DiRienzo Foods
Sandwiches at DiRienzo Foods
DiRienzo Foods
Sandwiches at DiRienzo Foods
Sandwiches at DiRienzo Foods
Sandwiches at DiRienzo Foods
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2010 Jan 5
can't figure out what makes them so great but no other sandwiches come close! yum!!

2009 Nov 23
Anytime I need a quick bite, I head over to Direinzo for a sandwich. Alexi's Diavolo is my favourite (has some kick to it - spicy havarti, spicy eggplants, mmmm) Samosa's are also good if you get there before they sell out. Lot's to choose from.

Great lunch for a great price!

Don't be discouraged by the line. Moves fast.

Owners are super friendly!

2009 Aug 15
DiRienzo's has the best sandwiches for the cost of $3-4. It is delicious. Fresh and custom made. I make my own there since I come here a lot, the owner already knows what I want. I like having Ham, roast beef, turkey, and spicy havarti with little mayo, honey mustard, tomato, and extra meat ;) on mine

There is a sandwich for everyone there :). The pastas and desserts are also amazing. My favorite however is when they have the veal sandwiches on weekends. I love this place, it is one of Ottawa's best kept "pseudo" secrets.

2009 Feb 3
Wow! Super impressed! Having had friends who worked at Nicastro's and having worked at La Bottega myself, I've heard every argument about who does the best sandwiches in town. Needless to say, service was fast and very, very friendly. I didn't realize they didn't take debit, but the owner said if I didn't have enough I could get him next time--even though I hadn't even taken a bite of my sandwich.
As for the great sandwich debate, La Bottega offers more "selection"--but I was still able to get hot peppers and eggplant on my sandwich. La Bottega is also a dollar cheaper. IMHO, La Bottega is worth the money if you want something to fill you up for eight hours, because holy it's big. On the other hand, I didn't feel quite like my arteries were clogged once I finished the amazingly deleicious sandwich at DiRienzo's.

2009 Jan 17
I overheard a conversation about this place one morning when I was grabbing a coffee and decided to keep it in mind for one of my exploring days.

Today I managed to locate it while I explored other aspects of Preston ave on foot.

Wow what a great tip. I had a great proscuitto sandwich and picked up a couple of sinfully good italian pasteries and a panzerotti. All totaled an economical $12.

The guys behind the counter whip off the sandwiches at great speed and are very polite.

The location is essentially the corner of Champagne and Beech.

2008 Sep 6
The lunch line moves very fast, even if it seems like it is lined up out the door don't be discouraged.

If you are vegan-ish (buns are a common flexibility) you can definitely get a sandwich here. They have a sandwich on the board "Giardino di Eva" which is nearly vegan. Make sure you specify: no cheese, no mayo. The buns may (probably) have eggs. Ask if you are worried.

2008 May 7
I LOVE the sandwiches at this and Meadowlands location!!
you cannot go wrong with a tastey sandwich that only costs you 4$!!! Thats crazy!! I think I am in love with this place as I always mention to everyone I talk to about food that they should eat there! 4$!!! I hope they create a location in Kanata as I live in Stittsville and travel all that way for my sandwiches

Although I must say I am not copltely happy about the service at the loaction on Meadowlands. the "kids" that work there are not very helpfull and polite. Such a change when you go to the one on Beech. They are so nice there!

Also the pastries at the Beech st loaction are unbeliveable! And cheap!

p.s i swear i dont work there, I just really love the food and service!

2008 Feb 10
The sandwiches here are great. Don't be put off by the long line (there's always a long line) they are efficient and the line moves along quickly.

2007 Sep 12
I dropped by back in August to get some cold cuts and cheeses for a picnic. While this place does not have the fancy digs or as much selection as the Bottega, the quality and service more than make up for that. Unfortunately for me, this place does not take Interac. The nice man at the cash gave me directions to the nearest bank machine on Preston street and INSISTED that I take my bag of $35 worth of coldcuts and pastries with me rather that leave it behind at the store. Oh, and the meats and cheeses were excellent.

2007 May 28
Although I have not eaten here myself, I have had rave reviews from all my friends who have. They say their sandwiches are the best in town.

I have "seen" the sandwiches and they made my eyes get very big. I have tasted one and its made me want more!

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2016 Apr 14
Sandwiches are as good as they ever were and for $6 they are still a great deal. Got the turkey prosciutto with everything including spicy eggplant. Great sandwich, generous, quality ingredients and friendly service. What more could you want!?

2012 Jan 15
Best sandwiches EVER. What more can I say?

Oh, always get the pickled eggplant. Always.

2008 Feb 24
My son says, "Never eat a sandwich that's bigger than your head!" Yum, these are always awesome! :-)

2007 Aug 26
God there good!

2007 May 28
Funny that Micaylah was talking about sandwiches from here...I just was there this weekend for the first time! I too had heard sooo much about this place and how amazing the sandwiches are....I was going to be within the area so I decided this is the time to go...finally.

So I got 2 vegetarian sandwiches, one on a bun and one on a longer bun(?) and oh my, were they GOOD! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Comes with cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo, and spicy eggplant that has been marinated/pickled (not sure which)...doesn't matter since it was amazing. Fresh bread with fresh ingredients...simple, and how sandwiches should be!

2007 May 15
I would like a sandwich right now please.

2007 Feb 1
Is there really anywhere else to get a sandwich? Yum!

2006 Dec 10
I just finished eating my sandwich (Prosciutto Cotto).

We decided to stop by as we hadn't been in for a good long time (since even before we met!) and found that the service was fast despite the lineup.

We got 3 big sandwiches for just over $10.

What I love about this place (other than the best sandwiches ever)is the interaction between staff and customer. You pick up your own bread (a big roll that is surprisingly light) and hand it over with your order! And they try to tempt you with ultra-ripe persimmons and cannolis at the cash counter. Those rascals!

2006 Oct 24
I'm having DiRienzo's right now! I'm right by Beech.. so I treat myself there all the time..

soooo GOOD! for under 4$ too!!! well.. 4$ even tax in =) sooooo goood BEST IN TOWN!

2006 Sep 8
Best sandwich deal in town. Much tastier than the chains.

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2007 Mar 11
They have a local Italian baker come in every morning with a fresh batch, which they use largely for their famous sandwiches. Read the description of Di Rienzo's for why you should go there right now!

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2012 Jan 24
I had understood they were from Montreal.
Or possibly Heaven.

2012 Jan 24
Weird - I went yesterday (Monday) and they had about 20-30, very fresh. Maybe the weather kept people home this weekend - lucky meeee!

2012 Jan 24
Very good cannoli. Not as good as Mike's in Boston (my fave, never having been to Italy), but the best I've had in the city I think. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, they're only available on Saturdays and they go fast. They're brought in from TO is what I heard.

2012 Jan 24
I saw Tina's post about the cannoli and had to post my own note. I love them, but have found (and been told by the owner) that they only come on Saturday. If you can find one on Sunday, consider yourself lucky.