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Pictured: Could be my mugshot, or else it's Folk Art - my wife's remarkably life-like woodwork of me at work in the kitchen/garden, designed and made by her, an Xmas present and a treasure for me.

I love to eat flavourful foods and love to make them for friends, family and myself. I also grow a lot of what we eat in our vegetable gardens, herbicide and pesticide free.

Favourite quote from a dinner guest: "It looks like the dog's breakfast but it sure tastes good!" ...cracked the lovely Rita, age 87, no longer able to help at the quilting bee but still sharp as a tack, referring to a Cuban Tamal en Cazuela I served to the quilters helping my wife and me.

The best food I've ever eaten was in a Swiss alp in the very heart of Switzerland - raclette cheese, cooked on a stone by a fire by the farmer who made the cheese (while at the same time making some farmer's cheese in a large copper caldron over the fire in his alp, aka his summer home in the mountains); he scraped the cheese onto excellent crusty village bakery bread, and he also gave me a love for kirsch the Swiss farmer way - in a bowl filled with steaming coffee from a pail over the fire (the coffee was much weaker than weak), adding whatever amount of kirsch you desire. It was all so simple and surreal! We offered the farmer much thanks and a can of Canadian maple syrup, and on our return home sent him a picture album of him making his daily wheel of cheese and also our raclette meal.

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