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Dick's Drive-In
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Milkshakes at Dick's Drive-In
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Onion Rings at Dick's Drive-In
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2010 Aug 28
I'm sorry to say that I wasn't impressed with my burger at Dick's. My bun was really stale and the patty was dry, very dry. Also they used hard central rib portion of the lettuce which made this burger extra hard to bite into. I had high expectations for this place because of all the great reviews it got. i would normally give it a second chance because of all the good reviews but my burger was so bad I really don't think I'll be returning :-(

2010 Aug 14
Wanted a fresh burger and out of the handful of places in town that do fresh Dick's was our choice Friday evening. We both had bacon cheeseburgers. On it a real cheddar slice. I did notice the burger was a tad dry but had that charcoal flavour,a unique feature that stands out. The rings were crispy,and a bit darker than usual. It may be time to change the oil or turn the fryer down a bit. Our chocolate shakes filled our glasses twice. They come to the table in a stainless steel mixer cup which you then pour in one of those old classic Sunday glasses. It may not be as trendy and upscale as other places in town but the price is right.

2010 Aug 6
Props to Dick's. A good crowd from my ball hockey team came here after a game and it was a half hour past their closing time. The door was still unlocked however, and the owner welcomed us in, and confirmed food was still available. I guess our group of 9 made it worthwhile - though several other patrons came in while we were there also (for ice cream). Everyone enjoyed their meals which were quite delicious, and the frozen treats that were sampled were great as well. Maybe they should keep longer (official) hours in the summertime.

2010 Mar 2
Went last weekend with user Beable.

I ordered their Montreal burger along with a half fries half onion rings combo, as well as a chocolate milkshake.

Food was A+. I'd recommend arriving early to ensure you can snag a booth - it was busy when we arrived and we ended up having to sit at the bar, which would be fine in the summer, but in winter doesn't really leave you any good place to leave your coat.

2010 Feb 23
Yeah, I eat here way too's close by, it's cheap, it's consistent...and the staff have long ago started to recognize me, which is either a good or a bad sign, I haven't quite figured it out yet.

Space: Dick's is a little 50's diner, complete with pastel interior, records on the wall and oldies music playing. As a lover of things retro, I am in heaven; for everyone else, I can understand how they might find it a bit twee. The booths are creaky and the space is kind of small, but they do open up a nice sized patio in the summer.

One time I saw a fruit fly in the vinegar. He must have been a happy little guy while he was alive. I've never seen any other vermin in the location, it's always appeared quite clean to me and I've seen the staff wipe down the booths effectively between seatings.

Service: I have only ever once had a problem with service - a summer evening when it was so busy that we weren't even acknowledged for 15 minutes after sitting down in a booth. We left promptly, and by the next time we came by for dinner, they had another person waiting tables on staff, even at slower times...problem solved.

Service is always reserved but friendly, and very quick. It's certainly no-frills service, but I have never felt like we were being treated poorly.

Menu: The menu is easy enough to navigate -- you have your burgers and your dogs (which you can "combo"), you have your ice cream, and then you have everything else.

Food: The Floats and Milkshakes are always spot-on. I recommend the Avocado milkshake, even if the menu is misleading (all the flavours under the menu item are not included, the avocado milkshake is actually...avocado). Other than that, strawberry and vanilla are good choices (especially with malt on the vanilla!).

All of the beef burgers are good -- the buns have always been fresh when I visit, the aioli is nice and the fried onions are tasty, never greasy. I do find there is too much lettuce for the burger. I also enjoy the veggie burger on occasion, which I find tastes similar to their chili, minus the meat.

The hot dogs, (foot long and little richard) are delish and have a good snap to them. My husband gets his with sauerkraut and fried onions, when not indulging in a chili-cheese dog.

I've also had the grilled cheese and bacon sandwich and the green salad, both are pretty large portions and are good diner choices.

The fries are excellent, made in-house properly by my standards (skins still intact). If you're not upgrading to a poutine (always recommended) then definitely get a side of aioli - that is some fine fry sauce!

The onion rings are surprisingly not my thing -- I seem to be in the minority in loving my rings battered, not breaded. They are the best breaded rings I've had in the city, nonetheless...just not my preferred type.

Overall: The price point is good and the food is always consistent. It's a quick meal and I've never had a problem eating there. The servers may not fall all over you, but they're still quite pleasant, and if you can get into the decor, it's not that bad...;)

2010 Feb 15
Shortly after Christmas, we were wanting to go out for dinner, but after weeks of “pigging out” on high-calorie fare, we were looking for something different… we ended up at Dick’s Drive-In.

And although we’ve both lived in Ottawa for many years, this was a first visit for both of us.

Having read the Reviews here on OF, we knew a bit about what to expect when it came to “basic” décor… so that didn’t come as a surprise.

We sauntered in, got a friendly greeting and sat at an empty booth (and yes it is very 1950ish). After perusing the menus we decided to order a Deluxe Cheeseburger, a Mushroom Swiss Burger, a Fries & Rings Combo, a Coke, and a Chocolate Shake.

In short order, our food showed up… very casual presentation with Burgers and sides in a basket. The burgers were huge… but we quickly noticed that both our burgers were identical (no Deluxe Cheeseburger to be found). Fortunately, “The Man” has no issues with the Mushroom Swiss Burger toppings (Swiss Cheese, Sauteed Mushrooms, and Fried Onions) in addition to the standard Dick’s toppings of Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles and Mustard. So we agreed to each enjoy a Mushroom Swiss Burger and not “let on” to Management the mistake.

The Burgers were delicious… probably the best burgers we’ve ever had in Ottawa. The Fries much like those off a chip wagon, and the Onion Rings tasty (although I can’t say they were the best we’ve ever had).

“The Man” enjoyed his Chocolate Shake immensely. It came poured into a traditional milkshake glass, along with the milkshake machine stainless mixing container which was half-full with more of the same tasty milkshake… no skimping here. “The Man” said the milkshake was great. My coke was good.

By the time we got thru the Burgers and drinks we were stuffed… and only ate some of the Fries & Rings (I could not for the life of me imagine us both eating a full order of Fries or Rings… sharing the Combo was the right choice).

Overall we were quite happy with the food & service (even the mix-up in our order). And we agree that this is a spot we should frequent more often.

2009 Nov 5
Following the great reviews on this site we dropped by recently but had a mixed experience. Loved the fries, great chip truck style fries and the portions were huge. I found my burger disappointing. Ordered the junior (1/4 pounder) but found the patty very thin, it was the size of a McDonalds burger patty (the kind that come in the little regular burgers). Also the bun was stale. My SO had the foot long hot dog, he loved the dog but also found the bun a bit stale. He also really liked the onion rings. Unfortunately we had ordered take out so we couldn't complain about the buns plus we stopped by an hour before closing which could have impacted on the quality of food. On the plus side the service was great, the employees were very friendly and apologized when our order was a little late. I really appreciate good service as its becoming harder and harder to find. Overall Dicks was just okay for us, but did seem like a great place to stop for ice cream in the summer.

2009 Sep 19
What a great place - I'm ashamed to say this was my first time there! We'd originally wanted to take the boys to Dairy Queen for a treat, but then decided to make a run to Costco out of it. One thing lead to another and we decided to drop in - and we'll never go back to DQ again! Great home made food at terrific prices - what is there to not like?

2009 Aug 20
Finally made it to Dick's & know i'll return next time i get that craving that would otherwise bring me to the Works.

As others have noted, the veggie burgers here are above par (tofu + bean mix) and decently filling. thanks for the pointers all.

2009 Apr 24
Just got back from Dicks. Everyone enjoyed their meals. Had the Cheeseburger Delux with bacon and onion rings. Burger was great had that charcoal flovour which I haven't had in a long time. The onion rings best yet in Ottawa. The foot long dogs were great as the comment was they had a skin to them which you crunched through. Only one thing the service was a tad slow since there was only one person for the tables inside and out. Mistakes on the order at our table and the table next to us also.

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2009 Sep 27
Totally agree about Dick's having the best onion rings (and burgers & milkshakes for that matter) in the city. Forget The Works, this is where it's at!

2009 Sep 26
best rings in the city so far @ dick's. the vietnamese peeps (who bought this place from the dude that flips and revamps restaurants and later moved to stoneface dolly's) are very evasive when it comes to telling you the ingredients for their rings.

after a few tries to replicate, i suggest: coating with a buttermilk, salt (and/or MSG for the extra kick), flour mixture followed by heavy dredging in honey flavored panko breadcrumbs. these breadcrumbs are my preferred choice for texture, crispy and light when cooked and turns a nice golden color.

taking this one step further - experimented this for deep fried bananas and BABY we got a winner. slap on some caramel or chocolate sauce... and SAY MY NAME!!! you can basically coat any of the 4 food groups with this and be one step closer to god. yaknowm'sayin'!

2009 Apr 19
Can't wait to try them. A&W and Kelseys also have good rings.

2009 Jan 4
Still the best in Ottawa. Hands down!

2008 Mar 10
I like them a lot but I agree they are very similar to A&W's which are probably much cheaper.

2008 Jan 6
I finally got to try these and they sure are good but extremely greasy. I got them to go and they cost a smidge over $5 with tax. A huge quantity, easily enough for someone to eat as a meal.

They are super crispy, almost overcooked, and seem to be breaded with panko crumbs. There is a tasty saltiness to the batter reminiscent of A&W rings. However, unlike A&W, these ones don't fall apart while you're eating them.

I probably won't get them again, simply because I can't handle eating a pound of onion rings (I might be exaggerating there). They'd be perfect to share across 3 or 4 people for a tasty snack...

2007 Feb 1
I agree, those onion rings ARE the best in Ottawa. If only I could persuade my partner to frequent Dick's more often... I just realised how dirty that sounds! I mean the restaurant damnit!

2007 Jan 14
Best in the city!

Crispy. Generous amount of onion in the batter. Remarkably cohesive -- these didn't fall apart at all, no onion sneaking out of its ring, nothing. Great batter. Etc, etc.

(Yes, I've had The Works'. Good. But these are better.)


2012 Nov 20
The milkshakes are expensive on their own but you do get a lot, and they can be ordered as part of a combo meal. Banana and black cherry are my favorites. Sometimes I wish they would add new flavors (but don't take away the old ones! they're excellent!) -- I think technically they could make a shake out of any of their ice cream flavors, which would be neat.

Be careful if you get a burger and fries combo with a milkshake. The portions are generous and a serious calorie overload if you eat it all at once. I have gone into a food coma from doing this!

2009 Sep 28
strawberry milkshakes @ dick's. most places forget to top it up with the maraschino cherry accoutrement as THE perfect finishing touch.

it's ALL about THE cherry...

2009 Sep 28
strawberry milkshakes @ dick's. transport yourself through the space-time continuum to those 1950s malt shoppes with elvis singing in the background and not a care in the world... life was simpler and more beautiful. retro kewlness indeed.

the serving was generous with extras in the stainless steel mixing cup included alongside. this made me mozy down over without further ado to buy a retro milkshake mixer for my kitchen.

2009 Sep 19
Three cheers for the shakes - huge servings at decent prices. My wife and I both really enjoyed ours.

2009 Sep 18
The shakes are made the old-fashioned way, from milk and hard ice cream. Each shake is served in a traditional milkshake glass, with the remaining milkshake on the side in the steel container.

Yummy! Reminded me of my youth : )



2012 Nov 20
I really have been spoiled by eating here. I have found nary a burger than can compare to the ones at Dick's. Juicy and flavorful, the whole wheat bun, caramelized onion, and charcoal fired beef really come together to make an excellent burger that's very comforting on a cold day.

My friend is a huge fan of their chicken burger. I can't speak for what it tastes like but it's the only thing he will order from Dick's now.

One caveat: If you order bacon on your burger, as I like to, be careful that they actually give it to you. I have had three instances where I paid for bacon and only got a cheeseburger. I have also paid for a cheeseburger and gotten a regular burger. When told about it they have replaced it with no problem. Mistakes happen but it's happened enough that I recommend checking to see if you got what you paid for, especially if you are doing take out. When you get home, it's kinda too late.

2009 Sep 19
Best burger in town, hands down! Had the "Junior" which is a quarter pounder, and big enough to fill me up just right without anything on the side. I also like that the buns are 65% whole wheat. My wife had the Junior as well and really liked it. And at just over 4 bucks even better!

2009 Jan 4
Better than The Works! Close to Chez Lucien... very close. I had the Montreal burger recently - think I should probably get a Rx for Crestor or something - it contained a burger patty, bacon, cream cheese sauteed mushrooms and some aioli. Freakin' good. My burger was cooked medium, thus retaining some good beefy flavour. All in all, it was a taste sensation.


2012 Nov 20
A while ago for a celebration we ordered the Matterhorn dish. It's a serious pile of ice cream. We had 4 people and were able to finish it pretty easily. Easy way to try all of the flavors at Dick's. I wouldn't get this dish unless you have a friend or two to help because you might not be able to finish it without a stomach ache.

Dick's is one of the few places you can get tiger tail ice cream these days. The only other vendors I know of are the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and President's Choice recently brought out the flavor for their ice cream shop line.

2011 Jun 6
This place is great for ice cream. $3.09 + tax for a 1 super big scoop of delicious ice cream. I usually get the maple walnut flavour. It's a real wonder why people line up 15 deep at Dairy Queen down the road for ice milk when they could get real ice cream at Dick's instead.

2009 Apr 19
I did try the ice cream here. It reminded me of a grocery store ice cream(Chapmans)it had that chaulky consistency. My wife found the same thing but this was one of the only places she could find Tiger Tail ice cream. We would not go back for just ice cream.

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2010 Apr 12
I had a basket of fries here the other day and they were absolutely perfect - probably the best fries I've had in years. Almost as though there were not a drop of oil in them on on them - and crispy as anything on the outside, nice and tender on the inside.

2009 Sep 19
My wife had a side of fries with her Junior Burger and even though she hadn't eaten much all day she could not finish both so I ended up eating some of her fries. They were done really well - definitely amongst some of the best in town that I'd had.

2010 Apr 12
Had the boys here the other day for a sundae - but I learned last time around that even their small ones are enormous so I got the boys to agree on something and got one with 2 spoons so they could split it. They managed to polish it off - and loved every mouthful.

2009 Sep 19
There is a huge selection of ice cream flavours to choose from, with options for different nuts, chocolate or butterscotch sauce, and whipped cream with a cherry. The boys both had the small sundae and it was pretty huge for 5 and 7 year olds. In fact, for a dessert after a meal it is pretty big for an adult too! It had to have been 500ml or more ice cream - real ice cream not the soft serve stuff. And not outrageously expensive either.


2010 Aug 30
Dick's veggie burger is and tastes homemade. It is very tasty, you can see and taste the black beans. It was a little dry when i tried it, but nothing a little ketchup can't fix. The bun was a whole wheat bun - I would've asked for a regular white bun had i known. (i don't order veggie burgers to be healthy) The price is a bit steep at $7.09.