Bn Thịt Nướng at New Phở B G LA
New Phở B G LA
New Phở B G LA
New Phở B G LA
Bn B Huế at New Phở B G LA
Spring Rolls at New Phở B G LA
Gỏi Cuốn (Summer Roll) at New Phở B G LA
Foods from New Phở B G LA

2009 Sep 15
Hi Ashley

Could you please explain the following comment further...

"For Asian customers, they only accept CASH payment. But I don't think they have such requirements for Caucasian customers. "

2009 Sep 15
My friend (from Vietnam) picked this place for Phở since every one wanted something light for lunch. She told us that the owners of Phở B G LA and New Phở B G LA are brothers. Their sister opened the first Phở restaurant in LA and hence they added LA to the end of the restaurant name.

The restaurant inside has pretty nice deco (when compared with other Vietnamese restaurants that we have visited in Chinatown area). At least the restaurant inside looks pretty clean.

Their Phở that we tried was tasty. If I go to Chinatown for Phở, this place will be my choice.

For Asian customers, they only accept CASH payment. But I don't think they have such requirements for Caucasian customers.

Note: The brothers all went back to Vietnam for few months to get trained to make the soup base for Phở before they opened the restaurants in Ottawa.

2009 Aug 9
We ate here on a Saturday night. There are two locations within a block of each other on Somerset. We ate at the one on the North side of the street.

There was a slow relaxed atmosphere to the place. I noticed that a number of people came in to eat alone, often a sign that the food is good enough to set off cravings.

I don't meat beyond poultry so my choices were limited. I had the vegetarian spring rolls and BBQ chicken with rice. My wife had a pork chicken dish on bean sprouts.

It was all very tasty. the chicken was a wee bit on the drier side but nothing to truly complain about. The flavouring was delicious. The complimentary tea was excellent as well.

Well worth a trip and reasonably priced.

2009 Jul 20
The New Pho Bo Ga LA is my favorite pho joint in the city....the pho broth is delicious, the spring rolls always piping hot and crispy and the tea is exceptionally tasty. The service is lacking, but this isin't the type of place you go for a gourmet meal. This is quick and delicious food for big appetites. A+!

2008 Jul 2
I went here on Canada Day. The place was just a little over half full, which was good because I wanted to get away from the crowds downtown.

Dishes ordered were the shrimp rice wraps, shrimp spring rolls, a seafood rice noodle pho and a beef rice dish.

The food was average for a Viet place. Nothing bad at all, but nothing mind blowing -- good broth if a bit on the mild side. The soup bowls are a bit smaller than some of the places that have those giant vats (that I love so).
The quality of the beef, although nicely flavoured, was sub-par. Not sliced thinly enough and tough and gristly in spots.

Service was a bit lacking: no water refills unless you flagged someone down.

Stuff did come out quickly though, which was a plus.

Now that I've been here twice, I know my preference is Pho Bo Ga, just a few steps away on Lebreton.

2007 Sep 28
I came to New Pho Bo Ga LA with my colleagues yesterday (one of whom is Vietnamese) for some pho. It was my first visit to the restaurant, and it was packed. No wonder: the pho was delish (one co-worker and I had the S4 with shrimp and BBQ pork and rice noodles, and another co-worker had a dish with tapioca noodles and pork, but I can't remember its number), as were the pork springrolls. The three of us were definitely satisfied after our meal. It was a good, cheap, quick lunch and I am already craving their springrolls again.

My only complaint is that several feet outside the front door there is a black rubber "Welcome" mat concealing a pothole. Of course, because I was wearing heels, I walked over said mat and into the pothole, twisting my ankle. It was quite hilarious at the time, but now my foot is swollen. A word to the wise: at New Pho Bo Ga LA order the springrolls, but don't step on the mat!

2007 Jun 16
There is some confusion wrt New PBGLa and PBGLa

New PBGLa with the blue sign and the brown wood Buddha is on the north side of in fact the PBGLa than MingD is talking about. There is also one on the south side of the street further west of Bronson with a blue sign this is the old PBGLaand its been around a long time and I have never been too impressed by it. It has also gone through many reincarnations thru the last 20 years and I found the food wanting.

The New PBGLa is the one I went to try Bun BO below and is the one I was not too impressed with their rice dishes talk about too many viet places..

Didn't know there was a 'new' PBGLa. (761-763 Somerset W?)

Must be a dynasty like the PBG1, 2 3 and Springroll House.

PBG1 had the greatest soup, but has deteriorated recently. Springroll has a great pork chop on rice, but the soup's ok. Seems they may have lost the PBG1 soup secret to someone else. Since I know the original owner, must ask what happened. Unless someone else knows?

The soup at 'original' PBGLa was ok, but restaurant & things seem to be saying that the soup is 'better' here.

After Pacific Village and then PBG1, I'd have to go backwards in memory and think that the Golden Turtle place has the best soup stock after this. I have been to quite a few viet soup places since then though.

2007 06 16.

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2009 Sep 15
FF, we got lots of mint!

2007 Sep 23
Very fresh, good shrimp, but low on mint and the sauce was more like hoisin with peanuts floating in it rather than the really great peanut sauce you sometimes get in other places. Still, not bad at all.


2009 Sep 15
We also ordered their Spring Rolls. One order consists of 2 little rolls only (not 3). We asked the server to give us a pair of scissors to cut each tiny roll into 2 so that 4 of us can share. The taste was very good. But just too tiny!

2007 Sep 25
One order consists of three little delicious rolls as opposed to only two. Best bang for your buck on Somerset.

2007 Sep 23
Shrimp spring rolls were piping hot and very good!



2008 May 12
"new" Pho Bo Ga la

A very worthy bowl o' bun bo hue..

2013 Jun 25
Bun with 3 choices of accompaniments: shrimp on sugar cane, grilled beef and spring rolls. Again, one of the best in town. The marinated carrots and turnip (lo bok) add that extra yummy flavour. The shrimp on sugar cane was crisp and sweet.

My only complaint is that the upkeep is questionable. The place was still busy (Tuesday night) with lots of turnover. I just wish it was cleaner.

2012 Nov 11
By far my favourite bn in town. The spring rolls are the best. They have a lot of flavour and are in a wrinkly crispy texture. The grilled pork is also fresh and perfectly grilled. It is better than Saigon Pho on Somerset in that the meats don't have that overmarinated (possibly for a long time) taste.

Hard to explain, just a very good balance of flavours!

Phở -3



2009 Sep 15
I ordered #2 (cooked beef pho, medium size) for lunch. Their clear broth is pretty good (only small amount of MSG used)! Good place to go for Phở. Also got my vote.

2009 Feb 17
Gets my vote!! Amazing broth :).

2008 Aug 17
Like Pho Bo Ga LA (Pho Bo Ga LA), they also serve a shrimp cracker with their satay-style soup. The shrimp and chicken satay soup (S3), was decent. Broth is sometimes awesome here but was just okay today.

Unlike the other "Pho Bo Ga" restaurants, this one offers a full menu of non-soup dishes.