DiRienzo Foods
Sandwiches at DiRienzo Foods
DiRienzo Foods
Sandwiches at DiRienzo Foods
Sandwiches at DiRienzo Foods
Sandwiches at DiRienzo Foods
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2018 Apr 14
Thanks for the recommendation! I will check it out and report back. Sounds delicious.

2018 Apr 13
I highly recommend the porchetta sandwich at Nicastro’s on MERIVALE. Melt in your mouth, perfectly seasoned deliciousness.

2018 Apr 9
Well, i know where i'm going for lunch today....


2018 Apr 7
Still so good and a steal at 7$ tax in. Veteran move is to add spicy eggplant or mixed vegetables to the sandwich at no extra cost. Sandwiches are messy and napkins are a must. Not to be eaten while driving. Double meat is 1$. Pictured is the #14 with double meat and spicy eggplant. If you’re craving a sandwich don’t go to Subway. DiRienzo’s, Misto’s, La Botegga, Luciano’s etc... make much better sandwiches for a better price .

2012 Aug 29
Went back to Dirienzo's twice since my last comment. Got the diavolo sandwich again - man, what a sandwich! It's quite simply perfect in size, quality and price point.

Also got the mussels again, this time with two complimentary loaves of bread. I swear, these are the best mussels in Ottawa. I just kept eating bread with sauce from the mussels all day long.

Also ventured to try the meat ravioli. It was very good, though not hot (probably made earlier in the day). Good, but no candle to the mussels or sandwiches.

For dessert: a cannoli and chocolate mousse. At $1 each, these homemade desserts can't be beaten. Add a couple cans of Aranchiata to wash it all down and you have a perfect weekend picnic in the park.

2012 Jun 14
Finally got around to stopping by Dirienzo's and I was absolutely floored. Definitely leagues better than La Bottega and comparable to a sandwich you could pick up on the streets of Rome.

We grabbed our food and ended up finding a picnic table across the street and enjoyed a wonderful lunch in the sun al fresco.

I forget what my sandwich was called - Devil's something? - it was spicy prosciutto, hot salami, capicollo? Anyhow, it was fantastic and I was very happy to have gotten it with the eggplant. My sister had the classic turkey sandwich which she also enjoyed.

The pasta here was also a fantastic deal - we got a huge portion of homemade fresh stuffed canneloni (with cheese and spinach) and the pasta and sauce tasted like fresh from nonna's kitchen.

But the best deal by far was the mussels in a spicy garlic tomato wine sauce. For $5 we had a heaping take-out container of mussels - the dish would have easily cost $18 served in a restaurant. In fact, I'd be willing to say it's my favourite plate of mussels I've yet had in Ottawa. All that was missing was some bread to soak up the incredible sauce.

We rounded off the meal by splitting two desserts ($1 each). I don't remember what they're called but one was filled with a pistachio cream and it was absolutely incredible.

Amazing meal at Dirienzo's and I definitely intend on coming back.

2012 Apr 20
Di Rienzo's will rake in money and customers regardless of my opinion, but it's awesome. The staff are all very personable and remember your face if not your name and order. The prices can't be beat, and food is consistently great, and worth far more than they're charging for it.

2012 Jan 23
Stopped by after craving a sandwich for weeks- perfect as always! Highly recommend the #14 with mustard and mayo ( all the spicy meats and havarti)

Tried the cannoli for the first time. Oh. My. Goodness. I had a pretty stellar cannoli in Little Italy NYC... this one blew it away. Light, not too sweet, and there was a cream cheese flavour to the filling. Please go try one.

In the past I've also enjoyed a Napoleon( childhood fave) awesome!

Sandwich size of my head and cannoli -$7!

2011 Jul 11
We popped in here a couple of Saturdays ago to pick up something for supper. We chose 2 pastas that were both delicious-a ravioli with chicken and eggplant parmigiana. Both were delicious but we agreed the parmigiana was the winner. At $5 each it felt like a steal. There were several types of pasta and they opened each container so we could see what they looked like. There also was bruschetta, pizza, calzones, meatball sandwiches and pastries on offer. We also tried the samosas-too spicy for me but if you like hot food they make a light snack. Always love the sandwiches but this was a nice change.

2011 Jan 21
Whatever the reason, the (minor) price rise was held off for years. I'm amazed it took this long.

Still the bestest italian sandwich in O-town.

The hot italian takeaway at lunchtime is also REALLY good.




2016 Apr 14
Sandwiches are as good as they ever were and for $6 they are still a great deal. Got the turkey prosciutto with everything including spicy eggplant. Great sandwich, generous, quality ingredients and friendly service. What more could you want!?

2012 Jan 15
Best sandwiches EVER. What more can I say?

Oh, always get the pickled eggplant. Always.

2008 Feb 24
My son says, "Never eat a sandwich that's bigger than your head!" Yum, these are always awesome! :-)

2007 Aug 26
God there good!

2007 May 28
Funny that Micaylah was talking about sandwiches from here...I just was there this weekend for the first time! I too had heard sooo much about this place and how amazing the sandwiches are....I was going to be within the area so I decided this is the time to go...finally.

So I got 2 vegetarian sandwiches, one on a bun and one on a longer bun(?) and oh my, were they GOOD! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Comes with cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo, and spicy eggplant that has been marinated/pickled (not sure which)...doesn't matter since it was amazing. Fresh bread with fresh ingredients...simple, and how sandwiches should be!

2007 May 15
I would like a sandwich right now please.

2007 Feb 1
Is there really anywhere else to get a sandwich? Yum!

2006 Dec 10
I just finished eating my sandwich (Prosciutto Cotto).

We decided to stop by as we hadn't been in for a good long time (since even before we met!) and found that the service was fast despite the lineup.

We got 3 big sandwiches for just over $10.

What I love about this place (other than the best sandwiches ever)is the interaction between staff and customer. You pick up your own bread (a big roll that is surprisingly light) and hand it over with your order! And they try to tempt you with ultra-ripe persimmons and cannolis at the cash counter. Those rascals!

2006 Oct 24
I'm having DiRienzo's right now! I'm right by Beech.. so I treat myself there all the time..

soooo GOOD! for under 4$ too!!! well.. 4$ even tax in =) sooooo goood BEST IN TOWN!

2006 Sep 8
Best sandwich deal in town. Much tastier than the chains.

Pasta 1





2007 Mar 11
They have a local Italian baker come in every morning with a fresh batch, which they use largely for their famous sandwiches. Read the description of Di Rienzo's for why you should go there right now!


2012 Jan 24
I had understood they were from Montreal.
Or possibly Heaven.

2012 Jan 24
Weird - I went yesterday (Monday) and they had about 20-30, very fresh. Maybe the weather kept people home this weekend - lucky meeee!

2012 Jan 24
Very good cannoli. Not as good as Mike's in Boston (my fave, never having been to Italy), but the best I've had in the city I think. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, they're only available on Saturdays and they go fast. They're brought in from TO is what I heard.

2012 Jan 24
I saw Tina's post about the cannoli and had to post my own note. I love them, but have found (and been told by the owner) that they only come on Saturday. If you can find one on Sunday, consider yourself lucky.