Parma Ravioli is a pasta factory in Wellington Village that does wholesale and retail sales. They have a lunch counter with some really good sandwiches (chicken parmigiana) and daily baked pastas. All of the pastas sold are made on site without preservatives or artificial flavours or ingredients. They sell a variety of take home foods also. Definately an amazing place to go on a weekday when all of the machinery is running behind the counters and the kitchen is busy.

Meatball Sandwich at Parma Ravioli
Parma Ravioli
Parma Ravioli
Foods from Parma Ravioli

2016 Jun 20
My favourite thing about parma ravioli is the $1 frozen (sicilian style) pizza slices. They're not all pretty (hence why the didn't sell and ended up in the freezer) but they are tasty and great value.

2014 Dec 1
Cream of Mushroom Soup-This was absolutely delicious. The ingredients were all natural, with butter & cream leading the list. The soup was pureed but not finely-mushrooms still had substance. The $4.00 500ml container was enough for 2 as our dinner appetizer. I added a couple of sliced cremini mushrooms and a bit of green onion and it was a very nice lead in to dinner.

2013 Jun 17
I've purchased both, but because they make their pasta on site and fresh, they do not have everything all the time. Agree w below post - call ahead. Or just go and buy whatever they have - i've found that the pasta tends to be great regardless of which kind.

2013 Jun 16
According to their website they do:

I would just call ahead to make sure.

Fettucine's downtown probably would as well.

2013 Jun 16
Does anyone know if they have fresh spinach pasta, or angelhair pasta?

2011 Nov 12
Three cheese Focaccia. I noticed a man leaving the store with four giant pizza boxes. I inquired and you can order a day in advance for take out.

2011 Nov 12
Was time to give Wellington Street some lunch lovin. Tried Piggy bet they were still under construction with not much out in the counter so we decided on some Focaccia slices. Italian sausage with sautéed arugula, peppers,kalamata olives and red onion. Crispy cheesy goodness with a nice fennel sausage mmmmm!

2010 Dec 30
Stopped by for a slice of their pizza today and couldn't resist some cannelloni and sauce to go for supper. I had forgotten how good the food is here. My slice was delish and the veal cannelloni and sauce baked up perfect with a little Parmigiano-Reggiano on top.

2010 Aug 13
I absolutely love Parma! Im from Kingston and every time we go to Ottawa - which is usually 8+ times a year - We stop at Parma for lunch. I usually try to get something different each time im there but I'd have to say their Lasagna is pretty amazing. Theie deserts are pretty awesome to. I always end up bringing some kind of pasta and sauce home. Their Alfredo is so yummy. I will defiantly be looking out for the Meat ball sub next time im there. ;)

2009 Jun 25
I came on by here for lunch on Wednesday and I was absolutely shocked in seeing them in full production mode. There must have been a dozen staff working on producing large amounts of pasta.

I heartely reccomend the fresh and frozen pasta from here, absolutely tasty.



2015 Mar 26
Here is a picture of the pretty big meatball sub with Caesar salad. I couldn't finish the sub and the salad which is uncharacteristic for me! It's fresh and tasty as described in previous posts. It's around $8.80 tax included, without a drink. It's a very good deal I think compared to most other paninis or sandwiches and salad combos that sell for $12-16!

2008 Apr 28
Parma Ravioli makes a really good meatball sub. Tasty, homemade sauce and nice big, soft meatballs which taste like they use a combination of ground meats (beef & pork?)—a must for my comfort food factor. The meatballs are left whole just like Momma used to make. The mozzarella doesn’t taste processed and the buns are the right style and are toasted in the oven. A bit pricey and huge, messy to eat but that’s ok! I had it with salad and a drink and it was about $9 or $10—there was enough food for 2 if I had had a companion with me.

2008 Jan 4
I absolutely love the Parma Ravioli meatball sandwich. I have never had anything that comes close to this in my entire 36 years.

I have had the prescott sandwich and it might as well have been made by Chef Boy Ar Dee.

2007 Oct 24
Their meatball s'wich is KING !!

The first time I had one I counted 12 small meatballs in it. "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" along with the tasty Caesar Salad. I then crawled to the couch !!

2007 Apr 13
Holy smokes just today I was telling a good friend of mine that I have to get out to the Prescott for a meatball sandwich soon. He was telling me that his hockey team is having a big banquet there tomorrow.

Anyway, the meatball pizza from Parma Ravioli is incredible so I can only imagine their meatball sandwich must be as well! I never actually knew they even had such a sandwich - can't wait to try it now!



2009 Apr 20
Picked up fresh spinach linguine, container of 4 cheeses Alfredo sauce and a portion of the eggplant parmesan. Delicious!

2007 Oct 24
Had the Olive and Roast Red Pepper Mezzaluna recently along with my own rose/mushroom sauce. I usually use quality dried pastas like DiChecka (sic), but I think I may be hooked on Parma Ravioli's fresh stuff.

2007 Sep 1
In the heart of Hintonburg this shop has been selling excellent home-style fresh pasta long enough that not many people can remember when they weren't there. Fresh deep-dish pastas like cannelloni, lasagne, ravioli and everything in between. Check the freezers for the frozen stuff that is sold at 2-to-1 - so extremely good bargain.


2007 Sep 1
See my general comment under the restaurant - excellent pizza made daily and sold by the slice. Sold at half price at the end of the day if there is any left.


2007 Sep 1
An excellent selection of home-style personal-sized cheesecakes, guaranteed to please even the most discerning palate.



2010 Jun 11
Tried the lasagna twice at parma. I have to begin by saying that I love this shop. Love the fresh pasta, i love that it's not too frou frou. Always good service. But... the lasagna I would not recommend. When you cut into it, it's basically 95% pasta with next to no filling/sauce between the layers. Perhaps I'm not away taht this is proper lasagna? Not sure but I didn't like it.