A dumpling filled with a potato mixture, sometimes also filled with cheese, meat, liver, cabbage, mushrooms, fruits, etc. Served boiled, or fried, with sour cream and fried onions or bacon.

Perogies at House of Targ
Perogies at Stolichni Deli
Perogies at Brothers Beer Bistro
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2010 Nov 19
Hi there, Sourdough. My husband felt that I had to defend his love of ketchup on his perogies, lol. He is in fact the only one in his family that eats them that way, but then again, he is not a fan of sour cream in general. That said, I am not of Ukranian descent, and I also prefer them that way - you should try it, seriously.
And, his mom always made them orange inside. She got that from HER mom straight from the Ukraine. Just one of those things, people make them differently.

In the ones from Perogies Takeout, there apparantely was no cheese flavour at all (I didn't eat them myself). Don't know if it is from whatever cheese they used, but it certainly wasn't the chedder we use.

You should give them a go if you get a chance - you can also order them singley (spelling?) at $1.49, so you don't have to spend too much. Try the "cheese" ones.... :)

2010 Nov 19
can't comment on the quality of the perogies, they are however expensive. However - bonniegirl, I don't know how long your husband has been away from Eastern Europe -but
#1 - no one eats perogies with ketchup! Bacon/sourcream/white sauce/butter, no ketchup.

#2 - orange inside a cheese perogie - should not be. Cheese perogies are traditionally made with something close to cottage cheese. The cheese and potato perogies are made with a pale cheese, not a bright orange one. The bright orange ones you see from the frozen food section are coloured for north american expectation that cheese should match the colour of cheeze whiz.

Just gotta clear that up! Again whether the perogies are good or not, they do look quite authentic, but in my opinion are over priced.

2010 Nov 17
Ok. We came here today for the first time, hoping for some great perogies. My husband is half Ukranian half Polish. He grew up with his mom making them. That said, we know that it's always hard to find ones "just like mom's" - we know that. But we found these, although better than most store bought, lacking. When we walked in there, the perogies were just sitting in warming bins. Not exactly the fresh ones we were looking to buy. When we told her what we wanted, they only had 3 of the onion ones I wanted, so the rest was bacon. My husband wanted cheese ones, but they only had 6 of out the 12 he wanted. So instead of just making more, when really, it is supposed to only take a couple of minutes, he also took the rest in bacon. Then, they were just re-warmed in a microwave, in styrofoam containers of all things! We got to the cash, and asked for ketchup to go, and nope, didn't have any. That's a big part of the perogies for us, lol! We were still hoping for the best, but when we got to the car to eat them, found them smelling good, but very doughy. So much so that the folded ends were actually chewy. And, the cheese ones - where was the cheese? The inside had barely any orange colour to it! And all this (1 and a half dozen, 2 small milk) came to $32 something! We figured out at home that she had overcharged us by $5... :(

We were hoping for great things here, but sadly, we will not be going back...

2010 Jan 11
The perogies are fairly tasty here, though paying a dollar a perogie seems to be too expensive (especially for the quality). The quality was good here and if you are nearby with time at a premium, it might be worth it. In my opinion though, I am better served to buy the cheaper handmade ones from the competition or to make my own.

2010 Jan 11
No doubt the perogies here are good... there certainly have been others OF Members who have said so over the last year. BUT, when a NEWBIE (or two) comes along and posts a Review and a half dozen Forum topics and they all rave on about the same thing (no matter the topic at hand)... well it's plain & simple... "There is a SHILL in the house".

Ottawana - Ya might want to stop now... time has proven that this type of interaction will actually work against your business.

2010 Jan 10
Ottawana is right. Healthy and quality home-made food is hard to find these days. This is espeicially true when you have a family with small children. Before we heard of perogies-takeout, we used to buy the regular perogies you'd find in a grocery store. After my kids tried the perogies from perogies-takeout, they don't want to get anywhere near the grocery-store-perogies. They ask me every week to get them the potato bacon and potato cheddar perogies. The difference in the taste and quality is evident even to small kids. Since my kids are so crazy about these perogies, it is a good excuse for me to treat myself to some quality food :-D. My only wish is that they would be open 24 hours a day, so that I could satisfy my craving for perogies even at 2am.

2010 Jan 10
I have been buying their perogies for over a year now...their perogies (and other food) is delisious and worth every SINGLE PENNY I pay... I'm a mother of 3 children and it use to be a huge headache for me too cook Ukrainian food espesialy perogies... I'm glad we have such store in Ottawa, is saves lots of time for me and I know that I feed my children with good home made healthy food. The price is very good for such work, it is home made and hand made..for me to make perogies would take almost the whole day (not to count the shopping for ingediences) and they would finish in less that one day...
+ their price is different, it is not only $11.99 there are cheapper and more expensive ones, depends on the filling (I usually buy cheddar cheese $10.99), sometimes potato cottage cheese, those are $11.99 and if you are not familiar with the price for cottage cheese it is over $16/kg in the store...
I realy love that store and I advice all my family and friends to go there...

2009 Dec 14
There are definately better perogies than others. I am just shocked by the price of $11.99/doz, especially given that this is take out.

I mean, the contents are fairly inexpensive- cheese or bacon being the most expensive ingredient. The bacon in most perogies is in extremely tiny bits. Cheddar cheese is not overwhelming and for the record cheese here in Ontario is MUCH cheaper than in Manitoba.

Labour- well yes they are made by hand but experienced ladies hammmer perogies out in no time flat.

I guess I just can't get over the mark up enough to pay alot of dough for well, dough.

I would gladly spring for $10 of Pascal's ice cream though.

2009 Dec 13
Pan Bagnat, my wife was taken to a place in Winnipeg that was supposed to have the best perogies in town. For what it's worth, she found the reheated ones from Perogies Takeout to be superior to what she had there. Disclaimer: she isn't a big fan of Eastern European cuisine anyway, so you may not agree.

2009 Dec 13
WOW! $11.99/doz! That is steep. I'm used to Manitoba where the Ukrainian ladies get together and make perogies for a fundraiser and sell them at like $3/doz. Or someone's Baba might even give you some for free.

Screw university, perogie making is a gold mine here.



2011 Jul 16
Dropped in for the first time on my way home from work. I picked up the potato and okra jamaican patty and a box of sausage pierogies. The patty was great and the pierogies were absolutely delicious. I was told by the friendly folks behind the counter that they were already partially cooked, and all they needed was a quick pan fry. I used butter, olive oil, and they browned beautifully with a nice golden crust. I garnished with S&P and green onions. Every bite was delicious. The sausage was perfectly flavoured between savoury and a slight sweetness. Delicious!


2012 Jun 2
The perogies were the hit of the evening but again a tad on the small portion size with only three small ones. The pig cheek was melt in your mouth packed with flavor and quite the treat. I had to use some bread to sponge up all that flavorful sauce another perogie or two would have helped with that dilemma.

2014 Aug 19
Please report back on how you liked them.

2014 Aug 19

Lots of choice.
Many styles and prices.

2015 Sep 4
Leek, sweet potato, onion and cheese perogies. Wow, these were excellent, filling and fresh! When eaten with the dill sour cream, sauerkraut and pickled beets its the perfect bite. Highly recommended!

2014 Oct 7
How much do they charge for this breakfast plate? it looks good!

2014 Sep 23
They usually have one or two Ashton taps as well... Their mixed drinks are great.

Glad you enjoyed their perogies and the atmosphere, it's such a great spot for all to enjoy,

2014 Sep 23
Came here with my husband & kid one Friday after school. Got there right at 5pm, which was good because it filled up fast. A mix of kids & adults.

For food we tried the traditional(large) & le champignon (small) and shared the dishes between two people. This was plenty. We went in hungry and were satisfied. (kid wasn't hungry)

Each order came with dilled sour cream, beet salad and sauerkraut (mild/tangy). We piled a bit of each on top of each perogie. I don't know how traditional the prep and cooking of the perogies are, but they were great! I can't wait to go back.

Since it is an arcade & not a traditional restaurant, here is what you do when you go. You walk down the stairs from Bank St (right at Sunnyside), go through the arcade and to the bar at the back to put in your order. Buy a beer or drink and then play pinball or arcade games until they call your name. There are a few tables around to sit at, plus stools at the bar. The games have drink holders for beer.

The beer draft selection wasn't very big when we were there. We both ended up with Beau's. Would be nice to see a few more options.

Next time, we may go for 3 small servings and try more flavours. My kid loved the games (and was able to play & master pinball quickly at age 7). Pinball ranged from 25 - $2, and arcade games 25.