Beckta Chooses to Drops Foie Gras After Pressure from Activists [General]

2009 May 7

First Domus ... then Beckta .... Who's next ? Absinthe ?

2009 May 8
A few of the points I raised in a previous post were my reflections on these matters and not directed at anyone in particular. I just thought I would share them as I think I am not the only omnivore that reflects on these matters.

In contrast, this post is entirely, directed at one individual. I wonder who?

By way the CC, I think popcorn and Tamales are a good idea for a Friday but why not spend your time watching the Team Canada game or the Food Network, hell why not watch Fox News or listen to a pod cast of Rush Limbaugh - even they will be more intelligent than much of the drivel in this thread (especially my stuff!)

Previously, I have really tried not to be unnecessarily provocative and I will let others decide to what degree I succeeded. I don’t particularly like it when debates turn personal but more than one stone has been cast. I chose to ignore the first one but sadly, I can be a small and petty man at times and I intend to do that now. For those on the website that don’t like these sorts of posts, it’s probably best to ignore the drivel I am about to write:

1) There was a lot of discussion on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms from one person that I found interesting. I would describe the posts as preachy, an attempt to sound smart and completely wrong. The Charter of Rights only protects individuals from Government action. The freedom protestors have to protest was established long before the Charter was put in place in 1982 and it has nothing to do with BNA Act/Constitution Act either.

What the Charter protects people against are governments in Canada passing laws or taking action that violates the Charter Rights individuals possess.

For example, everyone has the “freedom of conscience and religion” but churches are perfectly within their rights to deny an individual membership in their church because their beliefs are not in line with the church. Hence why some officials within the Roman Catholic Church were free to tell some MPs that they may be refused the sacrament because they voted in favour of the Civil Marriage Act (i.e. marriage for gays). Some even mused about excommuniation. While it’s true that employers must respect an individual’s freedom of conscience, that right stems from various labour and human rights laws and not the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. And how do I know this…. Well, I guess I could try to make myself sound smart with some pretentious language but the reality is like others here I can read plain English:

“32. (1)This Charter applies:

a) to the Parliament and government of Canada in respect of all matters within the authority of Parliament including all matters relating to the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories; and
b) to the legislature and government of each province in respect of all matters within the authority of the legislature of each province”

A suggestion: If you are an egotistical person that needs to show how smart you are and talk down to others, I think it helps if you’re right - otherwise the opposite affect is achieved.

2) One person wrote that another individual was engaging in a “straw man argument.” I found that position a bit rich given that most of their posts in this thread were glowing examples of straw man arguments.

3) There is one vegetarian on this forum whose posts I have found to be very intelligent and always respectful. I don’t think they posted in this thread which is too bad because I would have been interested in hearing their take on things. I have several vegetarian and vegan friends with whom I have talked about these issues and we have respectfully disagreed and that is what has been missing from this thread and I would point the finger for that problem at one person.

4) I think it always helps on forums to be respectful of the views of others even when you disagree with them. I try to do that and I do try to walk away from provocative threads…. sadly, not today. I also think it’s a good idea to ask oneself if a debate is really worth having and I probably should have done that before making this post which I readily admit is made up of childish garbage. But sadly, I am not grown up enough to resist the previous poster in this thread who overstepped those bounds to point where I will no longer bother reading their posts and responding to anything they have to say whether in this thread or in other threads. If we could “ignore” users the way some forums let you, that person would be the first and only person on this board that would be on my list. And it’s not because they disagree with me but because they are pretentious and rude. I don’t like rude people. This post has been rude to them and probably pretentious. I apologize to the rest of the community here for that.

5) Finally, to that one person: You can have the last word here and I am sure it will be witty retort that shows how stupid I am and how correct all of your actions and words have been. (Warning I am about to make statements in the same spirit as an ad homonym argument – maybe you can use your higher intelligence to demonstrate whether this fits the definition) You, like the comic book guy on the Simpsons must invest so much of your time typing away on the computer (is it located in your basement? – be honest is it in your parent’s basement? do you have an opinion on who is the better Captain - Kirk or Picard?.... how come I think its 50/50 you are a grad student procrastinating on your thesis? must be me). I am guessing that many in the wired world do not realize how blessed they are to have you demonstrating your intelligence with numerous, insightful posts on various forums in which you skillfully dissect those whose views diverge from your own. Sadly, I am one of those who do not recognizing your gift and I am done. Have a nice life or should I say, live long and pontificate.

I apologize to everyone else whose time I have wasted, the bytes I have taken up on the site and for contributing such childish drivel.

2009 May 18
w.c: I know I transgressed if we're talking the Victorian prudishness of censored postings, I just don't think I was the first to do it and I always return that which is volleyed.