Cupcake and Cookie Bakery [General]

2008 May 12

My friend talked to me about a new bakery that would have opened in Ottawa specializing only in cupcakes and cookies. I'm guessing something along the lines of The Cupcake Shoppe - - in Toronto. She tells me they were featured on t.v. either yesterday or a few nights ago. Does anyone know who she's referring to?


2009 May 18
Reading all these cupcake posts made me crave some for myself..but I wasn't near any bakeries or specialty shops! Thankfully, Loblaws saved the day. I was there getting my weekly rations when, lo and behold - a tray of cupcakes! I got a chocolate for my husband and a vanilla for me (well, I was hoping I would get to eat both of them, but my husband spotted them so I was forced to share. But only because it was his birthday). Here's a photo of my pretty vanilla one.

What, you say their cupcakes are the epitome in trans-fat, stale icing, cake mix batter-iness? Oh well. I am no cupcake snob. It was tasty and sugary and that was enough for me.

2010 Dec 28
Besides my own cupcakes, I have to say that the Flour Shoppe on Bank Street is fantastically delicious!