Water at Beau's
Lug Tread at Beau's
Foods from Beau's

2012 May 4
I tried both the Patio Saison and the Farm Table. The Patio Saison was nice -- a little orangey and sweet. Likely some coriander and distinctively yeasty goodness in there. Not great but would be a nice patio sipper if the weather picks up... a fairly light offering.

The Farm Table was more Pale Ale than Belgian to my tastebuds. Again, a good amount of orange mixed in with the traditional pale ale hoppiness. Some grassy/grainy notes reminiscent of Lugtread. A pretty clean offering -- I couldn't pick up the white wine barrel aging that was apparently done. Not as interesting as I hoped it would be, but certainly better than a lot of other options.

If you like citrus in your beers than you might want to check one (or both) of these out. None of it was cloying or fake, but if this isn't your thing then you might want to wait for whatever they try next.

2012 May 4
Anyone have a chance to try the Patio Saison or the Farm Table stuff?

2011 Aug 15
Cool video from mediastyle. First video down.

2010 Feb 27
I think Beau's is putting some sort of addictive drug in their Lug Tread. When I first tried it I I was not that fond of it. I tried it again about two months ago now I crave the stuff. They are supposed to come out with a four pack of 600ml bottles soon. The 750ml bottles are just right for two glasses of beer with dinner.

2010 Feb 27
Sounds pretty cool!

The Branch Organic Restaurant in Kemptville will be starting to do a regular gig at the brewery starting in May. Every Saturday from 11am to 6pm they'll be smoking up Texas-style BBQ right at the brewery. They are also big fans of indie music, so we're going to be holding a music series.

The first show is March 6 and features Ottawa’s Ray Harris and the BSOBs on a double headline bill with Montreal’s Yonder Hill. We will have brewery tours available between sets and the Branch will be serving up tasty food, too.

Round trip bus transportation is available from both Ottawa AND Montreal. Buses leave at 6pm, and leave the brewery at 11:30pm (you'll be back in the city by 12:30).

Tickets are $30 and include admission to the show, return bus fare and a brewery tour. Food and beer cost extra and there aren't easily accessible bank machines, so its best to show up with real money in your wallet.

There is only one bus coming from Ottawa and one bus coming from Montreal, so please book your ticket early, by emailing or calling the Brent at the Branch at 613-258-3737.

Ottawa pickup/dropoff location: Perkins Restaurant at St. Laurent shopping Centre

Montreal pickup/dropoff location: Vice Versa Brewpub on St. Laurent St.

2009 Dec 18

GOLDEN TAP AWARDS 2009 (Held in Toronto in August)

* Best Micro/Craft Brewery in Ontario
* Best Regularly Produced Craft Beer Brewed in Ontario
* Best of Fest - Lug•Tread Lagered Ale

NATURAL ORGANIC BREWING CHALLENGE USA (Held in California in October 2009)

* 2ND - Lug•Tread
* 3RD - Night•Marzen

MONDIALE DE LA BIERE (Held in Strasbourg France in October 2009)

* GOLD - Festivale

Oh Yeah!

2009 Jul 9

If you are a regular at the Brewery itself (only place you can get your $ 4.00 deposit back on the Growlers) then for every swing-top bottle you bring back you get the 20 cent LCBO deposit PLUS a Beau's Loyalty Credit... of $ 2.00 per bottle which you then inturn can spend on Beau's merchandise (must be claimed in the same visit, and cannot go towards the purchase of beer.)

Oh Yeah!
Got me a nice collection of glassware and a couple of t-shirts.

2009 Jul 9
Just a comment on the bottles--they're made from ceramic and imported from Germany. The thing is, you can take them back to the Beer Store...but they'll just crush 'em. Which is sort of sad, if you ask me.

Zymurgist speaks more about it here:

There's also official word from the Beau's site:

Meanwhile, I have six nice single-bloom vases ;)

2009 Jul 9
Just drank a Beau's Lug Tread lagered ale that I got from the Liquor Store. It comes in a 750ml bottle. The bottle is pretty cool. I'm a lager drinker and this is really a full bodied ale with a bit of an after taste and a strong aroma. If your an ale drinker you will love it. For me I will stick to Mill Street organic lager and Red Leaf red lager with a more mellow taste and a bit more refreshing on a summer day.

2009 Jun 20
Where to find Beau's Beers

The GOOGLE MAP that Lady Who Brunches has provided is a great tool.... however as it was last updated in March 2008, I'm not sure if it is current.

Beau's own Website has an ongoing list of places that carry their products see including those that carry "seasonal brews" as well.

The page also lists LCBO's that carry Beau's Lugtread.

--- --- ---

Where to find Beau's "Seasonals" On Tap

Pub Italia - Pub Italia
Urban Pear - The Urban Pear
Black Tomato - The Black Tomato
The Branch (Kemptville) - Branch Restaurant

Buell Street Bistro - Brockville
Casselman Restaurant - Casselman
Sam Jakes Inn - Merrickville
Serendipity Bistro - Merrickville
Blueberry Hill Bistro - Vankleek Hill

Beer 3



2008 Sep 28
Golden Tap Awards

2008 - LUG TREAD - BEST BEER 2008 (Outside the GTA)
2007 - LUG TREAD - BEST BEER 2007 (Outside the GTA)

2008 Feb 23
Ottawa's new favourite session beer (or at least it seems like that sometimes), Beau's seems to have had alot of success getting their beer out there. Any decent bar will have Beau's on tap and when I ask for craft beer at fine restaurants, Beau's is usually one of the few they actually have.

Not the most prolific style in the NA micro-scene, Beau's deserves props for this shot at the continental kolsch. Keeping with Beau's overall image, the first thing that comes to mind when sampling lugtread is barnyard... that sounds bad, but it isn't. Lugtread is all about very grainy, sweet, juicy malt that puts you in mind of the fruitiness of an English bitter and the crispness of a German lager. Hops play second fiddle with some really nice floral aroma and faint herbal taste.

This is a very easy drinking beer. Tasty enough to appeal to your beer geek, but familiar enough not to scare away your average punter. The Capital Region is lucky to have this so widely available.


2008 Mar 2
YAY Elmdale -- I'll be right over! Here's the man responsible... the Master Brewer Matthew.

2008 Feb 27
I do know that the church has always been heavily involved in one way or another with the production of beer, but have not heard this particular story. And with all due respect to Steve, I am always extremely skeptical about stories like this which come from breweries - even trusted micros. They tend to seriously over-simplify things like this (usually as a result of the marketing department, though that's not likely the case here). In fairness, within any given context breweries typically don't have time to tell the full story, or don't have an audience who really cares about it. And they will of course leave out parts that might mean they sell less beer.

One of the hugest factors that I've always read about in switching to hops was the fact that hops have natural antiseptic properties, and brewers noticed that beers brewed with hops would keep longer. This would of course be something that your local brewery making gruit beer does not want to tell you because they don't want it being misunderstood as meaning the beer they are selling you might be bad. Keep in mind that back when gruit was being used we didn't even know simple things like how boiling the beer kills germs and so forth. So I especially don't want to give the impression that Bog Water is any more likely to be bad than any other beer - because with a modern brewery it simply is not.

Here is a good little article from Wikipedia which confirms this story but also echos my comment on how this tends to get oversimplified.

2008 Feb 25
Captain Caper...
See you tuesday for another pint....

2008 Feb 24
I got a whole mouthful of nicely toasted malt. A good balance of the bitters (springing from the sweet gale and almost burnt malt) and the residule sugars.

I certainly got the chocolate notes as well as the floral wiffs. In fact the chocolate notes were so present, for me, that I remarked to my friend "This beer is the first and only beer I would like to try a chocolate bar with".

There is a lingering complex finish that the brewmaster should be proud of.

Mind you, this brew is not for the feint of heart or should I say palette. It's a 'full meal deal' when it comes to the nose , the front and back end as well as the finish.

Like I find many of good dark ales, they are more for supping than quaffing. If I want to quaff, I'll go grab a Beau's LugTread.

2008 Feb 23
A throw back to earlier times, Bogwater was released for Valentine's day (2008). It uses sweet gale harvested from Northern Quebec in place of hops and is a strong, brown ale.

Alongside dark, fruity German malts on the nose you get the myrtle. Spicy, very floral with an almost medicinal herbal note.

It's nice that the sweet gale doesn't take this beer over. Malts are blended very well to give you vinous, dark fruit and some chocolate sweetness with a bit of roasted bitterness. Sweet gale is interesting. Taste matches the aroma of the sweet gale very well, the bouquet-like floral note, the herbal spiciness. You also get some really forward pepper notes though. Beer does a fine job hiding its alcohol content. Last finish gives some really nice maple notes. Really interesting and refreshingly adventurous. Available in growlers and 750ml swingtops from the brewery and several local restaurants/bars.


2011 Jul 5
picked up 4 of these after work...I'm drinking one on the balcony right now! no glass, just straight out of the bottle ha ha!! it's great, more bitterness than lug tread, toasted flavours, very clean finish.

2011 Jul 5
This might help tourist.

2011 Jul 5
thanks for the heads up. unfortunately it doesn't look like my neigbourhood LCBO has it, but i don't mind making a detour to get it!

2011 Jul 5
It's out! Check your local LCBO. Only had a few left when I picked up four today at the Bank warehouse location.

2009 Jul 21
I went to the brewery last week to buy the festivale with a friend of mine and we went home with a trunk full.
Extraordinarily delicious and refreshing. Crisp citrus flavor with a little bit of sweet.
I've finished off every bottle... going back on another road trip to the brewery tomorrow.

Three cheers to Beau's on this one.

2009 Jun 20
2009 Summer Seasonal

Release Date - June 21, 2009 (Summer Solstice / Father's Day)

2008 Sep 28
Was introduced in the Summer of 2008, and sold exclusively at Ontario Festivals (like the Franco-Ontarien Festival in Ottawa) and thru the Brewery (when available). A more intensely "Festivale Plus" was revealed later in the summer and sold at the Brewery and again at select events.

I had a "sample" of the original Festivale, and I enjoyed it. "The Man" had a glass of Festivale Plus at the Vankleek Hill Festival of Flavours late September, and he liked it a lot, but Beau's Lug Tread is still is favourite!



2011 May 2
Finally got to try this beer out. Wow that is hoppy. They are not kidding when they say it's for all you hop heads out there. I had to head to the Westboro LCBO to find this beer. It is being sold as singles. Strong beer but the citrus eluded my taste buds. I should have got a couple not sure how much longer you can get them. There were not that many left and I could not find any at the Bank and Walkley LCBO.

2009 Apr 22
This is Beaus first truly organic beer... and they are extremely proud of being able to market it as such (Certified Organic Malts & Eastern Ontario Spring Water).

The release is schedule for Friday, April 24, 2009 and according to Canadian Beer News this Seasonal Beer will be available in bottles at the Brewery and on tap at various locations around Eastern Ontario including Play, Pub Italia & The Cheshire Cat. The beer will have a limited time availability until the Summer Solstice (June 21st) at which time a new seasonal brew will be rolled out.