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2013 Aug 11
Asked for a small fry ($3.25) and a hot dog ($2.75). Got this nice little meal for $6 tax in. Fast food chains, eat your heart out. ;-)

The hot dog, fries, and drink combo is something like $6.50 and I didn't want a drink that day. Be warned that if you really want a separate small fry order and a hot dog, you'd better specify that explicitly or you might end up with this "combo sans drink" as seen here.

The downside: I'm pretty sure this was less fries than you get with a small order. The upside: awesome lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and cheese triangle (!) garnish. I stuffed the cheese into my hot dog to upgrade it.

The hot dog was above average and the fries were incredible as always!

2012 Feb 11
The little lady sure likes her hot dogs. Actually this is the reason we ventured out to Vera's today. Hard to find a good dog in Ottawa but the quarter pound all beef Vera dog I'm told is at the top of the list. Great texture with a smokey flavor from the grill. This is the place for the big dawgs!

2015 May 6
The special on Monday was a chili dog with cheese with fries and a drink for $8. This was exceptional! Tasty, meaty chili, a good quality large wiener, and the best bun I've ever seen at a hot dog or chip stand. Seriously... it was fresh, lightly crusty, and almost pastry-like.


2010 Jul 6
OMG! Those hot dogs are sooooooooo good! I would drive 193097504975029703497073970590394734096 days just for those dogs!


2010 Oct 20
The Jumbo Hot Dog here is tasty and well-priced at $2.50. Plenty of condiments are available to spruce it up and make it your own! The wieners look to be impressive 8-inchers!


2009 May 1
My wife had the Coney Island Chili Dog platter, which was well priced at $8.99. She thought it was okay but we both agreed that all-beef wieners -- even very juicy ones like this -- are not our favourite. As others have said here, the chili does have a unique flavour to it. Wifey liked the scant chili more than the wiener.




2012 Oct 12
In the six years following that post they built a house there.

2012 Oct 12
Whats homemade about a shopsy's sausage made on the side of the road?!?!?!

2018 May 13
The Seoul Sista ($8.99) was okay. This was an unremarkable bun and wiener made more interesting with a topping of pulled pork, kimchi, and crunchy fried shallots.

For the price I was expecting a gourmet hot dog sausage of similar caliber to Vancouver's Japadog ( Alas, this seemed to be just a regular ballpark type hot dog.

The price is high for the quality and quantity of food but it's clear that the draw here is the cool location. Where else can you sit on a patio high above the Ottawa River with a nice view of Parliament Hill? The Canadian Museum of History cafeteria you say? Oh right!

A pint of beer will set you back $10. Then again, the opportunity to sip an adult beverage in this location is the only real draw here. If you're not drinking alcohol you'll get more pleasure and value by enjoying a La Bottega Nicastro sandwich on a bench in Major's Hill Park.