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Meatball Sandwich at The Prescott
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2018 Feb 8
Thought to myself I hadn't seen a Prescott post for a while and had to giggle that the last post was me literally eating almost the same thing lol.

Standards haven't changed from what I posted in 2015, and the square foccacia style crust pizza is still a delight. :) I love the Dewie which is basically the fully loaded house special. Zucchini sticks are another of my classic go to's as well as their tasty meaty wings!

Great place to catch a game in the sports bar or take the family out to the kid friendly dining room - they have a great kids menu too with everything priced in the $4-$6 range.

2015 Nov 13
An Old Ottawa classic since 1934 - I've been eating here for years and years so It must have slipped under my review radar. If you are feeling the urge for a delicious Italian styled meal but don't feel like getting all fancied for the finer establishments of Preston (or dropping multiple bills$!!!) then the Prescott is a great place to check out! Extra bonus if you want to watch some kind of sporting event because they pretty much broadcast them all.

The Prescott is divided into a family restaurant and a sports bar. I recommend the bar side if you want a little more excitement (and people) but the restaurant side and patio (seasonal) is better for eating with the family - depending on your timing the restaurant side can be packed or ghost town!

The good stuff - The food! If you have never been for the love of all food have the Meatball Sandwich and yes, spend the extra for the Cheese. It is epic. Other items to be noted that we didn't have this round are the smelts (like mini sardine fish sticks), meatball sliders (mini version of the meatball sandwich), and of course the chicken parmigiana and veal scallopini are dam worth sharing (and I say sharing because they are big!).

This visit had me and a friend craving some of the classic foccacia style square pizza. Because this pizza is made on a foccacia style crust i always order it well done because i find the middle of the pie to be a little soft to my tastes (as is common with this bread crust style) and I like my cheese to start to have a little brule to it!

We ordered the Prescott personal platter which as the menu explains is "The best of both worlds". Choice of mini pizza and our famous meatball in a bowl. 10.99!!!!!!! We opted for the Dewie for our pizza choice which is their house special. The Pizza is always served with a nice housemade chili oil. The meatball in a bowl is delicious with great soft meaty texture and flavour, the tomato sauce has that traditional Nona roasted tomato olive oil flavour and it is meaty.

For our appetizer we got the zucchini sticks that are always cooked just right with a nice garlic dipping sauce and a couple carrot sticks for a lil veg.

The Prescott may not be fine dining but it always so welcoming and leaves me sooooo full. It truly is a great place to meet friends for a delicious bite, cheap beer, and to catch the game.

2012 Feb 17
Been here twice. The meatball sandwich is great -- get it with cheese. The sauce that (as mentioned below) is strangely reminiscent of Chef Boyardee if the Chef was actually worth eating.

Had the pizza and was disappointed. The crust is really not my thing and the sauce was too sweet. I'm glad other people like it, but the crust is crunchy but pale on the bottom and too doughy in the middle for my taste.

Beer selection is unfortunate (Canadian, Coors, Bud, Rickards etc.), but I get that it's par for the course.

Service is friendly and quick. No complaints on that front.

2012 Jan 27
Really wish they would update their beer selection to have something craft or local. Everyone commenting on the service but I have yet to experience it even last night there was no problem rearranging some tables to accommodate our group of five. Feeling the chill we wanted something covered in cheese that was going to get the metabolism going to raise body temp and a Dewie with extra cheese hit the spot. Even piled high with toppings the crust still remained crisp on the bottom and the soggy factor didn't come into play even with the liberal amount of sauce on it last night.

2012 Jan 27
Best value for comfort food in town! My cold winter go-to is (for 2 ppl) - each an onion soup and split a meatball sandwich covered in tomato sauce. Leave your $20 on the table and roll home.

2011 Jul 30
The Presott is what it is and has always been.

If the meatball sandwich smothered in sauce and cheese with chips and a pint is not comforting, then look elsewhere.

It has a special charm and is not for all the Epicurean set, but I believe therein lies its charm. If you don't understand and enjoy this food tension between the earnest lunchbox crowd and sometimes surly wait staff, then the dance, art and joy of this place will be lost on you. Participate, this is a place of truth, living art, and life of this city.

2011 May 28
I like the Prescott but for the first time, I experienced the bad service that some of the others on this site have commented on. We sat close to the bar and were passed by numerous times and got the "this isn't my section" from one of the servers. Finally another server helped us out. I was sort of embarrassed because I brought an out of town guest here for their first time.

Things were good when we finally did get served. We had the meatball sandwich, the italian salad and the beef dip and fries. The meatball sandwich is a deal for under $5. It's a bit of a surprise when you find that it's on white sandwich bread, rather than a crusty italian bun. Regardless, it was enjoyed.

My boyfriend LOVED the beef dip. I remember back in the day when my brother and I used to beg our mom to take us to Arby's for the Beef Dip-processed meat on a cheap bun with horribly salty beef gravy(?). The Prescott's looked far better than that.

I had the salad which was fresh and a nice option from all the grease laden pub snacks.

I still really like the layout and atmosphere of this pub. I also appreciate that it serves good food it comparison to other pubs nearby. Hopefully, the service doesn't continue to slide.

2010 Aug 28
The lads helped me move so I treated them to some beer and pizza at the Prescott. It was my first time having pizza there. I always get the meatball sandwich but I figued pizza would be the easiest and cheapest way to feed these hard workers.

This is the "dewie" apparently their best seller. It was ok. i wasn't a big fan of the crust kind of more crunchy than crispy. Toppings were nice and fresh, good balance of qty. i could see why some people love this if you like this sort of thing. It tasted great after lifting stuff that's for sure!

darn I just noticed that my photos are rotated the wrong way and cant change them :-(

2010 Mar 6
I've been sick all week with a cough/chest cold.

Finally after spending the day in bed, my boyfriend asked if I wanted to go for a walk and a drink on Preston. My idea of a drink was a coffee or tea-something to open up my chest. His idea was beer. So, I suggested we go to the Prescott and I'd get coffee while he could have his beer.

The place was packed at 6pm with what appeared to be the after work crowd. Lots of people enjoying themselves among friends. We still managed to find a table and I was impressed at how prompt the service was and how quickly the food orders were coming out.

My boyfriend had a couple of pints and an order of med. wings ($10.99). I had a coffee and diet coke (not together).

Although the wings were on the pricier side, they were definately a quality product. They were very large and meaty. Perfectly cooked according to my boyfriend. They are served with the sauce on the side, two "pots" of sour cream and some carrot sticks.

Overall, we were impressed at The Prescott's ability to put out a quality product and service. I'd definately like to come back and try the pizza.

2009 Oct 10
Did the Friday after work lunch thing here this week. Split a meatball sandwich(with cheese and extra sauce on top) and a medium Dewie with extra cheese with my buddy. The sandwich is simple, giant meatballs on white bread nothing fancy. Everything was very tasty. Pizza Crust is hand made very breadlike, light and crispy. One of the better pies in Ottawa. If you looking for attentive service and white table cloths and salad forks you are not in the right place.Blue collar working mans lunch not for the pretensious. Very busy on Fridays for lunch so our server suggested it would be quicker to order our pie at the counter in back ourselves and he would bring the quarts. He was right. This is probably the oldest tavern/hotel in Ottawa(Carleton may be older not sure). Quarts are served with small glases. Something about quarts they just seem to go down quickly maybe it's an illusion due to the small glasses. If you are a fan of the typical Ottawa pizza chances are you will not like this style of pizza.



2010 Mar 7
I'm converted. For all of you who wondered what it would take to get me to like The Prescott, here is your answer.

One big honking meatball sandwich, with cheese, served with a side of fries.

I'll be back. I promise.

2010 Mar 6
I'm having a hard time describing this gooey mess of umami. The sauce is relatively plain, but with a Chef Boyardee'ish addictive quality (Chimichimi joked about a Beef-a-roni reduction) and a bit of zip that has me craving it just two days after eating it for the first time. The meatballs and tasteless white bread exist for exactly two reasons:

* To allow you to eat the sauce with a knife and fork instead of a spoon
* To give you something to chew and digest

The fries are not bad at all. They help absorb the sauce, although I found a dollop of ketchup was needed to finish them all. The coleslaw was edible (i.e. better than most). I ordered the platter "with cheese" and enjoyed the resulting increase in goo factor.

In a nutshell: I'd be embarrassed to serve this to guests but I'm craving my next one already!

2009 Oct 16
Twice in a month. My wife had a craving for meatball sandwich and pizza. She said the Prescott. It was great last week so why not. Special order sauce on top with cheese on white bread like mom used to make. Had to cut into it before we took the pic. Delish. Too funny. While we were leaving an older couple with their son were entering the back door.We waited and had a chat with them. The lady was waiting for this outing for a month. The first time she had pizza here was when she was 85. She told me when she was young good girls did not go to the Prescott. Too funny. I gave the son our parking pass to save him three bucks.

2009 Mar 16
“The Man” comes to The Prescott primarily for the Meatball Sandwich… he prefers it toasted, and although he orders the Platter he never eats all the Fries (large serving) nor does he order extra sauce for dipping (as so many others do). He prefers to aim for the small side on this as he doesn’t like the sandwich “swimming” in sauce. He finds the meatballs good and tasty. He usually doesn’t eat the coleslaw, as he isn’t a fan. A trip to The Prescott is an occasional treat… as eating a frequent menu of meatball sandwich platters and beer could easily make one look like a meatball.

2008 Apr 28
It’s not the same as a meatball sub but the meatball sandwich here is quite the competition. In fact, the owner of the little Italian spot I worked at would take staff out after close to a 24 hour joint that sold sandwiches, not subs. The ones at The Prescott remind me of these and I can be seen a couple of times a year ordering these…Very “home style” and absolutely delicious! (Like the pizza here too!)

2007 Mar 12
The only other place that challenges the meatball sandwich here is Pulente's near Carleton University. The Prescott serves theirs on white bread, and you kind of HAVE to get the platter with fries so you can dip the fries in the meat sauce. Yum. It's a once a year type of meal for me, too much cholesterol. LOL.

2007 Mar 11
One of the remaining original Taverns in Ottawa, the Prescott is in "downtown Little Italy" on Preston. They are famous for their meatball sandwiches and pizza. I've only had the former and enjoy them immensely - my only change would be to serve them on an artisanal whole wheat bread. In fact it's been a good 3 years since I've gone there and I do believe it's time to go back.



2009 Oct 18
Hi All,

FYI... I have given the ^ BUMP ^ to a topic in the FORUM that discusses various styles of pizzas, including "Ottawa Style" see

So as not to bog down the Review Pages, let's continue the discussion there.

2009 Oct 17
Just to second snoopy loopy - and I love pizza to the max. The many pizza joints "Lorenzos" "Gabriel" "Willeys" are all owned by Lebanese familys. No big deal . In High school I worked for Lorenzo's (Mr Sam) on Cobden road in the West End - his first store and the pizza was great. Instead of making an issue of the mid-east pizza style, Lets appreciate the style and enjoy the other styles offered in Ottawa. We are so lucky that we have a choice. Can anyone tell me that there is a bad pizza style that a cold beer can not help !!! Prescott pizza and the so called mid-eastern pizzas are all GREAT !!!

2009 Oct 17
Just going to chime in here :) The reason a lot of people refer to a certain style of pizza as Mid-East pizza or Lebanese pizza etc is because most of the pizza joints (not chain) are off branches of Colonnade Pizza which was started by Lebanese. Their recipe has been circulated and passed around Ottawa as their original workers went and started their own pizzerias, and thus most of the pizza in this town is of the thick crust, tons of cheese with toppings underneath variety.

2009 Oct 17
Perhaps I'm being too politically correct, but references to "Ottawa Mid East style pizza" really bother me. Not all pizzerias in Ottawa are only by people from the Middle East, and not also persons who are from the Middle East make the same style of pizza. It's a generalization that really doesn't seem warranted to me.

2009 Oct 16
Dewie with extra cheese pizza. Fresh toppings. Real cheese. This is not Ottawa Mid East style pizza. Toppings are actually on top of the pizza not buried underneath the cheese. Sauce is tomato with not much else in it. Blue collar working class atmosphere.

2009 May 17
I really, really enjoyed the "Dewie" I had here on Friday night. Some of the very best pizza I've had in Ottawa!

2009 Mar 16

The Pizza at The Prescott, cannot truly be compared to other Pizzas in Ottawa. For the offering at The Prescott is based on traditional Italian Pizza... and pays homage to Little Italy where The Prescott is located.

Although there are lots of great things to choose from on the Menu at The Prescott these days, whenever I visit, I order the Square Pizza.

A favourite is the "Dewie" which comes topped with Pepperoni, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Olives, Bacon & Onions. The fact that the pizza is square makes me smile, as it reminds me of the traditional Italian sheet pizzas I used to eat in Montreal as a kid (back then they were sauce only). I find the Dewie is tasty, and a good value.

Square Pizza at The Prescott comes in a variety of sizes... Mini, Small, Medium, Large, and a Party Platter.

2009 Mar 5
Discovered this today...

According to The Prescott's On-Line Menu they offer Deep-Fried Ice Cream.

2009 Mar 5
I think The Prescott is the only place in Ottawa that serves deep fried brownies. I shared an order with a group of friends a while back, of course, we were all pretty drunk so it tasted damned good at the time. I should revisit these BEFORE I imbibe next time.

Edit: for what it's worth, for those South Park fans out there - think of Chef's chocolate salty balls.