Cure your own stuff [Cooking]

2008 Sep 7
I picked up the book CHARCUTERIE by Micheal Ruhlman and Brian Poleyn that absoulty kicks a#@! Im slowly working my way through all the recipes and having alot of fun with it. The picture I posted is of the Prosciutto's I started a month and a bit ago. Im hanging them tomorow in a nice spot for year! Ive also been succesfull at making my own "mushroom bacon", I cured my heritage pork (that I get from Upper Canada Heritage Meat based out of prescott) with porcini mushroom powder, fresh sage and maple sugar, this is the best bacon ever! Ive also made, black pepper bacon, regular smoke bacon, euro style unsmoked bacon, smoke hocks, tasso hams, lardos, smoked duck breast, of course salmon gravlax, smoke salmon, trout, sablefish (cold and hot smoked), salmon candy, mexican chorizo, pate, terrines and smoked cherries to name a few. I can really go on and on! Its fun and well worth the effort. If you have the space.... Im lucky enough to have my own 1200 square foot kitchen:)
If any of you are interested buy this book, it is the best that there is out there!!

2009 May 20
I was visiting my parents on the weekend and checked in on my latest and ongoing charcuterie project which I thought I would share...Rideau Valley cured ham!! (or maybe Jambon Cru d'Outaouais??)

I picked up the leg up at Aubrey's (from a Plantagenet farm, not sure the one), started salt-curing on Thanksgiving and after about 5-6 weeks in salt I hung it in the fruit cellar. The temp is around 55 degrees right now. It is firm to the touch and completely edible as is...but I think I am going to wait at least another 8 months to a year to slice in.

Mold has been a bit more prevalent as temperatures slowly rise, mostly white so far which is fine, but there has been a bit of green mold which was scraped and washed off with a little red wine vinegar.

2011 Feb 27
I cut my prociutto early.. about 5 months. Couldn't resist :( Next year will make two. It tastes and looks pretty good so far. Need to get deeper into it to get more fat + less salty. Will cover in some more lard and re-hang.

Zym - Glad things are working out for you. Your job sounds like a lot of education + fun. I'm looking for a nice cut for some pulled pork to make next weekend on the smoker - should I call in an order or will they have stock ready to go?