This is for the RESTAURANT side of the vendor. See Pelican Fishery for the retail/market side.

Fish and Chips at Pelican Grill
Fish and Chips at Pelican Grill
Fish and Chips at Pelican Grill
Scallops at Pelican Grill
Lobster Poutine at Pelican Grill
Lobster Roll at Pelican Grill
Pelican Grill
Pelican Grill
Pelican Grill
Pelican Grill
Pelican Grill
Pelican Grill
Pelican Grill
Pelican Grill
Fish and Chips at Pelican Grill
Fish and Chips at Pelican Grill
Chowder at Pelican Grill
Pelican Grill
Foods from Pelican Grill

Oct 30
I guess this will be my last glowing review of Pelican. I ordered online for curb side pick up. The system is great and they bring it out to your car when you call them from the parking lot. I got some delicious smoked salmon and a lobster spaghetti. The spaghetti was buttery deliciousness with great lobster flavour. The staff are great and I am gonna try and visit more often.

Jul 3
We picked up a seafood platter which had lobster, cold smoked salmon, crab poppers, and shrimp. It was awesome! Perfectly cooked and seasoned, the accompanying dips of cocktail sauce, garlic butter, and a sauce for crab were delicious!

2019 Jan 18
We had our Christmas lunch at the Pelican Grill, and it was my first time there. It was great.

The menu is solid and varied, and I was pleased to see oysters on the menu. The selection of wines and beers were also quite interesting.

I was also really pleased to see how busy it was, even up until 2:00 when we left. It reminds me of the sort of local crowd that comes to other Fish Market Stalwart Restaurants™ that I've been to and enjoyed, like Lapointe and the Merivale Seafood Grill.

I'm really looking forward to heading here again with the family, so that we can try out other things on the menu. (To say nothing of the shopping that you can do on your way out the door!)

2017 Nov 17
I can’t say enough about this place. It is our go to spot for seafood. We have eaten the lobster rolls, crab rolls, lobster bisque, clam chowder, fish and chips, the escargot and taken out stuff as well. I would humbly suggest that their cold smoked salmon is the best in the city. The escargot is fantastic! The service is top notch as well.

2015 Dec 21
Last Saturday was spent on an afternoon shopping trip to Farm Boy in Ottawa South. While I was in the area I stopped by Pelican fish to pick up some fish for supper on Saturday night. This was my first visit to the store since they renovated last December. The new (to me) store looks lovely! It is much more spacious allowing for more display space and for the customers to move around the store without bumping into each other. Since the fish looked very fresh I had a hard time deciding what to pick so I eventually settled for an Atlantic salmon fillet. It was probably the moistest fish I have ever eaten and I look forward to going back soon to try more of their products. I noticed they also sell single servings of lobster mac 'n cheese, fish curries etc. which is convenient for the nights I don't feel like cooking.

2015 Apr 6
I have been to this restaurant a few times recently and have been hearing good things as well. I have been very impressed with their offerings. On a few visits I have had the clam chowder, the lobster roll, the lobster poutine, and the escargot. All were delicious and the escargot was a standout.

2013 Nov 21
Had lunch here today and had the Shrimp Thai Red Curry over rice and it was delicious. Could have licked the plate clean.

2013 Apr 24
Who knew such great food could be found in the back of a strip mall? Don't let the ambiance fool you, there's some hardcore cooking going on here. We started off with oysters and had the haddock special and scallop dinner for our entrees. We were both thrilled with our meals but a bit envious at the delicious plates of fish and chips that kept passing us. Next time! I returned a few days later to pick up some fresh fish on the store side. The man behind the counter could not have been more helpful. I usually find trying to decide on what type of fish to get to be a daunting task. He put me at ease and offered me a number of ideas. Highly recommend!

2011 Dec 29
Wonderful dinner here the other night. Always surprised to find this calibre of restaurant beside a Farm Boy in a strip mall.

Was very happy with my cup of clam chowder for an appetizer and (a large number of) garlic shrimp on a bed of risotto with roasted fennel and wild mushroom fritter – a pleasing combination for my main. The second meal at the table was one of the two specials of the day - linguini with a considerable mixture of fish and seafood in a cream sauce. Be warned, the portions are substantial, you will not leave hungry!

I often come here for lunch and always leave content. This time I was equally happy with my dinner. The service is dependably pleasant and the food is consistently excellent. I will continue to return.

2010 Oct 3
Wow-wow-wow. I often talk about not having anywhere decent to eat near my work and this little gem was hiding quietly in the background the whole time. I knew it was there, I've bought yummy seafood from the market side. What I didn't know was how great the restaurant was. A gentleman I often do work with has a very talented wife who is a chef there and invited me to come give it a try. And try I did!

The store itself has been there since 1978, and the grill got added in 1996. From what I could tell, they've got a pretty hardcore clientele that know and love the consistency of their simple, yet amazing dishes. Online they label themselves as an unpretentious seafood bistro, and that is EXACTLY what they are. The walls serve as a gallery for humorous shots of the owner, his family and the rest of the staff posing with seafood. So real, and immediately gives you the sense that you're dining in their home. And you pretty much are (being a family-owned business).

Warm buns from Bagel Bagel are delivered first and foremost to eliminate any hunger pangs while you peruse the menu.

I was then served a plate with a sampling of each of their in-house smoked fish – gravlax, Steelhead trout, hot and cold smoked salmon. Although all were seductively smokey, my heart melted when I sunk my teeth into the hot smoked salmon. Best news of all? I could pick some up in their store to bring home on my way out.

A hillock of seasonal favourites formed the Autumn salad. Golden and red beets beautifully roasted, flash-fried slivers of parsnip, so crispy and fun, roasted pecans, juicy dried cranberries and Stilton cheese vinaigrette.

My main was the ideal comfort dish for fall. Grilled Blacks Harbour salmon took up half the plate, along with slivers of fresh, crisp veggies. On the other side, a giant seared bay scallop sat perched on top of a heavenly lobster risotto. Cooked slightly al dente – just the way I like it – the risotto was filled with chunks of meaty lobster. The plate was beautiful to look at, especially the piece of lobster resting over the scallop, which was shaped like a fish. Whether that was intentional or it just happened that way I'm not sure, but I liked it!

I didn't plan to fall in love that afternoon. But when he showed up, any voice, noise or goings-on around me vanished. He and I became one. His name was Maple. It was tough to do, but once I broke through his glossy, candy-coated exterior, a blissfully silky smooth interior was revealed. Every bite so perfectly sweet and creamy. I've never enjoyed a crème brûlée so much. I blame it on the maple.

Believe it or not, I ate all of this over lunch. Their generous portions however, made me send a few uncleaned plates back to the kitchen. Except for the dessert, I liked that one clean!

Fantastic, fun service and very reasonable prices – apps range from $5 to $9 and mains from $11 to $16 – make this place a definite winner in my book. And I'll be back again!



2007 May 10
The seafood here is probably the best in town. This goes for both the restaurant and the store. I have recently bought cod cheeks, skate wing and chilean sea bass and everything was top notch.


2009 Dec 4
I loved the chowder. There's good fishing in there! It's really quite filling and I had trouble finishing my main afterwards.


2018 Aug 25
Outstanding fish and chips from the pelican as usual. Make a reso, this place gets really busy!

2016 Dec 5
Haddock fish and chips was great here as always. This time I opted for panko crust which was super crunchy and delicious.

2016 Mar 5
1 piece haddock & 1 piece halibut. Both were deliciously moist with a great crisp coating, however the halibut was the superior version. Nice chips as well. Top notch!

2009 Dec 5
CC, the "newsprint" in question looks like the kind that's made specifically for the purpose of serving seafood. The kind I've seen is on waxy paper and it has a bunch of silly articles about fish written on it.

Also, newspapers have been using the lead-free vegetable-based inks for many many years already.

There's no need to manufacture scandal; there's plenty of it out there already!

2009 Dec 5
Serving on newsprint ??? .... Great if you want to increase the lead in your diet.

The brits banned the serving of fish and chips in newsprint because the food can draw out the lead in the ink.

I've seen some places serve fish and chips in newsprint with a layer of wax paper in between the newsprint and the food ... I assume to circumvent any laws.

2009 Dec 4
The fish and chips is really good and I like that it's served on newsprint, a nice old English touch.

2014 May 2
Had the lobster roll for lunch today. It was loaded with fresh lobster in a nice light sauce, really delicious. Served with a small salad and their tasty fries this was a perfect size lunch. Ive found this restaurant continues to be one of the most consistent in the city. Do your body a favour and eat their French fries.

2015 Jun 28
Also had the pan fried scallops and braised pork belly with squash puree, chard and pickled mustard seeds. What a great combination. Tons of flavour, great textures and high quality ingredients make this an outstanding dish. Pelican always impresses me!

2015 Jun 28
Unlike other lobster poutines I've had, a rich, cheesy and delicious lobster gravy is in place of a chowder like sauce. Plenty of curds and crisp fries make this an outstanding poutine that I order almost every time I visit.