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Restaurant Joy
Teriyaki at Restaurant Joy
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Bulgogi at Restaurant Joy
Sushi at Restaurant Joy
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2009 Sep 1
I ordered lunch take out. Chose the lunch Special where you pick 2 items from a list. Comes with soup and salad.

The soup was tasty; the salad dressing was most likely made with oranges and was extremely sweet. I would recommend they change their recipe. The Crunch roll was different and I enjoyed it. It is basically a deep fried tempura California roll. The sweet potato roll was hard and raw. Not sure if it's meant to be that way, it was inedible and I would not order it again. It would have been much better if they had perhaps mashed the potato instead of leaving it whole. (Like Kochu does)..Just a thought. Overall, not bad for $11.99 but not amazing.

2009 Aug 26
Had lunch at Joy last week. I hate to say not-so-nice things since I like the resto overall, and the owner is such a sweetheart but I like to read ppl's honest reviews of their dining experiences so here goes.

My friend and I both ordered the beef bulgogi bento box lunches. The main act -- the beef bulgogi -- was really lacking in flavour. When I eat Korean food, I am usually always impressed by the depth of flavour so this experience was a disappointment.

The rest was good though, particularly the ginger dressing on the salad. The service was also good.

2009 Aug 14
A friend and I went for lunch today. I wanted to introduce him to Korean food. After a quick visit to the OF board, I chose Restaurant Joy, and I'm glad I did. We made a reservation before going, which was a good idea, considering it was lunch time and the place was relatively full.
I opted for the lunch menu - Spicy Pork Bulgogi. The meal came with rice, soup, salad, sushi, gyoza, and kimchi. A great deal for $12! The Bulgogi was made with a mixture of mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, and carrots. I've never had veggies in my Bulgogi before, but it added a nice texture alternative to the soft meat. The dish had just the right amount of spice, and there was relatively little fat on the pork. Hooray!
My friend had the Udon bowl. He was quite pleased with his dish.
The service was also especially good. The waiter was attentive and courteous, and made sure our water glasses were never empty. The owner was present and made sure we were well attended to and cared for.
We left the restaurant happy and full. A great experience!

2009 Aug 5
Ordered the Joy Family Dinner (for 2) from here last week and my goodness, it was an ENORMOUS amount of good food. When I went to go pick it up, all by my lonesome, I could hardly carry it all! There were two large styrofoam boxes filled with rice, salad, bulgogi and tempura; a gigantic plastic container of sushi, maki and sashimi; a large bowl of soup and a few small containers of kimchi. Needless to say, we didn't manage to finish everything.

The food was delicious, and despite my having to drive another 20 minutes before eating, the tempura was still quite crispy. The presentation was beautiful - the ginger was packed into this carved out lemon while the sashimi was delicately displayed on a bed of white radish. The soup and bulgogi were flavourful and there was nothing I could complain about the service. The only thing I didn't like were the "crunch rolls", which are basically deep fried california rolls, as I'm not a fan of deep-frying my maki. But all in all, a great experience that I will have to try again AT the restaurant!

2009 Jan 13
A friend and I went for dinner last week and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The service was friendly and prompt without rushing us. The server kept returning to fill our water glasses even well after we had finished our meal and paid our bill but weren't ready to finish our chat.

I started with the grilled tofu. It was a little more simple than I'd anticipated, but tasty with the sweetened soy sauce. I then had the vegetarian sushi for my main. They very kindly accommodated my dislike of avacado and provided three tasty veggie sushi varieties.

The house red was very drinkable.

Including my portion of the wine, my bill came to ~$35 with tax. Definitely in keeping with other similar restaurants.

Next time, I think I'll delve into the Korean part of the menu. There were lots of vegetarian/vegan choices there too.

2008 Mar 24
Delicious and lovely. The food is delicious and the service is so friendly and convivial.

2007 Dec 6
This review is a little late, sorry!

Tried restaurant joy for the first time on November 23 and it was nothing short of DELICIOUS.

Based on what I had read on this site, BF and I ordered the Joy Family Dinner for Two and were thrilled with the food and service.

The dinner consisted of the house salad which has an orange and ginger dressing. The owner very nicely explained to us that he learned how to make the dressing in Florida where oranges are, of course, abundant and so he is now subject to the fluctuating prices of oranges in Ottawa because he swears if you skimp on the freah orange, it won't taste right. Anyway, it was delicious.

The salas was followed by a pot of hot soup filled with vegetables and tofu - again, very good.

The next course was the shrimp and veggie tempure. BF and I both agreed that it was the best tempura we had ever had. It arrived at our table piping hot (despite the restaurant being packed) and BF could not get over how "plump and juicy" the shrimp were.

The sushi course came out next and we were baffled by the amount of sushi! Please correct my terminology if I am mistaken here: There were six pieces of sashimi, a delicious california "crunch" roll, as well as a another roll (avocado and veggie, I believe), and additional fish sans rice.

By the time the beef bulgogi arrived at our table, we had no idea how we would finish it! Still, it was delicious and sizzling so it wasn't too difficult. The kimchi they serve was very good as well - nice and spicy.

To end the evening we had banana fritters and ginger ice cream and it was a perfect dessert to share.

Service was consistent all evening with our water glasses barely ever making it past 1/2 way full. The owner is very friendly and lots of fun to chat with.

2007 Aug 8
Well, after reading the other reviews of this restaurant, my girlfriend and I decided to try them for lunch today. Suffice it to say, this has now become our favourite Japanese restaurant.

As we are both vegetarians, we found the choice of vegetarian option on the menu to be a bit more well-rounded than other Japanese restaurants in the city. We each opted for the lunch special, in which you pick one of eight options from section A, and one of eight options from section B. We each went for the Vegetable Tempura, while my girlfriend chose the Vegetable Rolls (sushi) and I chose the Avocado Rolls (sushi).

First, let me say that the Tempura was possibly the best I have ever eaten very light and fresh. It made me think that they must use fresh oil for each order, as the batter was an incredibly light, golden colour, devoid of the heavy, oily taste of most deep-fried foods. The vegetables themselves were cooked perfectly.

Second, the Sushi was as good as I have come to expect (we each shared half of each other's rolls) save for a minor hitch with the visual aesthetics (a couple of the rolls came a bit undone), which did nothing to negatively affect the taste.

Even the small salad that accompanied the meal was light, fresh, and delicious. Typically, I might pick at such greens. In this case, my plate was clean when I finished.

All of this had been preceded by a most delicious bowl of soup, and all for only $10.99 each. I generally have a healthy appetite and I can honestly say that this meal will not leave you hungry.

The service was also especially good. It was lunch time and the restaurant was at full capacity. The entire place was being served by a single foodserver who, despite how busy it was, did an amazing job of serving everyone I could see in a very timely fashion. All of our dishes were served with perfect timing each arriving immediately after we had finished the previous course. She was attentive and friendly without looking hurried or making us feel rushed.

I "highly" recommend this restaurant and can confidently say that we will be returning here frequently!

2007 May 27
This restaurant is quickly becoming one of our favourites! After trying in vain to park in the Byward Market (even the parkades were full), we escaped to Somerset and were very pleased to squeeze in to "Joy" without a reservation.

Service was excellent -- discreet and attentive at the same time. Food arrived with incredible timing; we were able to set our own pace for eating, yet we never had long to wait for the next course.

We ordered the "Joy Family Dinner (for 2 persons)" for $49. The official description was "Salad, Veg & Shrimp Tempura, 4pcs Cali Roll, 4pcs Crunch Roll, 4pcs Sashimi, 6pcs Sushi, Bulgogi (beef, chicken, or pork), Kimchi, Yudofu Soup, and Rice."

It turned out to be a wondrous feast for the senses, and overall portions were extremely generous. The high point for us was the Tempura -- certainly the tastiest shrimp tempura we've had. I'm already looking forward to our next visit!

2007 Apr 13
Oh, and to continue, it was my sister's birthday after all, so I asked for a fried banana for her as a dessert. They brought out a fried banana, green tea ice cream, a candle propped up in a cucumber and a sparkler, all to a "happy birthday" soundtrack! I was so surprised, I hadn't even asked for them to do this! My sister loved the entire evening, and the bill came to around 130 with tip for all four of us!

As an aside, the service was fantastic. The place was full and we got food quickly and got our dishes one right after the other. I can't recommend this place highly enough!

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2008 Mar 12
The Husband always orders the Pork Bulgogi because it's the spiciest one. Then he asks for it "a little extra spicy" and they try to kill him with it.

He always loves it.

2007 May 27
We opted for the beef bulgogi and enjoyed the tasty morsels of tender beef combined with an unusually generous amount of onions and broccoli, all on a sizzling plate. It doesn't quite have the charm of cook-at-your-table bulgogi, but it still tastes great! We each got a nice big bowl of rice to go with it but we had to share the little dish of kimchi.


2010 Aug 23
I had Dolsot Bibimbap for the first time today and it was delightful! Thanks fellow Ottawa Foodies for recommending this dish.
I can't compare Joy's to any other restaurant's, obviously. But I can tell you it was $13 and came with Miso soup, salad and kimchi. I found this to be a great deal, since I couldn't even finish it all. Mmmm ... sesame oil + clay pot = crispy bits of rice. I loved it.
If anyone has any other recommendations of where to get good Bibimbap, please let me know. I think Bibimbap is going to replace my pho addiction.
Plus, it's fun to say. Bibimbap. Bibimbap.




2008 Mar 12
I decided to try the vegetarian sushi combo. I think it's a recent addition to the menu but I could be wrong. It's chef's choice as far as the varieties. I got 3 kinds;

-avocado (front)
-cucumber and fried tofu (I think - back)
-green onion, carrot and daikon (again, I think - right)

I had already eaten a plate of edamame so I saved the fried tofu ones for lunch the next day (still awesome) to save room for fried bananas. I still exploded.

2007 May 27
This was the generous sushi/sashimi platter that came with our meal deal. Good sushi, with nice trimmings. We were not disappointed!

Notice that, in addition to what the menu promised, there is an extra piece of nigiri sushi, a fried tofu potsticker thing, and a little pile of seaweed. It's the little things that make a difference!


2006 Oct 3
I could probably eat 5 orders of edamame from Joy. They arrive at just the right temperature and they sprinkle the perfect amount of salt on them. I can never get enough.


2007 May 27
The photo doesn't quite do this platter justice. It's part of the "Joy Family Dinner" for two and is quite huge! Four shrimp and a whole host of veggies, arranged in an impressive pyramid structure and served piping hot. The shrimp, onion ring, and zucchini were particularly amazing. Not all of the veggies came in pairs so we had to fight over a few of them. ;-)

We told the waitress that this was the best tempura we've had (and we've had plenty). She nodded and said she's tried other ones in the city and she agrees. Then she went on to tell us that there are restaurants in Japan that serve nothing but tempura, and they take incredible to another level!


2007 May 27
Usually, when a meal deal comes with soup you get a tiny little bowl. Not so at Joy! They brought a nice big bowl of steaming tofu and veggie soup, from which we were served individual bowls. There was enough tasty soup that we were able to refill our bowls a few times. I love generous soup! :-)


2007 May 27
They offer fried bananas with or without ice cream (green tea, red bean, ginger, vanilla, etc). They are hot, crunchy, and delicious!

2008 Mar 12
Our friends both ordered the teriyaki. Dan (pictured) ordered shrimp and Susan (not pictured because it looks the same and she was too far from me) ordered chicken.

They both seemed to enjoy it