The official all things bbq thread! [Cooking]

2010 Mar 12
I figure its about time for this thread to kick off in one easy spot!:)

2010 Mar 13
Now this is my kinda topic ..BBQing and Smoking !!! I have used this link from BBQ Pit Boys for different ideas:

As well as these 2 links:

I have learned so much from these sites from cooking styles and differnet meat cuts/techniques

And when it comes to real Southern BBQ - this place is amazing. Watch the video on the home page

And Ken V - if you can afford it - I belive one of the best Charcoal BBQ is the Big Green Egg

Happy BBQing !!!

2013 Apr 1
Leg of lamb cut into 3 chunks, smoked over charcoal with JD oak chips - second of two proteins for Easter dinner. Seasoned with garlic, rosemary and SnP.