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2011 Mar 4
So today I hit up the Whalesbone brown bag lunch for the third time. Today I had the "large" oyster po boy sandwich. I ordered a large because they don't have any slaw during the winter and I wasn't hungry enough to eat a sandwich and 'chowdah'.

Although I absolutely loved the sandwich, there are a few things I would like to point out about my meal today. First, the guy at the counter served me like he was doing me a favour. For example when I kindly asked where the menu was, he rolled his eyes and sarcastically said "it's behind me". Similarly, when I was ready to place my order, he (again) sarcastically said, "sir wait, I'm with another customer (who was on the other side of the store choosing hot sauce) - and I was unaware that he was 'busy'. Relax buddy, take a chill pill.

As a counter balance to this however, the nice lady who works there was as friendly as always, and I made it a point to deal with her.

I have never had a Po boy sandwich before. This sandwich is served on the same bun as the walleye burger. It's really good bread. The po boy had caramelized onions, mango jalapino sauce, lettuce and capers (i think). It was really nice. Not fishy, but just enough ocean taste to satisfy me.

2011 Mar 4
I didn't look into the bag before I got to work. What I found was weird. LIke I said, I ordered the large oyster poboy (three oysters) which was 10.50 or so (plus tx). The small sandwich has two oysters and is 6.50. So, when I got back to the office, I realized that I had the same size as a small sandwich, but there was a third oyster with the mango sauce in a paper cup. What gives? So essentially I paid 5 extra bucks for one extra fried oyster in a paper cup.
Thats not cool. Although I ate and enjoyed the third oyster, this is very misleading and an easy way to trick you out of some money.

It's not like the Whalesbone to be sketchy, (considering all my experiences there have been exceptional). That being said, my theory is that they got my order wrong, and then they quickly added a third oyster. The fact they didn't tell me, or indicate on the menu that a large is a normal sized sandwich with an extra oyster on the side, I'm not so happy about. I would have gladly had the small.

Will I get the brown bag lunch again? Yes! But be careful, and check your order in the store. Also question what you are going to get for a "large" sandwich.

Although my experience today was less then desired, the food was still exceptional. The oysters were delicious and I will kindly patronize this place as long as they don't treat me like they are doing me a favour.

Room for improvement, but delicious food,

2011 Feb 17
Sandwich: Breaded and fried haddock with caramelized onions and an aioli mayonnaise. ($11 for large)
Drink: Stewart's Key Lime ($2)
Review: The sandwich is hands-down the best fish sandwich I've ever had. The breaded haddock was crispy, flavorful and very fresh. The caramelized onions and mayonnaise complemented the sandwich perfectly too.

Relative to other sandwich places in Ottawa, this one is definitely on the pricey side. It's rare that I spend a little over $13 for a sandwich and a drink. As much as it pains me to spend that much, I'm definitely going back. The sandwich is worth it and I can't wait to try the others.

Whalesbone brown bag lunches are available from Thursday through Saturday.

2010 Sep 30
I went to the Whalesbone sustainable fish supply for their brown bag lunch the other day. Previously I tried their signature cod burger, which I loved, so I decided to try the oyster po' boy. This was a serious sandwich - plenty of oysters, deep-fried I think, heaped on a giant ciabatta bun with some kind of magic sauce. Definitely not a meal for someone who doesn't like "fishy" seafood, as the oyster flavour was there in full force, but I really enjoyed it - next time I need to try their chowder though, it looks scrumptious :)

2010 Jul 25
Bought some fish-kabobs for dinner. Excellent, but tricky to cook so that everything is done perfectly at the same time...from raw onion to scallop (don't want to overcook those), tuna, prawn and peppers. Having a crap barbecue with uneven heat didn't help, but that's our own problem. You can disassemble them if you need to as you cook. Still, they were great, especially liked the scallops and tuna.

Try the smoked scallops if they available at the store; they are like candy.

Also had the cod burger for lunch. It was very good, but I prefer the walleye burger or oyster po-boy personally. They also had gumbo on the menu which I'd like to try in a future visit.

Finally, I overheard them mention that they are now open (and serving lunch) beyond the previous Thursday to Saturday slot.

2010 Jun 15
I grabbed a smoked salmon sandwich and cellar root slaw on Friday and was somewhat disappointed. While I found the sandwich delicious – a perfect mix of delicious mayo, moist bread and high equality salmon – I was disappointed with the quantity of fish per sandwich, especially for the price. My sandwich only had two small pieces of salmon the size of a pez dispenser.

Yet the biggest, disappointment was the slaw, it was bland and lack the distinctive slaw tartness.

Overall, I am a conflicted; I found the sandwich amazing but wish they had been more generous with the salmon. While, I don’t discount that I will probably go back at some point, this place will definitively not replace my weekly trips to Di Rienzo or Luciano, where my 10$ goes much further…

2010 May 28
This afternoon a colleague (who is a fellow food lover) and I grabbed the brown bag lunch from Whalesbone. We each had the walleye "burger" but unfortunately they were out of cellar root slaw 40 minutes after opening for lunch service. Oh well. We came to a few conclusions. First thing we noticed was that the bread (a foccacia bun) was beautiful, fresh, soft and very tasty. The fish was nicely fried, not overly fishy (walleye is a mild fish though), and of rather high quality. It was served with a peppercorn type mayo sauteed onions and lettuce.

Overall, a nice spicy, delicious sandwich. However, we came to the ultimate conclusion that the sandwich was missing a certain "je ne sais quoi". It could have used a tomato, as we thought the colors were a bit bland. To further the tomato idea, some roasted red pepper and/or sun dried tomato would have nailed it, and maybe a little lemon juice and perhaps a slight bit of relish/capers/pickle mixed in with the spicy mayo. Similarly, lunch was kind of short without the side slaw so we augmented our sandwich with some potato chips - a rather fitting side for fried fish.

In reality though, no complaints, it's a very decent sandwich, and the price is right at 6.70 something. We will be trying it again next week, however I think we'll grab 2 sandwiches and cut them in half, so we can cover more ground. I'm dying to try their oyster "po boy" and their "chowdah" (as they call it). Hopefully they'll have enough slaw to make it an hour into lunch service.

Check it out - you won't regret it - sure beats quizno's, subway or that excuse for a lunch take out place "thinklunch" any day.


2010 Apr 5
I've finally managed to make it out to the Whalesbone Sustainable Oyster and Fish Supply to try the brown bag lunches.

On the day I went, the brown bag lunch choices were a Walleye sandwich, a Smoked salmon sandwich and Fish Chowder. They all ranged between $6-7 each. I shared all three with the hubby.

The sandwiches were made with the same bread. It was white, dense and had a mild flavour. The Smoked salmon sandwich had a huge pile of smoked salmon and capers with caramelized onions, lettuce and a garlic mayo-type sauce. The smoked salmon was tender and moist and there must have been almost a cup of it in the sandwich.

The Walleye sandwich was also dressed with the same caramelized onions, lettuce and garlic mayo-type sauce. The fish had been very lightly battered and pan-fried. The seasoning for the Walleye sandwich had a little spicy kick to it, was very tasty and balanced out the bread and fish nicely. The fish was perfectly cooked and it was almost an inch thick.

The Fish chowder had tons of big-bite-size chunks of fish (I think it was white fish), potatoes, celery and onions. The creamy broth was very light and smooth. It was served with a wedge of the same sandwich bread. The chowder was one of the best that I've ever had. It was so velvety and rich without being heavy and was just the right amount of 'fishy'.

We loved the sandwiches and chowder - they were awesome! The meal was very filling.

I loved that the soup container was compostable. I also recycled its lid and the paper bags that the sandwiches came in. I love eco-friendly lunch containers!

2010 Mar 7
Walleye burger.

Hands down, one of the best sandwiches that I've ever tasted. The mayo is a bit spicy, the fish perfectly crispy (but not greasy) and I think there might be onions involved somehow.

2009 Oct 22
this is my favourite friday lunch spot. go early to get your food quickly! there are a few stools and usually a newspaper around. very few drinks available (ginger ale, water, rootbeer, maybe 1 or 2 others).

i love the walleye burger on a bun.

if you are in the area, driving past the area, or nowhere near the area, it is worth checking out! they have a small parking lot (access on arlington st) and there is lots of street parking on the side streets.

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2009 Nov 11
I tried this place a few fridays ago and ordered the hogie (spelling???) which was deep fried oysters on a bun, and the fish chowder soup. TO be honest I didn't love either. I guess I am comparing the sandwich to a similar one I had in PEI. In contrast this was quite greasy and probably should not have had a creamy dressing (mayo?). It was really heavy, and I think if they tried a different bread like art-is-in it would definitely lift this to a new dimension. To top it off the chowder was overwhelmingly rich. Though I don't have a lot of experience with chowder I found this one was really creamy with a thin layer of grease on top and the fish didn't stand out very much, as well I tried but couldn't taste any herbs :(
I'm going to try again because I love what they are doing (I.e sustainable farming) and the people behind the counter were above and beyond friendly. great customer service!

2009 Aug 29
I found the halibut cheek to be an incredible value. It had a lobster texture to it. I also had a perch sandwich and loved it. The chowder was delicious, but under-seasoned.

2009 Aug 29
This halibut sandwich was very nice indeed. At a little over $7 it aint cheap compared to somewhere like Dirienzo Foods but it's much better value than Subway or Quiznos. And of course, it's made with sustainable seafood!

My quibbles: they used iceberg lettuce which doesn't add much of anything to the experience, and I found the spicy mayo to be an overpowering choice to accompany a fairly delicate fish. I was glad I didn't pick up a sandwich for my kids because they would have found it too spicy.

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2009 Aug 29
When you walk in to this shop, the first thing you notice is that there is no fish on display! Not even a price list.

To buy fish, you have to enter a walk-in fridge and look at beautiful piles of fishy products. Most have a hand-written paper sign indicating their price. The employees are more than willing to provide excellent advice, including how best to prepare any of the items.

I asked about the Black Cod and was told that they usually sell out by the end of Friday (I was there on Saturday). It arrives at the store on Wednesday, but they aren't open to the public until Friday.

[EDIT: They now seem to be open to the public Tuesday through Saturday.]

2009 Jun 27
They almost always have wild salmon, sablefish (black cod, butterfish), pickerel (walleye), and halibut these days. All of it is amazingly fresh and delicious. Had some of their smoked tuna today - mindblowing. It's so melt in your mouth good, got a good portion of it for under $10. The guys here are very helpful & nice, can't recommend them enough!


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2013 Mar 14
Was more focused on the rest of the birthday dinner (Lobster a l'Americaine, wild mushroom ancient grain risotto) so went simple for the Mesclun Salad with optional sliced smoked Octopus.

My vegetarian sister was unimpressed ;) I loved it and my Mom and brother liked the smoked octopus but the jury is still out with Dad but he is pretty conservative.

2013 Mar 13
From vague memory... each time was some combination of
red onion, green onion, jalapeno, bright colored peppers, grape tomatoes, mango, lime, cilantro.

It was different each time but the octopus gives it terrific smoky taste and really blends well w the rest of the ingredients.

2013 Mar 13

What did you add to the smoked Octopus for the ceviche?

Only had Octopus salad at restaurants and boiled Octopus at tapas bars in Spain where the owner / chef hacked off a tentacles from the Octopus sitting on / behind the counter and boiled it in water before slicing it. The Octopus is then sprinkled with olive oil and paprika and paired with a boiled potatoes.

2013 Mar 13
I've made ceviche with this thrice. It's brilliant.

2013 Mar 13
OMG. The smoked octopus is excellent. The portion in the photo was $10 and it would go over a salad nicely thinly sliced.