how do you like your steak? [Cooking]

2009 Jul 8
attn: carnivores (sorry itchy et al)

much to the amusement of zymurgist and Pete-in-Ottawa, my recent posts/pictures re: Brian's Butchery got me thinking about the time i did my first blue steak for a customer when i worked in a small local resto.

this guy came in and ordered two 16oz NY striploins, blue, with nothing else on the plate! no sides. not even a garnish. it was quite amusing, yet eye opening because being young(er) i had never really heard of anyone ordering a steak outside the scope of rare/med rare/med/well done. the idea of blue steak or anything like chicago style/black & blue was totally foreign to me.

so how do you like your steak? what's your favourite cut? what toppings/sauces do you like, if any?

PS - this is NOT my photo haha

2009 Jul 8
Monty - Your focus on the carnivores in the house made me think of this picture. I have all the love and respect in the world for vegetarians / vegans but still found this funny...

2009 Jul 13
Snoopy Loopy & Irishgal2 - LOL, good one!

Now that we are on the topic of sides (my steak comments are farther up the thread)...

Sauteed Mushrooms, Onions and Sweet Peppers (each individually or a medley).

Baked Potato with sour cream. Sweet Potato with loads of butter.

Fresh Corn on the Cob.... lots of butter and fresh ground pepper.

Fresh Asparagus with butter and lemon.

Seafood... Lobster tails hands down, but shrimp or scallops are welcome too.

Any ya, like Da Butcher a well made Caesar Salad is also a winner.