Lobster Roll at Central Bierhaus
Lobster Roll at Pelican Grill
Where to get Lobster Roll


2015 Oct 10
Their new menu features an Atlantic Lobster Roll ($18) that is quite great! It's loaded with a generous amount of lobster and is flanked by a huge pile of their excellent fries and a simple but nice green salad. I chose this menu item because I thought it would be relatively light and I'd still have room for one of their excellent desserts. Nope, maybe next time.

To be honest, I'm not really a fan of lobster rolls. I find the bread and too-sweet dressing takes away from the subtle flavours and textures of lobster meat. But if people ask me where to get a good lobster roll, I'll be sure to mention CB!

2014 May 2
Had the lobster roll for lunch today. It was loaded with fresh lobster in a nice light sauce, really delicious. Served with a small salad and their tasty fries this was a perfect size lunch. Ive found this restaurant continues to be one of the most consistent in the city. Do your body a favour and eat their French fries.